jon kolsky: Leading In Real Estate- That’s My Job- It’s More Than Being a Realtor - 09/29/12 03:27 AM
Leading In Real Estate- That’s My Job- It’s More Than Being a Realtor

But when you need a top RealtorI am just a click of a mouse away: Jon Kolsky Long Beach Realtor.
Every client gets the highest level service; I foster a beneficial relationship that my clients appreciate. It starts by being centered on them, “my clients.” I am passionate about real estate, just as I am passionate about providing impeccable client service. Client-care is ultra-important and I make it my personal responsibility every client feels satisfied, there are no exceptions!   
I also appreciate anytimeI get the opportunity … (5 comments)

jon kolsky: When I see an elephant fly! - 08/12/11 07:49 AM
When I see an elephant fly!

All the doom and gloom forecast going on. I just saw a YouTube video. Southern California real estate agent claims we are heading into what he calls a waterfall effect in real estate. This claim is pretty simple, he states there are so many homes just waiting to be foreclosed on and based on that, his claim is everyone will just walk away from their home, and homes will literally be worth nothing ???????
I was really amazed watching the video, seeing the sincerity of it, and watching him seemingly believe what he saying, … (4 comments)

jon kolsky: Answer honestly! - 08/12/11 07:02 AM
Answer honestly

Ask a question, answer question!
Is anyone else amazed at people who live off of deflecting the question? I had this conversation with my brother in a different way; he is my older brother, always wanting to give me great advice. Because of my brothers concerned for the right answer, it seemed it was a waste of time because he searched for the right answer when there wasn't one.
What I mean by this: When I asked my brother questions, it's usually just for his opinion, unfortunately based on his concerns of getting the right answer his opinion … (4 comments)

jon kolsky: A random phone call! - 08/11/11 08:25 AM
A random phone call!
If this is real what would you do? 
What would you do if your broker gets a random phone call? 
Imagine if your broker called you up confused. Your broker explains, he has just received a call that seems to be a complaint, but more confusing than anything else. The phone call was very confusing because the person who called and complained, makes very serious accusations, but here's the weird part, when your broker asked for a sit-down meeting the person who complained does not want to do it?
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jon kolsky: Congratulations on your new home! - 08/11/11 07:39 AM
There are more keys than the front door key!
Congratulations you are just about to close another escrow, don’t forget to discuss some key advice taking title.
There are many ways deeds are used to convey title to a property. Deeds may come with fancy labels “quit claim deed” “grantor’s deed” “special warranty deed” and so on. The buyer must decide the manner in which title is taken; it’s a very important element of all deeds to transfer from seller to buyer. Is the buyer an individual, or does the buyer want title in their living trust, the buyer must understand their … (0 comments)

jon kolsky: A mathematical problem equals advice for the president of the United States! - 08/10/11 12:58 PM

A mathematical problem equals advice for the president of the United States. I think there's only one clear action to take. Based on recent events our government has really been under the microscope. I think it's fair to say we truly have a bought Congress, there is no question in my mind about that fact. It's so evident, every two years there's big money paid for reelections. Now please don't get me wrong I am not saying it's the Republicans fault, I'm not saying it's the Democrats fault..., what I'm saying is we have a mathematical problem... the United States … (4 comments)

jon kolsky: Foul! - 08/10/11 06:36 AM
I call foul!

There's a certain website which claims to be a real estate website and claims to have approximately 4.3 million users on the site.
 What I really find interesting and call foul, out of 4.3 million users one third of all things posted is by a small few….. Now don't get me wrong I'm not knocking the small few that want to get ahead, I just call foul when the small few have unfair advantages and are able to make disparaging comments without recourse. Worse, the small few people, most of them are fake and use fake names … (4 comments)

jon kolsky: Unbelievable! - 08/10/11 05:59 AM
It's the right thing!

Unbelievable! Quote rates really tanking. Is it possible for rates to fall below 4%.
Whether rates go below 4% year fixed is anyone's guess, trend seem to show that it may.
In my opinion the feds are doing the right thing and they need to keep interest rates low, this is one way I see home ownership evolving again.
Another big factor is in ensuring real estate website responsibility, today there's one big real estate website that is able to publish information that’s reckless; it hurts the real estate market. I hope one day all real … (2 comments)

jon kolsky: It's amazing what you think! - 08/09/11 08:55 AM
Perspective is a very unique subject!

The human race has countless divisions, including race, religion, location, and other countless factors which create perspective.
There's a story told about two different human cultures just separated by a river. The story explains how the two human cultures are so alike in many ways, but how some perspectives are so different.
 One day kids from each side were playing down by the river, somehow the kids were able to make the river manageable so they could cross it. Once across the met at the kids realized how much fun they were having, … (4 comments)

jon kolsky: Buckle up your seat belts! - 08/08/11 08:20 PM
The 10 year Treasury note has fallen to a record low; good for mortgage rates!
The one thing that seems ironic, treasury buyers see the handwriting on the wall. United States is the best place to park your money in my humble opinion and I think eventually investors will see that. The downgrade
by S&P and all of the hype will fade, it may take some time but I do believe that will be the case.
 As most know in the real scope with things it's all about perception..

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jon kolsky: The median 30 year quote still trending down! - 08/08/11 09:45 AM
The median 30yr quote still trending down!

Today was a big day, as bad as it was it was, it could've been worse, there was only a tiny bit of panic and a little bit of the downward spiral, but overall the news of the weekend implied uncertainty. It looks like the markets definitely overreacted to the news, the median 30 year quote still shows it's trending down.
What a time to be able to secure a loan right now, it's such an amazing rate.

Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 … (1 comments)

jon kolsky: When asked the big question! - 08/07/11 07:03 PM
When asked the big question!

What's the bottom of a 30 year fixed median loan?
30 year fixed median loan today, approximately 4.08%
For weeks now the lows on a 30 year fixed median loan are around 4.05%, rate should stay close to where they are now, all the turmoil of the AA U.S. credit rating by S&P, and upcoming treasury auction, will most likely keep rates the same or tinny bit lower, it seems it takes significantly longer for rates to drop as it does for them to rise, go figure!
When I'm asked today what's the bottom … (2 comments)

jon kolsky: You might want to take a closer look at your computer! - 08/07/11 07:22 AM

Shadowy cybercrime syndicates; are high jacking desktop and lap top PCs. It’s been reported there are hundreds of millions of computers being taken over by these cybercrime organizations. Most likely if you have fallen victim, you are unaware of it and pressed into the internet world of round the clock spam and information grabbing.

Is your computer is acting up? It may be some corrupted files or too many picture/videos, or you’ve fallen prey to hackers. Unfortunately it seems hackers are getting over on law enforcement and us, but better relations between law enforcement and the professional security community is leading … (1 comments)

jon kolsky: Invest in real estate but do your due diligence! - 08/06/11 05:57 AM
Invested in real estate but do your due diligence!

What's a good real estate investment? How do you know if this investment is right for you?
Due diligence is how you will know: It's very important to understand and closely inspect all of the investments information. Market data is very important as it relates to the investment, check out the market rents for similar properties, investigate and see if the area is in high demand of renters or not, and details such as vacancy factor and actual current income.
So don't forget invest in real estate but do your due diligence!

jon kolsky: Why the market is perfect for parking your money in real estate! - 08/05/11 08:13 AM
Why the market is perfect for parking your money in real estate!

Today we have very high unemployment we also have very strict lending rules, add to the fire that home values are down and people can't buy homes or  afraid to purchase, renting is the alternative. So it relates to high demand for places to rent.
So reviewing, we have a down market with very affordable properties for investors! & we have a lot of people needing to rent!
 It's a brilliant way to create passive monthly income,take advantage of appreciation, & create a real asset; that's why the … (4 comments)

jon kolsky: The weather is amazing and there's plenty of excitement! - 08/05/11 07:30 AM
The weather is amazing and there's plenty of excitement!
In the beautiful waters of Dana Point, California, a paddle boarder gets exactly what he bargains for.
 Thursday, August 4, 2011 passengers on a boat named Manute, watched a beautiful 80 foot blue whale make its way to Mexican waters, but it was a paddle boarder who you had the best view. It seems the paddle boarder appears to capture footage of this beautiful mammal. I could only imagine how cool it was for this paddle boarder to experience such a moment.

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jon kolsky: home for sale in Long Beach California - 08/05/11 06:33 AM
Homes for sale in Long Beach Ca   Long Beach CA, Homes “Park Estates”  Elite Area Elite Home Listed by,   Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 C’ 562 225 2296  5320 E Second Street #8 Long Beach, CA 90803 DRE# 01311273 … (0 comments)

jon kolsky: Watch the trend it, could be your friend! - 08/05/11 05:51 AM
Watch the trend, it could be your friend!
A trend provides important information to help your timing, I think it's good to be on the right side time!  
Why watching trends gives us valuable information:
Watching trends in a 90 day cycle, focusing on inventory growing or shrinking, prices in your market (are they stagnant, going up, going down), with other important factors gives realtors, home buyers, and home sellers important information. It usually takes 2 to 3 months for the public to catch on and catch up to the market trend?
 A good example:
Looking back at the year … (0 comments)

jon kolsky: survey says? Man versus Woman - 08/03/11 04:17 PM
Survey says? Man versus Women!

The difference between Women versus Man in the home buying process.
Some interesting facts in the home buying process when it comes between women and man, Women were three times more likely to make a decision quicker to purchase a home then were men
But in the survey it's interesting when the topic became “who wears the pants when purchasing the home”. Surprisingly enough, women and men agreed 70% of the time and answered, 50-50 both equally decides.
 Some other interesting facts about the survey, when asked is it more important to be located closer … (4 comments)

jon kolsky: Homes for sale, Long Beach California, Bixby Hill -Jon Kolsky - 07/28/11 11:39 AM
Homes for sale, Long Beach CA, Bixby Hill- Jon Kolsky 
please look at this lovely home in Long Beach California, there are approximately 200 homes that surround a beautiful historical research. These homes have protection under 24-hour security guard gatehouse. The property is perfectly located 2 miles from the beach on the southeast side almost touching Long Beach State College.        
Long Beach CA, Homes for sale! ( Bixby Hill ) (edit/delete)

Homes for sale in long beach ca, Jon Kolsky Long Beach CA Realtor!  
  Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 … (2 comments)

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