blogging: New challenges a Realtor must take on, Blogging! - 05/19/12 03:17 AM
New challenges a Realtor must take on, Blogging!

The life of a Realtor is ever so changing; blogging is one of the biggest changes the Realtor has faced in the last five years.
I was recently thanked on a blog by a Realtor, she was very thankful of a perspective I laid-out.  The perspective I tried to show was don’t worry about blogging just do it!  Too many Realtors are fearful of blogging and because of this, fear stops them from blogging.
The most important thing is to blog, if you’re too worried about making mistakes, you’re too worried … (7 comments)

blogging: Blogging! - 04/10/12 02:15 PM

Lately, I’ve heard a few questions from individuals who are considering to get into the blogging thing, but don’t know how to get under way. It can be a smidgeon daunting and overwhelming. You will have to get your feet wet by writing. After all, that’s what it all hinges on, right? And while you’ll need better writing skills than I offer, I can’t help you write, but I’m capable of throwing you a bone so you can look like a pro, “you’ll have to bring the skill”. There are a few things you should consider before tendering that number … (4 comments)

blogging: Do your self a favor by, - 09/21/11 11:33 AM
Relieving unnecessary stress and distractions!

Where are your priorities?
Priorities are life’s direction, it will help concentrate your energy to what matters, so you don't have to deal with distractions that don't matter.
Priorities are going to be tailored to you. Priorities must be your own; they should not come from others. Priorities are arranged in different shapes and colors, such as family priorities, career, friends, and so on. Prioritizing doesn't matter as long as you can prioritize correctly, and by doing so relieving unnecessary stress and distractions.

JON KOLSKY Prudential California Realty 5220 E 2nd St #8, … (0 comments)

blogging: Move on, change the subject! - 09/10/11 05:36 AM

Move on, Change the subject!
Don't sweat the small stuff
This sooner a person understands the philosophy, (don't sweat the small stuff) the better!.... Sometimes trying to prove you're right can actually be harmful, a good rule might be, ending the conversation nicely after making your point, when your point gets overstated, it loses value and creates animosity , you need to cut your losses and move on, change the subject.

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blogging: LIFE TO LIVE OVER - 09/05/11 07:30 AM
After reading this, I have a better understanding of life, hope this helps others.... It really helps me appreciate every moment...-Jon

I would have talked less and listened more.
I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained and the sofa faded.
I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.
I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.
I … (4 comments)

blogging: Congratulations on your new home! - 08/11/11 07:39 AM
There are more keys than the front door key!
Congratulations you are just about to close another escrow, don’t forget to discuss some key advice taking title.
There are many ways deeds are used to convey title to a property. Deeds may come with fancy labels “quit claim deed” “grantor’s deed” “special warranty deed” and so on. The buyer must decide the manner in which title is taken; it’s a very important element of all deeds to transfer from seller to buyer. Is the buyer an individual, or does the buyer want title in their living trust, the buyer must understand their … (0 comments)

blogging: The median 30 year quote still trending down! - 08/08/11 09:45 AM
The median 30yr quote still trending down!

Today was a big day, as bad as it was it was, it could've been worse, there was only a tiny bit of panic and a little bit of the downward spiral, but overall the news of the weekend implied uncertainty. It looks like the markets definitely overreacted to the news, the median 30 year quote still shows it's trending down.
What a time to be able to secure a loan right now, it's such an amazing rate.

Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 … (1 comments)

blogging: You might want to take a closer look at your computer! - 08/07/11 07:22 AM

Shadowy cybercrime syndicates; are high jacking desktop and lap top PCs. It’s been reported there are hundreds of millions of computers being taken over by these cybercrime organizations. Most likely if you have fallen victim, you are unaware of it and pressed into the internet world of round the clock spam and information grabbing.

Is your computer is acting up? It may be some corrupted files or too many picture/videos, or you’ve fallen prey to hackers. Unfortunately it seems hackers are getting over on law enforcement and us, but better relations between law enforcement and the professional security community is leading … (1 comments)

blogging: Why the market is perfect for parking your money in real estate! - 08/05/11 08:13 AM
Why the market is perfect for parking your money in real estate!

Today we have very high unemployment we also have very strict lending rules, add to the fire that home values are down and people can't buy homes or  afraid to purchase, renting is the alternative. So it relates to high demand for places to rent.
So reviewing, we have a down market with very affordable properties for investors! & we have a lot of people needing to rent!
 It's a brilliant way to create passive monthly income,take advantage of appreciation, & create a real asset; that's why the … (4 comments)

blogging: The weather is amazing and there's plenty of excitement! - 08/05/11 07:30 AM
The weather is amazing and there's plenty of excitement!
In the beautiful waters of Dana Point, California, a paddle boarder gets exactly what he bargains for.
 Thursday, August 4, 2011 passengers on a boat named Manute, watched a beautiful 80 foot blue whale make its way to Mexican waters, but it was a paddle boarder who you had the best view. It seems the paddle boarder appears to capture footage of this beautiful mammal. I could only imagine how cool it was for this paddle boarder to experience such a moment.

Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon … (4 comments)

blogging: Watch the trend it, could be your friend! - 08/05/11 05:51 AM
Watch the trend, it could be your friend!
A trend provides important information to help your timing, I think it's good to be on the right side time!  
Why watching trends gives us valuable information:
Watching trends in a 90 day cycle, focusing on inventory growing or shrinking, prices in your market (are they stagnant, going up, going down), with other important factors gives realtors, home buyers, and home sellers important information. It usually takes 2 to 3 months for the public to catch on and catch up to the market trend?
 A good example:
Looking back at the year … (0 comments)

blogging: Otis said it best! - 07/27/11 05:28 PM
Try a little tenderness!

Can you imagine interest rates jumping to 10% just because our Congress has its own agenda! I remember back in the mid-and late 80s interest rates were at an all-time high somewhere in the mid-teens. I remember it because I was able to take advantage of people who suffer by these rates and the effects of it. I started investing in apartment buildings at the end of 1990, a person ended up losing it to the bank based on interest rates and low rents.
I think it's time our Congress put aside their political agendas and … (2 comments)

blogging: This has to be the coolest way to learn! - 07/27/11 04:17 PM
Active Rain University simply brilliant!

Katernia Gasset; right on target with her presentation, her deliberation was very friendly, consistent with great information. Bob Stewart was perfect for the job, he was able to control all the questions and Katerina perfectly, he was courteous, professional and sounded like a cool teacher I once had, who happened to be great surfer. Thank you so much.
For those of you who may not know Active Rain University? Maybe the coolest thing and is off the charts. Today I was able to learn how import video and transfer it to you tube. In … (4 comments)

blogging: Great thing about the Internet is - 07/26/11 05:18 AM
Expanding on ideas/blogs, “the box”?

There is a very popular blog
I like this blog, it's very interesting to me.
 As some may know blogging is very new to me, I like blogging and want to be helpful in doing so.
First I don't feel its right to copy, paste, plagiarize, it’s should be considered wrong. I get it; that's a problem, taking credit for someone else's work is wrong.
Where I get confuse, the blogger clearly states “when you check a box saying this is not my material but I have permission to use it”, the blogger also … (13 comments)

blogging: What do you think of when you hear! - 07/25/11 11:09 AM
 “Fast Company”

 What's the first thing that popped into your mind?
For anyone answering great magazines; I understand I read it as well. If you want best information in “what's hot going to be hot in the future”
“Fast Company” is a magazine that provides you the best information of what's hot right now, where the future is going and what's important to have. It’s a must if you want to keep-up in this ever-changing environment and world of technology we live in.
Reading this magazine should help you boost right past the average realtor and keep pace with the … (0 comments)

blogging: What should your client expect! - 07/25/11 08:04 AM
When it's relevant to Realty, I think it's important to discuss what's important to a client.

For me it boils down to a few key ingredients, integrity, honesty, timely, communication skills and knowledge. Pure and simple I treat people and clients; just the way I like to be treated. When applying this approach and throwing in the other important ingredients, it’s practically ensures being a great real estate agent.
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blogging: Why invest in real estate today! - 07/25/11 06:58 AM

Purchasing cheap affordable homes or a real estate investment is upon us. Depending on what area you live in there are many business opportunities, buying a home today to earn a return by renting out is one way to build wealth.
Like I said, you'll be able to find lots of these homes on the market today. I feel it's very important to keep the dream alive, the dream of owning your own home. It was evident that there was a big push to instill this stream, unfortunately there were shady lenders that took advantage of the loose lending practices. … (3 comments)

blogging: Ensuring the best experience - 07/24/11 06:06 AM

Believe it or not even in this market, many areas in Southern California support sellers receiving multiple offers.
Well there seems to be much debate over the mortgage contingency. Of course if your buyer waives the mortgage contingency, the buyer’s expresses to the seller there's no problem securing the loan, which in turn gives the seller a better understanding of the buyer.
It seems a small group over another website is up and arms over a blog I wrote. Somehow my point of “educate your seller” got lost. The reason I wrote about this blog in hopes of … (1 comments)

blogging: It's free! - 07/23/11 06:43 PM
If you're not trying it; you should be! You're going to love it!

You may never know how far the effect of your kindness will spread; isn't that cool!
The power of the small gesture, I believe in it, the concept is straightforward and simple! “power equals small gesture”. A small gesture, a random act of kindness, making someone else feel good! Yep I'm sold sign me up…..anyone else? The world will be better for it!
For anyone who has not tried this please do so-thank you!
Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky     O’ 760 689 2659 … (8 comments)

blogging: Sometimes a bad decision is a last one! - 07/20/11 03:07 PM
Yosemite Waterfalls Vernal Falls

Vernal Falls a place of beauty turns dark, as family and witness watch. I hope sharing this will impact any reader who are “not able” to take advantage of the moment daily. People who are able to appreciate every day  as it happens and whatever it brings, are luck and see the true gift of life! (IMO)
As reported:
  Just before the hikers fell in, Jake Bibee, 28, said he saw a man in his 40s leaning out over the waterfall, holding his 6-year-old daughter.
"The little girl is crying and screaming," Bibee … (2 comments)

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