real estate agents: Did you know? - 09/30/11 10:39 AM
Believe it or not Long Beach California was the Waikiki of Southern California!
Long Beach California even had a surf contest in 1939. Since building the Breakwater waterfronts haven’t been the same, unfortunately Long Beach waterfronts has deteriorated. Long Beach is really starting to recognize this problem, with the efforts of the Long Beach Surfrider organization and many others soon the reality is near. For more information you can visit here.

In Long Beach, you'll enjoy 5 ½ miles of wide sandy beach, best biking/walking paths. Visit the Waterfront District in Downtown where you'll find world class dinning The Sky Room, world … (0 comments)

real estate agents: To be the best! - 09/26/11 05:57 AM

To be the best & successful!
As a real estate agent it's important staying on top real estate issues & facts. It's a must joining other real estate platforms/information groups.
In any condition the real estate market is in, it's important to be educated, to get the best deal you need a strong realtor, and ensure the best deal possible when purchasing or selling your home or investment
Our real estate industry offers many choices for agents to learn important tools, technology, and information; “Trulia & ActiveRain” two of the best to participate in. Truila, a great place to generate … (0 comments)

real estate agents: This has to be the coolest way to learn! - 07/27/11 04:17 PM
Active Rain University simply brilliant!

Katernia Gasset; right on target with her presentation, her deliberation was very friendly, consistent with great information. Bob Stewart was perfect for the job, he was able to control all the questions and Katerina perfectly, he was courteous, professional and sounded like a cool teacher I once had, who happened to be great surfer. Thank you so much.
For those of you who may not know Active Rain University? Maybe the coolest thing and is off the charts. Today I was able to learn how import video and transfer it to you tube. In … (4 comments)

real estate agents: Sometimes a bad decision is a last one! - 07/20/11 03:07 PM
Yosemite Waterfalls Vernal Falls

Vernal Falls a place of beauty turns dark, as family and witness watch. I hope sharing this will impact any reader who are “not able” to take advantage of the moment daily. People who are able to appreciate every day  as it happens and whatever it brings, are luck and see the true gift of life! (IMO)
As reported:
  Just before the hikers fell in, Jake Bibee, 28, said he saw a man in his 40s leaning out over the waterfall, holding his 6-year-old daughter.
"The little girl is crying and screaming," Bibee … (2 comments)

real estate agents: Who's on your computer? - 07/18/11 03:35 AM

Shadowy cybercrime syndicates are high jacking desktop and lap top PCs. It’s been reported there are hundreds of millions of computers being taken over by these cybercrime organizations. Most likely if you have fallen victim, you are unaware of it and pressed into the internet world of round the clock spam and information grabbing.
Is your computer is acting up? It may be some corrupted files or too many picture/videos, or you’ve fallen prey to hackers. Unfortunately it seems hackers are getting over on law enforcement and us, but better relations between law enforcement and the professional security community … (7 comments)

real estate agents: The 80/20 Rule VS. Golden Rule - 07/17/11 02:23 PM

What’s a great starting point? Sometimes a debate is the perfect way to learn. I always love having lunch with a certain friend that loves playing tennis and has been a Long Beach CA Realtor since the mid-60s. Our conversation started towards using the internet for leads vs. leads sourcing the old fashion way.
 The only point (80 % of the buyers are using the internet & I want to be where the buyers loom) which lead to the silence of  hearing a fork drop, his long ponder and distinguished busted grin; was conceded.
We both agree technology … (4 comments)

real estate agents: If Only? - 07/17/11 12:02 PM

Wouldn’t be nice if Real Estate agents had a tool creating continually updates of their accomplishments and helpful views, designing new strategies to validate the agent for their work!
                                                            YOU DO!


Still new at utilizing “technology/SEO” 

 Today the internet is the best tool and lead source; it’s the best way to reach the viewers with a clear message. Doesn’t your profession profile deserve the best? Recent events … (2 comments)

real estate agents: Will the sky line change in Long Beach? - 07/16/11 06:03 AM

Long Beach CA & the Queen Mary
Aug 1936 The Queen Mary wins the Blue Ribbon for the fastest North Atlantic crossings from the French Line’s Normandie. On her final voyage she leaves Southhampton and in 1967 quietly becomes a sky line for LB. Long Beach bought her for 3.5 million dollars. The Queen gets her “4 year” nearly 100 million dollar renovation, (As reported in the long beach post) and opens as a tourist attraction.
The “Queen” blending into the “sky line” and beaches “not producing” waves is “Long Beach”. A July 4th tradition, boating over and dropping anchor … (0 comments)

real estate agents: You never know when you may need assistance! - 07/14/11 08:07 AM
A great life story!

I want to blog a lifesaving event that happened in Seal Beach CA recently!
A mother runs up to lifeguard Derek Wiebe-Bailey, Derek happened to be working his tower doing normal activities at the time of a mother’s biggest nightmare. In a life changing moment a mom is running franticly to Derek explaining her 1 year old baby is chocking, not breathing due to the babies airwaves obstructed, the baby swallowed an object. Derek in an instant was able to perform a lifesaving maneuver (back blows) and in seconds had the baby breathing.
See life does … (3 comments)

real estate agents: Who just moved to Long Beach CA! - 07/13/11 04:20 AM

Baby Artic Foxes
Some new residents living in Long Beach California.
Six weeks new, these two guys are really special.

Home is at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach CA.


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real estate agents: Who do you trust? - 07/11/11 07:45 AM

Who’s the best!
I just answered a question, the question hovers over information and its importance.
Today we live in a world where information is everywhere, but where do you go when you want to seek help, information, and leads from a real estate website. I want/need information to be correct, or I can’t stay in business! How about you?
How do you feel about RE websites today that claim to be real estate driven? Is it important to be a part of a RE website and if so, do you trust the website you use.
Do … (0 comments)

real estate agents: Where is your next deal coming from? - 07/11/11 05:55 AM
Did you know!
It’s reported 50% of all purchasing decisions are motivated by word of mouth!
Believe or not, people who you know can often be your greatest advocates.
Stay in touch with your contacts and friends, sending a simple email may be the best way to get your next deal.
Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 C’ 562 225 2295  5320 E Second Street #8 Long Beach, CA 90803 DRE# 01311273  

real estate agents: Time is important! - 07/06/11 07:57 AM
Don’t waste your time deleting your emails, unless you have the time to waste!
Friends and I had a discussion about time and how important every moment of each hour is. Juggling time is very important and can be tricky.
“Deleting emails” came up during lunch. My friend was explaining how long it took her to delete her emails for the month. Then we got the explanation that’s good to know!
There is no value deleting your emails & probably has better arguments not to delete!

Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon … (0 comments)

real estate agents: My clients!!! Wants more toys! - 07/06/11 03:32 AM

Buy it today!
(Hold it) 
Rent it out!
Sell it later for a nice return on your $
There are many “risk takers” investors scooping up deals. They wait it out, eventually sell and make nice $. One thing about owning land is its tangible; it’s real not like other types of investments. I believe Real Estate has “made and makes” many people enjoy a comfortable life style? For investors, the market is bearing many properties yielding great returns!  
What do you have for your client to invest in?
Mine want more toys!


real estate agents: Protecting your valuables! - 07/05/11 08:03 AM
Piece of mind when renting a home
Are you renting a house?
One of the biggest errors a home renter makes! “Assuming they are covered by their land lords Insurance” or “Assuming your belongings can’t/aren’t worth insuring”! 
If you rent a home, please protect your valuables, you don’t want to find out after you suffered a misfortune. Between fire and water accidents, you might want to look into “having a piece of mind” when it comes to protecting your valuables!     
Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 C’ 562 225 2295 … (3 comments)

real estate agents: Panoramas from "Long Beach CA" - 07/05/11 05:28 AM
Hope The 4th was “blast”
Here are some pictures from Long Beach CA,
Panoramas from “Belmont Shore” “Naples” “Queen Mary”

By, Jon Kolsky

Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 C’ 562 225 2295  5320 E Second Street #8 Long Beach, CA 90803 DRE# 01311273

real estate agents: Thank you "Active Rain" - 07/04/11 06:20 AM

On a happy last note!
As I am leaving my office, I was thinking about all the things I am grateful for!
One of many things I appreciate is “Active Rain”, I am fairly new in this arena as many may be able to tell but I look forward to becoming very supportive and active here. Thank you Active Rain you’re a solid platform maybe the best for Real Estate needs!!!
Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 C’ 562 225 2295  5320 E Second Street #8 Long Beach, … (3 comments)

real estate agents: A Romantic Secret In Long Beach Ca! - 07/03/11 07:18 PM

Welcome to Long Beach CA,
The halfway spot between watching the Lakers live or eating hotdogs, watching the Angles!
Long Beach is where the fun is endless.
Long Beach has a great kept secret “The Gondola Getaway” In 1982 a friend and Long Beach enthusiast open up a romantic hide away.

If you have not had the opportunity to experience this taste of Italy in Long Beach; it’s time you make a reservation and spend a special moment with a loved one.
Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 … (7 comments)

real estate agents: Coming Soon! Not Listed yet! - 07/02/11 07:52 AM
Belmont Heights, Long Beach CA,

Another home for sale, Long Beach Ca, Listed by Jon Kolsky; mls list date will start 7/5/11
4512 E Barker Way.
Prudential California Realty K.G.P. L.L.C. Jon Kolsky O’ 760 689 2659 F’ 562 439 0511 C’ 562 225 2295  5320 E Second Street #8 Long Beach, CA 90803 DRE# 01311273

real estate agents: Your True Colors - 06/30/11 10:26 AM
Social Media/Being Yourself

I read a great blog on active rain today!
 The blog ask a question? “Can you be yourself on social media?”
Yes, you have to be yourself!    
Your true colors will appear, keeping clients will be difficult as eventually clients will see what your family and friends see, you!
A professional that survives from leads and client base must make a decisions, can you handle being in the public’s eye? If you can’t handle that, you should be in a different business!!
Once the decision is made, it should be easy to … (8 comments)

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