real estate bolgging: STANDARDS. - 03/07/12 01:56 AM
Find true happiness!

How to you find true happiness, if being happy is something you want, it can be achieved. Everything from the food you eat, how you treat your body, the car you drive, where you live, the money you make, the decisions you make, how you treat others, how you treat loved ones, and the standards you keep will determine your happiness.
I know I mention many things needed, but one of them sticks out and is the "key". One thing is needed, just one thing listed above; allows happiness.

“STANDARDS” The start to true happiness is looking … (2 comments)

real estate bolgging: Big factor. - 03/06/12 01:55 AM
Interest rates are a big factor, consumers will enjoy “low” ones for a while.

Bond/Securities will keep interest low! Ask the Feds!
Fed’s willing to focus on pricing, selling-buying “T-Bills” & “MBS”
Government is funny with statistics and numbers? Based on information, the government will track back 2-3 month and revise their statistic. Even when government statistic show durable goods and consumer confidence are high, it’s not enough, it will always be a factor-in driving interest rates to move up, but it’s not enough to sustain any holding power!
Don’t worry, the government will keep interest at a level that makes … (0 comments)

real estate bolgging: The ugly side - 03/04/12 03:58 AM
It never seems to amaze me, people pontificating “POOR HOME OWNERS”. Real Estate propaganda at its best, the doom and gloom of it all, watch out the sky’s falling!

Look at the source of this one sided story, it doesn’t take long to see the people who back this pontificating propaganda and spread it; they are true hatter of Real Estate agents as well, spreading this jaded information is pontificating to me.
Do you think it ever occurred to the pontificating blogger how many happy homeowners there are? “NO” of course not, these bloggers that spread only one side … (5 comments)

real estate bolgging: Intrinsic value. - 03/01/12 02:17 AM
Here’s the skinny; foreclosures are generally 30% cheaper than a traditional sale. Investors don’t want you to know!

Foreclosures generally need a significant amount of work due the circumstance; but pencils out. Foreclosures generally take 60 days to close, it takes a true expert to see the sale through. The average price of a home in foreclosure in the 4th quarter ranged around $ 165,000 nationwide.
The logic and strategy is very simple to understand. Predominate investors are scooping up foreclosures fast! They see the intrinsic value of buying and renting out today; underlying three years from now it may … (2 comments)

real estate bolgging: Think about it! - 01/31/12 04:36 AM

Make the right choice; put a good Realtor to work for you. People who slam Realtors don’t know the statistics, get the facts, using a Realtor means your home should sell for 18% more than if you tried selling it on your own..
If I go to the tire shop to buy tires; I’m letting the service guy put the tires on. Even though I can buy scissors and cut my own hair, I don’t. That’s why I recommend you “don’t” try selling your home on your own. Statistics show using a Realtor definitely saves you money, so be … (2 comments)

real estate bolgging: Be precise doing it! - 01/30/12 05:18 AM
Setting up new goals for your business, or arranging a marketing campaign; targets your sweet spot.

It is vital knowing what you want to do, have a sense of who you are, and focus on it.  You must be effective today, the way you manage your time is very valuable, don’t get caught up doing things not necessary!
Who doesn’t want more leads, or who wouldn’t want more business! It’s safe to think we all want to achieve a healthier business, get more leads, do more business, and branding our name better. Define yourself and take advantage of it. Marketing … (0 comments)

real estate bolgging: Marketing counts. - 01/13/12 04:21 AM
Selling real estate starts before the client-brand your name.

If I can’t be found through the Internet, if you don't know me; I am probably not helping you with your real estate needs. If you are not recommended, if customers don't see your name, if customers don't know you, and if customers can’t see how you can help them; you probably won't.
By branding your name it gives recognition of what you do and who you are. Once clients start to call on you, keeping them is the final step to success.
Develop into a real estate agent every … (3 comments)

real estate bolgging: Are they leaving? - 01/12/12 09:27 AM

Understand what your visitors want on your website and plan success. Implement strategic ways to keep visitors on your website, make sure their experience is insightful and enjoyable. Find out what's influencing buyers and sellers behaviors. A good website is one that's easy to navigate and friendly to use; make sure your website works for you.
Focus on your customers and what you do best, when you display confidence it translates to your customers and drives your business forward. Connect to your customers and they will come, the Romans proved that long time ago. The goal, keep customers who find your … (0 comments)

real estate bolgging: Arrogance. - 01/12/12 06:51 AM
Imprudent question…..”Why are you blogging like that”?
Thoughtless statement….”Stop blogging like that”!

 “Excuse me…. Why are you imposing yourself on others?
I get taken by the arrogant people who suggest “there's a right way to blog”. Arrogant people feel good when they make others feel bad.  It seems diverting attention away from themselves by shown-n up others; it keeps their mind off their own problems.
 Blogging should be very individual, as long as the blogger complies with all rules, the blogger should be allowed to blog in their own style. It’s up to the individual reader to decide!


real estate bolgging: 4 Keys - 01/11/12 04:11 PM

Super agents never lose their cool with their words, facial expressions, and body language/ hand movements. Super agents understand customer service is as essential to their business as a business card is.
In simple terms what you do, is who you are. In front of a client everything counts; don't forget about the evaluation you receive. Those who feel they know everything it shows, (believe me) for those who listen well, it shows, and for those who deliver well it shows.
Occasionally a small number of real estate agents will be successful without having “four essential keys” successful realtors … (2 comments)

real estate bolgging: What's your connection. - 01/11/12 05:12 AM

Connecting proves to be crucial as an answer to developing business. Connecting with people, people connecting to you is the quintessential key I'm talking about. Today functions fast with society connecting with each other, staying connected to the people is vital.
Become the ultimate connector, stay on top of what people use to stay connected, and "connect" bring people to you. Create a system that enhances your name as a “brand”, & “service”, use tools that elevate your name to new clients. The sooner there’s a peerless connection between you and new clients, the sooner “they” come..

“Be … (0 comments)

real estate bolgging: What are you waiting on? - 01/09/12 11:49 AM
Bent on success-motivate.

Behaviors directly resulting in a force which moves and directs behavior, a reason or incentive to accomplish something, do you know what I’m talking about? Motivation must be maintained to be successful, becoming stagnant; no movement results in low productivity. 

Learn ways to concoct motivation, fire up new ideas that are creative. There many ways to generate motivation, motivation becomes clear especially as results start showing. Be clear on goals you wish to attain, reaching the right goals and making the right choices leads to success.

“Be positive, it's about leaping with a faith … (0 comments)

real estate bolgging: You can. - 01/09/12 06:32 AM
There is no reason you shouldn’t be successful, the only thing that’s stopping you during this economy, is you. It's time to make it happen, get ready to re-engage, re-focus, and recharge. Tell yourself,

 There needs to be a spark, something to drive motivation is vital and allows better decision making, elevating you to greater success. Once personal motivations is accomplished a personal design is critical, designing success needs great planning. In order for your business to develop, designate usable ideas that work; intense thinking and focusing on plans tailored for betterment.
The big challenge, knowing “what” you want to … (1 comments)

real estate bolgging: Action/Choice - 01/09/12 04:01 AM

Here is a secret that’s worth figuring out; figure out what you do best and do with commitment and intense energy; you will be able to achieve maximum benefit for yourself and all around you.
If life was like a garden, forget about other gardens and enjoy your garden; the grass is not greener whatsoever. Do not be consumed by minor or insignificant details. Problems make life complicated, less enjoyable, and difficult to achieve things.
Actions ultimately determine the quality of your life. It's in our best interest to always make sound choices. Sometimes doing the right thing seems like … (0 comments)

real estate bolgging: Baseline factors indicate strong housing market. - 01/08/12 11:40 AM
What constitutes a “healthy market”?

There's no argument the bubble is over, the housing market has corrected and the pricing is identified as healthy by all the factors. Other determining factors indicating healthy market, buying real estate as an investment works. Obviously a healthy real estate market is one that sustainable. It's easy to see the combination between price/growth, demand versus supply, affordability (as determined by cost versus income), and ownership versus investments are determining factors.
Of course having more buyers and less sellers is nice factors as well.

“Be positive, it's about leaping with a faith of … (0 comments)

real estate bolgging: Satisfaction that's immeasurable. - 01/08/12 07:58 AM
There’s a piece of mine, a satisfaction that's immeasurable; maintaining the name you have. Ask yourself “how are you recognized”? Your name…. Let me say it again, your name is how people recognize you.

Protecting yourself is vital to you, and the success of your business. Spending money on you, investing money back to your name-business pays off.
Stand behind your words, remember integrity counts and affects your name. Integrity you show others pays off with the respect and trust. Self- worth arises from accomplishments that derive from honest and pure tones. Respect others listening and believing in you; that … (0 comments)

real estate bolgging: Copyright/Linking - 01/08/12 04:59 AM
What side of the fence are you on, the linking economy or content economy?

It seems NewsRight is clashing with media and linking economy. There's no question arguments run deep for both sides. Information is moving at a very fast pace, sharing information is boundless, and texting is the future of how people communicate.
The AP has spent a concerted amount of effort and many years fighting the web over content. The Internet and blogging created a dynamic of news sharing; the AP is hard at work trying to extend a written declaration (Hamburg declaration). The APs main focus is … (0 comments)

real estate bolgging: Just focus. - 01/07/12 06:25 AM
Tired of stress, just focus.

Do get caught up by distractions-obstacles you can't control, uncontrollable events shouldn't be wasting your time. A great way to live life, happy and positive, not stressed out. Fortunately we live in a world where we are able to make our own choices; choose right.
Try to stay focused; don't let situations get you upset you have no control over, it's better to let it go. The trick is to not worry at all, to have fun in life, needless stress is not recommended. Life is here now, control your moments and attitude, take advantage … (6 comments)

real estate bolgging: Know the facts. - 01/06/12 05:34 AM
Supply and demand, with very little new construction of apartment buildings makes renting a commodity. Money to invest, look no further than real estate. Get the facts about investing in real estate.

Multi housing tops the list of strong investments. The multi-family arena is a brilliant way to invest your money; many young people have difficulties qualifying for mortgages or simply haven't saved the money to put down on a house. The age group 18 to 35” needs a place to live which makes investment properties a smart investment.
Even though house prices fell dramatically from their 2006 highs, … (2 comments)

real estate bolgging: Important for growth. - 01/05/12 06:58 AM
Just about every business-you, regardless of size, relies on its customers-clients for success. Customers-Clients and preeminent service are paramount to businesses-you making money, competition seems to be everywhere. If you're not showing your customers-clients how much you appreciate them, they may go somewhere else.

Measure up to some of the big companies when it comes to customer appreciation, are your clients aware you're still in business. Show appreciation to current customer-clients consistently, implementing a customer-client appreciation strategy offers more business. If you don't think keeping your customer-client coming back is important, you might be missing the boat.
Keep your … (0 comments)

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