positive thinking: Change It! - 11/18/14 05:47 AM
Change It!
What do you do when you’re watching TV, and you don’t like what you’re watching? That’s right; you turn the channel and watch something else. There’s no point watching something you don’t care to watch, and most folks will change the channel.
So why not do the same thing with any unwanted thoughts? You can change any unwanted thought the same way you can change the channel on your TV. It might not be as easy as hitting the remote control button, but nevertheless, you can change unwanted thinking too!
Our attitude is … (17 comments)

positive thinking: Accomplish Your Objectives, Dreams, Goals, & Expectations - 07/23/14 03:19 PM
Accomplish Your Objectives, Dreams, Goals, & Expectations
Objectives, hopes, dreams, goals, and expectations! Lets’ face it, fallen hopes and broken dreams lead to disappointment and unwanted tension in one’s life. In life, we have certain expectations of our self, just as we have certain expectations of others in our life. The harsh reality is we judge our self just as we are judged by others to live-up to particular expectations! With that said, our hopes and dreams that we develop for our self greatly impacts our own life.
Chances are pretty good that you have devised dreams, … (12 comments)

positive thinking: Live a Full & Rich Life: It’s Awesome! - 07/26/12 04:21 AM
Live a Full & Rich Life: It’s Awesome!

Holding on to resentment & anger is deleterious to your state of mind, and a tort to yourself. A great example of what I mean- “holding on to resentment or anger is like holding a tiny bomb in your hand with intent to hand it off to some-one else”
Believe it or not getting angry directly impacts negatively towards yourself and others. Most of the time getting mad and showing anger is viewed as reprimanding the other person and proving a point. Anger is sometimes used on others as a weapon, … (4 comments)

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