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Looking for a  home with the quintessential "man-cave"?  Whether you desire a private movie theater, a spacious rec. room, or a personal fitness center, you will be impressed by the executive homes at the Park at Trowbridge.  Above the man-cave layer, the Park at Trowbridge homes do not skip any ...
Believe it or not but potential buyers may walk away if bathrooms are outdated and unappealing.  Here are some low-cost waysto give the facilities a face-lift: • Scrub-a-dub-dub. Give everything, including drawers and cabinets, a deep cleaning. • Paint the walls. Remove aging wallpaper and paint ...
With the uptick of distressed homeowners, many home owner associations are feeling the stress of not collecting enough funds to pay for the shared real estate properties of the community.  This is particularly heinous in condo real estate communities that share water and other utilities meaning t...
With various events in the economy, do you, or someone you know, feel like it is difficult to afford your home?  Have you tried to sell your personal home but cannot based on the current real estate market?  Well this maybe just the thing to give you relief.  Beginning April 5, the Obama administ...
Once priced in the mid-$1,000,000s, the elegant executive homes of High Point Manor, to the builder's chagrin, have become victim of a builder foreclosure.  Despite the unfortunate circumstances, buyers now have an opportunity to purchase one of these stately Sandy Springs' homes at deeply discou...
Is your dream home in an area suspect to flooding?  With the floods that Georgia experienced in 2009, you should rightfully be concerned about purchasing real estate in Metro Atlanta that could flood.  Or, maybe you already live in a home and you are not sure if your real estate is at risk.  Kno...

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