real estate: Many Hats – But None Bigger Than Trusted Advisor! - 04/13/17 12:01 PM
We Wear Many Hats – But None Bigger Than Trusted Advisor!
As a Realtor, we have to wear many hats to be successful, but no hat is more important than the one of trusted real estate advisor to both home sellers and home buyers.
For home sellers, our advice usually starts off with advising them on establishing an asking price. I find that most home sellers I meet already know the price they want “as well as” the price they will accept. But it is the job of a professional Realtor to advise a homeowner what the house should appraise for as … (22 comments)

real estate: What to Expect During Your Home Inspection. - 04/04/17 02:32 PM
What to Expect During Your Home Inspection.
Did you just make an offer on a home and have it accepted? If so, congratulations. And as exciting as it is (especially for first time home buyers,) it is also a bit scary, too! But before you start deciding where the furniture is going to go “or” before choosing a new paint color for the dining room, you’ll need to have the home you’re about to buy inspected by a professional home inspector.
As fun and as exciting as it is to buy a home, there’s no doubt about it – it is also … (8 comments)

real estate: What Does 2017 Hold For the Housing Market? - 12/06/16 01:47 PM
What Does 2017 Hold For the Housing Market?
2016 is almost in the books, and as far as the housing market is concerned, 2016 was a pretty good year. In spite of low inventory throughout 2016, interest rates for much of 2016 stayed at record lows. The housing market price growth in 2016 trucked along as growth in the top end of the market is somewhere around 4% while the lower end of the market rose about 8%, and the median home growth should end up around 5%. Maybe the biggest problem in the 2016 housing market fell on developers falling short … (7 comments)

real estate: What Are The Rules On Raising The Rent? - 11/29/16 10:06 AM
What Are The Rules On Raising The Rent?
Are you renting “or” are you planning on becoming a renter? If so, you should know the rules about rent increases. Those that rent will tell you “rent increases are never fun.” Yet, most renters (when it’s time to renew their lease) have to hold their breath in hopes their rent doesn’t increase (and or) the rent increase is still within their budget, especially for those that love where they live and want to stay put.
When it comes to raising the rent – most landlords will go by the book and will play … (37 comments)

real estate: Selling & Showing Your Home - 11/16/16 07:47 AM
Selling & Showing Your Home 
Selling some things are easier than selling others things. And there is little debate that selling a home is the most valuable, demanding asset one can sell. And to sell a home properly whether it’s an open house, private showing, or lockbox showing; your home should be properly maintained and in showing condition. 
There are so many important aspects to selling a home by the book, and that’s why it is so important to work with a qualified, competent local Realtor. Keep in mind every marketplace is different, but in all marketplaces showing a property is indispensable to … (2 comments)

real estate: Breaking Out The Crystal Ball For Interest Rates Under Trump’s Watch - 11/15/16 04:09 AM
Breaking Out The Crystal Ball For Interest Rates Under Trump’s Watch
Will interest rates continue to go up or is this just and unexpected reaction to Donald winning the election?
No crystal ball needed when reporting that mortgage rates have been on an upward trend for the past few weeks. But the crystal ball shows that we can expect to see a tiny continual gradual increase with some tiny gradual decreases in between over the next quarter. 
Here’s the deal. The 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates had been as low as 2.75%, and recently they have been about 3.5%, and yes, they now … (6 comments)

real estate: Forecasting The Housing Market Under Trump. - 11/11/16 03:37 AM
Forecasting The Housing Market Under Trump.
The housing market is pretty complex and has a lot of moving parts. How are mortgage rates? How is buyer and seller sentiment? Are homebuilders building? How’s housing inventory? How’s the economy? To correctly predict the housing market you have to know the answers to the questions I just mentioned as well as there are other key factors. Knowing answers to these questions and watching for the other key factors is truly the only way to “correctly” forecast the housing market.
So under a Donald Trump’s administration what can we expect?
Let’s start with interest rates. It … (5 comments)

real estate: Is The Real Estate Market In A Bubble That’s Ready To Pop? - 09/29/16 05:45 AM
Is The Real Estate Market In A Bubble That’s Ready To Pop?
Especially after the last real estate bubble popped, everyone wants to know “are we in another real estate bubble that’s ready to pop?”
As a real estate investor/agent/broker, I continually get asked, “is the real estate market in a bubble that’s ready to pop?” Now, before I share my thoughts on this topic, it is important to remember my opinion is really geo-specific to the greater Los Angeles area. And just to put it into perspective. California is its own economy by itself, and Los Angeles is a micro-economy inside … (9 comments)

real estate: Best Home Selling Practices “or” Fluke? - 08/04/16 01:15 AM
Best Home Selling Practices “or” Fluke?
Selling a home is a big deal, and when selling a home, it goes without saying – it’s advantageous to the seller to bestow the “best” homes selling practices. But what are “the best” home selling practices? I haven’t looked, but I’m sure there're a few books covering “best” home selling practices. Reading about “best” home selling practices is one thing but turning to a local professional Realtor, is the best.
When seeking “best” home selling practices, you’ll find out that there are a lot of them. This post is about one of the many “best” … (13 comments)

real estate: Rossmoor, CA. Real Estate - 04/07/16 08:16 AM
Rossmoor, CA. Real Estate
Nestled between Seal Beach and Los Alamitos, Rossmoor is a unique and small Orange County community. Just across from the San Gabriel River and to the west is Long Beach.
Rossmoor is one of the few unincorporated communities in Orange County; there are 3,430 single family homes, one apartment complex (Rossmoor Manor), and one townhouse complex (Rossmoor Town Houses) within Rossmoor.
Rossmoor is a suburban neighborhood with a community and family spirit. There are two shopping centers in Rossmoor: Rossmoor Village Square and Rossmoor Business Center. There are many delightful restaurants and businesses in the area, although, … (6 comments)

real estate: Real Estate in 2016 and Beyond. - 12/15/15 04:04 AM
Real Estate in 2016 and Beyond.
With Christmas just several days away and New Years Eve around the corner, reflecting and predicting is always fun to do. So here are my thoughts on 2015 as well as my thoughts on what to expect in 2016 and beyond.
Let me start with the housing market in 2015. Home prices remained at or above pre-bubble levels, and most markets experienced a slight increase in home prices. Two contributing factors were low-interest rates throughout the year and a very healthy rental market. Rents continue to soar in 2015, and in spite of some analyst predicting … (10 comments)

real estate: Are You Going to Trust a Media Company Over a Real Estate Agent? - 12/09/15 05:03 AM
Are You Going to Trust a Media Company Over a Professional Real Estate Agent?

It happens again, and again. All the time I get asked about Zillow and their Zestimate. And all the time I have to explain that Zillow is a media company and that Zillow’s Zestimate is a ploy and very inaccurate.
I know, and I understand the confusion when I tell real estate clients; you can’t rely on Zillow’s Zestimate. But after I explain “Zillow” may seem like a reliable source, but, in reality, Zillow is a media website primarily funded through advertising, and their Zestimate is more … (14 comments)

real estate: Are you Buying a Home for the Holidays? - 12/02/15 08:23 AM
Talk to Santa but Connect with a Local REALTOR
How do you know if it’s the right time to buy a home? The decision to buy a home is one of the biggest and best choices you could ever make, and with the right preparation- there’s never a wrong time to buy a home. And as a matter of fact, buying a home during the Holidays can bring a lot of joy.
Buying a home is a major event in one's life- especially during the Holidays. Not only is buying a home a large investment, but it is very emotional, too. The key … (19 comments)

real estate: A Few Things to Know Before Buying a Home - 09/18/15 04:00 AM
A Few Things to Know Before Buying a Home
Congratulations, you are planning on buying a home. But before you start celebrating, there are a few things you should know before buying a home. Buying a home is most likely the biggest purchase one’s life. When buying a home, make a couple of missteps can end up costing you a lot of money, or even worse; you can end up losing your home. That’s why it is so important you don’t make any oversights before and during the homebuying process.
Let's talk money first. Most folks that buy a home need to get … (25 comments)

real estate: Selling Your Home with a Pet Distraction… - 09/14/15 03:15 AM
Selling Your Home with a Pet Distraction…
Are you about to sell your home? Do you have a family pet “or” pets living with you? If you answer yes to both questions, there are a couple of things you should know.
Just because you love your family pet doesn’t mean prospective home buyers love your pet as much as you do. If you have a family pet, and you are planning on selling your home. It is a big mistake to assume it is ok for your pet to “hang out” when showing your home to potential home buyers.
Selling your home is a … (13 comments)

real estate: A Lesson Learned! - 09/11/15 06:17 AM
A Lesson Learned!
Indecision can hurt a homebuyer, especially in a fast-paced seller’s market!
Here’s the deal. I am working with a couple that want to buy a home. And they are not happy because of their indecisiveness. They feel because of their indecision they missed out on a great buying opportunity.
Let me explain. I showed my clients a home for sale on the first day it hit the market. After the viewing, my clients loved the home. But even though they loved the home, there was some indecision on their part as to whether they wanted to write up an offer that … (14 comments)

real estate: First-Time Home Buyer’s Manual - 08/25/15 05:54 AM
First-Time Home Buyer’s Manual
It takes some time to master the home-search process. But once you’ve mastered the home-search process, once you’ve attended countless open houses, and you’ve asked all the right questions you are ready to make your first offer.
For most folks looking to buy a home for the first time, it takes a few months before they are ready to make their first offer. And for a first-time home buyer, not only is it a very exciting time but also it can be very daunting, too!
Most home buyers need to get a loan to buy a home. So, before … (8 comments)

real estate: A Multiple Offer Circumstance! - 08/24/15 08:52 AM
A Multiple Offer Circumstance!
Are you ready to buy a home? How’s the housing market in your area? Depending on where you are looking to buy a home makes a big difference. And if you are trying to buy a home in a “sellers” market, you are running into a lot of competition which can prove to be very frustrating!
With the summer heat upon us, the housing market keeps sizzling here in Long Beach, CA. We’re are seeing lots of multiple offer circumstances (especially with attractive homes priced well) in most of the areas in Long Beach, CA. So, as a buyer … (7 comments)

real estate: Greeting “Back to School” with an A+ Plan! - 08/17/15 07:16 AM
Greeting “Back to School” with an A+ Plan!
If you have kids you know just how fast summer goes by, and the transition back to school can be hectic. Don’t let the school year sneak up on you. With the last few days of summer in the distance, use one of the days to get your home ready, establish a routine and meet the first day of school with a smile.
As a father of three children, I need to make getting out the door in the morning as easy as possible. So I like to start with the closets. Heading right … (31 comments)

real estate: Take Full Advantage of an Open House… - 07/29/15 06:37 AM
Take Full Advantage of an Open House…
Have you ever visited an open house? Even if you are not in the market to buy a home, chances are you’ve toured an open house. Open houses have been around for decades, and they will probably be around for many more years to come. But for potential home buyers, you want to make sure you’re making the most out of your open house tour.
Before you attend your next open house, here are some helpful tips and best practices for potential home buyers.
Visiting an open house is a great way to learn about the … (11 comments)

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