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People are hurting bad this year. Every charity organizations need our help. Our office is sponsoring a family this year; we are providing gifts for three children and a grocery gift certificate for Mom and Dad. It feels good to be able to help them. Last month we collected food items for CAPTAIN...
Real Estate is very local. The market in Albany is very different from Saratoga Springs, and Clifton Park is very different from either of them. Yes, the market was down a bit. There were 11% fewer sales this year than in 2007. Prices also declined a bit too. The average sales price is 10% lower ...
Agents Need To Hear Good News   Hey, the market is really good- or at least it has been for the past three months. So why are the media telling folks across the United States that the market is bad? Well, we really all know the answer to that; bad news makes better copy and brings in more viewers...
Our office has been dealing with many short sales--and we're in a fairly good marketplace- Saratoga County, located in upstate New York. I can hardly imagine what agents in Florida and California are dealing with..well, actually, I don't want to imagine, I feel bad enough in my market! We've come...
Many agents are not prepared to make a compelling listing presentation. All too often, agents are riding on their successful track record; coming to the listing meeting armed with stats about how much they have sold in recent years. Touting ones production could be a qualifying factor the seller ...
 My gosh, there is so much going on in this area of New York State. Several year's ago, the region was coined "Tech Valley". At the time many residents and business people did not 'get it'. They scratched their collective heads while repeating the same questions: why here? why us? why now? will i...
Yesterday I went to the store and my husband asked me to pick him up a copy of The Post Star newspaper. I prefer reading the Times Union, so I purchased that as well. I should have been shocked when I read the lead story in the Post Star, but I was not. I know that bad copy sells newspapers. The ...

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