north georgia mountains: A Golden Opportunity in the North Georgia Mountains - 07/26/16 03:12 AM
One of the hardest things to do when managing your personal finances is recognizing when  a down market is an opportunity. This is often referred to as the contrarian approach to investments. Today it is cheaper to buy already constructed homes than to buy new or partially build homes...or to build your home yourself. I often tell my clients that you can purchase a home in the north Georgia mountains for about 20% less than you could in 2006-7, or you can build for about 150% compared with the same period.... so financially it makes NO sense to buy land and build in today's market … (3 comments)

north georgia mountains: And it Rained and Rained and Rained Some More - 08/07/13 09:15 AM
I hate to be the one that jinx us here in the North Georgia Mountains, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!  It has rained way too much;  too many days and way too many inches! Today my rain gage was emptied TWICE and it is still drizzling! How do people do it in Seattle, I ask! Then again, they have the ocean not that far away and those gorgeous mountains that blow off steam now and then.  But I digress...
Normally (is there such a thing these days?) we in North Georgia get about 44 inches of rain a YEAR, temps are in … (4 comments)

north georgia mountains: Gibbs Garden - 11/14/12 12:15 AM
Fall has come and about gone from the North Georgia Mountains. The colors have been spectacular, Sandy's bad manners didn't impact our leaf coloring too much, I am happy to report. I have been happy driving through our charming small towns, enjoying regional fairs showcasing the area's agriculture and quirks and soaking in the beautiful fall kaleidoscope of colors.  Now I have a new favorite destination...Gibbs Garden! I thought that a garden was done after the last hydrangea had given up and turned to brown bouquets. James Gibbs, the owner and designer of his namesake garden, has planted hundreds of Japanese Maples and they … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: Talking Rock Creek, the Forgotten Gate Georgia Mountain Community - 03/03/11 03:52 AM
Gated communities have their pros and cons but up here in the North Georgia Mountains I think that gating is essential for security and properties to hold their values. Security should be on every property owners mind and when you get out in the secluded forests police coverage is often minimal at best. That gate will never stop someone from entering the sub division but it does make it a little less inviting and that is the name of the game when it comes to security! Why go to any trouble when there are countless properties out there just ripe for the … (3 comments)

north georgia mountains: Public Safety in Big Canoe - 01/12/11 10:40 AM
One of the most important attribute of living in a gated community, here in the North Georgia Mountains, is the extra level of safety and value the gate gives your property. The gate affords more value because usual with the gate comes stricter CCR's or Homeowner's Association Rules. They govern, for the most part,  the style, quality and cohesiveness of the homes in the community. As for the safety, usually what goes on behind the gates is monitored by the community's own enforcement groups. County and State police certainly can and do protect the residence but the day to day sorting out … (1 comments)

north georgia mountains: North Georgia Mountains, To View or Not to View - 01/04/11 02:43 AM
When showing property up here in the North Georgia Mountains, the first thing that MUST be established is whether or not a view is important.  Some properties are nestled in a glen with creeks and plenty of privacy, some are alongside a golf course or lake, but some are perched on the mountain and offer stellar views of distant mountains or small towns.  Some properties in Jasper even have views of Atlanta, some 50 miles away! Any unique attribute that a location has to offer usually costs you, views, like beach front are limited, therefore, more exspensive.  The mountains offer lots of … (2 comments)

north georgia mountains: All about Bent Tree and 7 Tamarack Circle, Jasper, Georgia - 05/21/10 04:53 AM
Nestled in the North Georgia Mountains is the gated community of Bent Tree, situated on 3000 acres about 3 miles east of Jasper, Georgia and Highway 515. Bent Tree offers a beautiful 18 hole golf course with driving range and dining grille; 4 outdoor lighted tennis courts, 2 indoor courts with Pro shop; 2 outdoor swimming pools; an equestrian center with stables and offering trail rides; and a 90 acre fresh water lake for boating enjoyment.  The homes in Bent Tree range in price from the low $100s to well over $800,000!  Some have long range views of Atlanta and others views of Fort Mountain and up north towards … (1 comments)

north georgia mountains: Just Looking in Ball Ground, Georgia - 03/31/10 02:09 AM
Spring has finally arrived in the North Geogia Mountains which hopefully will bring out the house peepers! We have missed them! Remember when we used to speak with distain about "just lookers" NOW we welcome them with very open arms!  I learned, actually a long time ago, that "just lookers" can turn into real buyers, or have friends that will become real buyers.  I really hope that the warm, bright weather will encourage many to come up to the North Georgia Mountains and that they will discover what a delightful place this is! Th daffodils are everywhere, even tucked away in … (1 comments)

north georgia mountains: Snow in North Georgia Mountains - 03/03/10 05:24 AM
I came to North Georgia via a few stops, mostly in places that were always warm and sunny, so I  really get excited about a snow event.  Most storms around here are ...shall we say "wimpy", an inch or two and very messy.  Or ICE, the bain of winter! But this last snow storm was cool, pun intended! It was gorgeous!  5 plus inches in about 24 hours, roads inpassable, fireplace stoked up, homemade soup on the range; trapped with no place to go and a docket filled with shows that I have been waiting to see.  Did you know that the Olympics were in … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: Pary Time in Big Canoe, North Georgia Mountains - 10/20/09 02:09 AM
Fall is in the air and it is Party Time in North Georgia Mountain's premier resort/home area of Big Canoe, Georgia. Not only is the sun finally shining after weeks of rain and gloom, but the leaves have survived  and are still around to display their gorgeous hues! The air is crisp, the views extrodinary and the colors brilliant! Welcome to the world of Big Canoe! I love waking up to such a clalidiscope of colors and look forward to hiking around a Big Canoe lake with woman's best friend! Big Canoe is a community of roughly 2600 families, divided up into … (1 comments)

north georgia mountains: 2049 Laurel Cove, Ball Ground, Ga - 10/19/09 10:54 AM
The home at 2049 Laurel Cove in Ball Ground, Georgia is offered for sale for $199,000. At this time of year, people flock to the North Georgia Mountains to view the beautiful leaf colors and enjoy the ambiance of communities that seem stuck in time! What with Marble Festivals, Apple Festivals, corn mazes, carriage rides and fabulous FRIED apple pies, who could blame people for high tailing it up here to enjoy all the wonderful events and tastes and smells of the high country! But why not live here?? You can for the very reasonable price of under $200,000! This Laurel … (2 comments)

north georgia mountains: Again with truth in advertising! - 06/11/09 04:41 AM
I've been on this for a while, but Truth in MLS keeps lifting its ugly head!  And I do mean UGLY!  These are actual occurrences! Names have not been changed because there are NO innocents! In the public remarks it clearly says (in caps too!) pool and gazaboo(sic) a little TLC. See for yourself!


I'm no Bob Vila, but even I know that this is NOT TLC! I really think that we can do better representing our listing by being truthful. Eventually people are going to find out the ugly truth when they arrive on site. This … (5 comments)

north georgia mountains: Buyer Beware, How about Agent Beware! - 05/26/09 06:38 AM
I was just getting ready to meet a family that I have been working with for 3 months. The home that they wanted to see for the second time went under contract.  I called and told them, and offered an alternative viewing when the Buyer said, no thanks!  They decided that they had narrowed their search down to two houses so if one went away they would go after the other...Cool, BUT the other is not one that I showed them!  They found it while looking out on their own, something that they liked to do, and they felt that they owe it to … (19 comments)

north georgia mountains: Finally it is Gorgeous here! - 05/18/09 04:19 AM
The rains and gloom have finally ended; didn't think that I would ever say that again after 2-3 years of drought! But it is magnificent today! This is one of the many reasons that I love living up here in the North Georgia Mountains! I really like the west side on the state, which is where Jasper, Ellijay and Big Canoe are located.  The traffic getting here is a small per percentage of what is seen over on the east side of the state, for one reason and that is a big one for me! Going up I-85 or I-985  is so nerve … (3 comments)

north georgia mountains: Firefighters - 05/15/09 03:25 AM
My husband just completed a course here at Big Canoe to be support to the firefighters in this area. He, with the Broker of All Mountain Realty, even has a Fireman's uniform and let me tell you it is HOT! Actually, both ways!

Often people are not happy that the fire protection is so limited in the more rural area, so this is away to solve some of that concern. There are many people, both men and women,  that have volunteered their time and backs to help when disaster strikes in Big Canoe, this is just one of the ways. Rural … (1 comments)

north georgia mountains: Owner Financing - 03/05/09 12:37 PM
I have three houses in Big Canoe that carry the possibility of owner financing.  Why, do you wonder, would this be a positive when interest rates are dropping and money is ACTUALLY becoming available? Lots of reasons...keep closing costs down to the minimum,; less than stellar credit scores that will buy you those cheaper mortgage rates; little cash for down payment; LOTS of cash for down payment and don't want to pay all those pesky closing costs as well (THE BEST ONE!); Getting an even LOWER rate than the banks are offering!  If you have someone that would be interested in … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: The hidden side of foreclosures - 03/04/09 05:41 AM
I was showing a foreclosure over the weekend to a first time buyer and they loved the home!! Wanted to buy it right then and there!  What a sweet deal! No endless driving around and showing a ba-zillian other places so that they would be sure! They were sure and wanted to write the check! But wait...the other shoe just dropped! They had to get pre-qualified!  I know, I know...not even in the car without this little formality! But hey! I meet them at the property!  So off to the lender and yes, they could squeak through and possibily be able … (2 comments)

north georgia mountains: Christmas is Over - 01/25/09 10:36 PM
I actually like winter time here in the North Georgia Mountains! All the folige is down, except those American Beeches that hang on for another month, so you can see for miles! Or you can see right next door....depending on where you're standing! Most people come to the mountains to get away from their neighbors, privacy amongst the natural beauty of the forest is still the number one draw for this locale. But there are those that actually prefer closer living, be it that they are more secure with close neighbors, or it is just their level of comfort, what they are … (2 comments)

north georgia mountains: Open House Blog - 08/19/08 02:16 PM
I am holding an Open House next week and would be thrilled if members of Activerain would attend. I have two planned. The Open House on Friday from 3-5:30 is geared towards agents and affiliates.  I will be offering Mexican fare and Margaritas to enjoy.  There will be a drawing for a $50 gas card .  The home at 1149 Thrush Turn, Big Canoe, Georgia  is just completed (I am hoping that it will be ALL done by the Open House!) priced at $848,845 anf is on Lake Petit in Big Canoe.  If you need directions (Google isn't very precise in Big … (0 comments)

north georgia mountains: Open House in Big Canoe August 29th from 1-3 pm SAVE the DATE!! - 08/19/08 01:54 PM
Open House
1149 Thrush Turn Big Canoe, Georgia
Friday August 29th 3-5:30 pm
Come to Happy Hour and check out the newest addition to Big Canoe! 
Just completed
 5 Bedroom/ 4.5 Bath home on Lake Petit.  
     Margaritas and Mexican Heavy Hors d'Oeuvres will be served.
                                                                                $50 gas card drawing!
(I PROMISE red dumpster will be gone!!)

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