first time home buyers: Making Home Ownership Possible – Is Divvy The Answer? - 10/12/18 12:24 PM
Making Home Ownership Possible – Is Divvy The Answer?
Over the past decade, the dream of owning a home keeps falling further out of reach. American wages have not kept up with rising home prices. We’ve seen tougher lending practices and we’re facing rising interest rates. Unfortunately, the current conditions don’t favor renters looking to take advantage of owning a home.
So, what’s the answer? How can renters become homeowners? One thing is for sure, many renters are missing out on one the best wealth-building opportunities: homeownership.
Now, for those of us in the business, we know something isn’t kosher the moment we hear … (10 comments)

first time home buyers: A Home Warranty Plan – A Safety Net That Comes In Handy - 05/09/17 11:25 AM
A Home Warranty Plan – A Safety Net That Comes In Handy
Those of you thinking about buying a home need to know about a repair and maintenance safety net called "a one-year home warranty plan."
Many first-time home buyers don’t even know what a one-year home warranty plan is. As renters, when the water heater breaks or the heater stops working they instinctively call the landlord to fix the problem. But what do you do when your water heater breaks, and there’s no landlord to call?
For homeowners, the next best thing to calling a landlord when there’s a needed repair is … (17 comments)

first time home buyers: Are You Buying Your First Home? - 01/04/16 08:34 AM
Are You Buying Your First Home?
Before buying your first home here are a few things you need to know. Keep in mind, buying a home is a very big decision to make, and it is very important to take this decision sincerely as well as fully understand the entire home buying process.
Before buying a home, you have to be financially ready to buy a home. What does that mean? That means you need to make sure you have saved up enough money for the needed down payment it takes to buy a home, plus you need to make sure your … (5 comments)

first time home buyers: First-Time Home Buyer’s Manual - 08/25/15 05:54 AM
First-Time Home Buyer’s Manual
It takes some time to master the home-search process. But once you’ve mastered the home-search process, once you’ve attended countless open houses, and you’ve asked all the right questions you are ready to make your first offer.
For most folks looking to buy a home for the first time, it takes a few months before they are ready to make their first offer. And for a first-time home buyer, not only is it a very exciting time but also it can be very daunting, too!
Most home buyers need to get a loan to buy a home. So, before … (8 comments)

first time home buyers: Trusted Real-Estate Listing Information Needs Trusted Pictures! - 07/05/12 07:57 AM
Trusted real-estate listing information needs trusted pictures!

Are you helping your real-estate listing?

The MLS also known as the Multiple Listing Service is where the real-estate professional go. The MLS service is used by real-estate agents to upload information and pictures of their listings. The MLS is the most accurate real-estate information and Realtors depend on it. The better each listing real-estate agent is with describing and properly inputting the photos and information of the home, the better off we all are.
In the MLS real-estate agents input text information regarding relevant home information & real estate agents … (3 comments)

first time home buyers: Before You Leap! - 04/18/12 07:32 AM
Before you leap into the Real Estate Market!

Home buyers, “here’s some great advice that’s not validated much”  
I was just reading some great advice relating to the common home buying mistakes made!  There were a few things mentioned I feel is worth repeating! Buying a home is such a massive experience; first-timers really need to be careful and NOT make critical mistakes.
They say, “Love at first sight”
Just not with the home you plan to live-in for a while. It’s prudent to do your due diligence. If you rush through the inspection period without making a … (6 comments)

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