zillow: Zillow® Has Cancelled REALTORS®?! - 08/06/18 06:48 PM
 Will REALTORS® Go the Way of Blockbusters and ToysRUs because of Zillow®? We all know that Netflix® and other streaming services helped to kill Blockbuster®. Amazon® helped to kill ToysRUs. Will Zillow® help to kill the real estate sales profession? Honestly, they could IF we don’t learn from the others! Why have these other industry titans failed? What can we do differently?
Want to see longer, more detailed how-to videos? Visit https://vimeo.com/ondemand/learnwithlee Here's to your surge! PS -- What are the Car Chronicles? We all have a place where we do our best thinking for our best life. For me, it’s … (0 comments)

zillow: 4 Ways Realtor.com Can Trump the Zillow Trulia Merger - 08/18/14 05:34 PM
It seems that many are telling realtor.com, "Run for your lives - godZulia is coming muah!"  (Various articles make it seem like godzilla is being resurrected in the form of this merger lol hence my term godZulia.)  Realtor.com does not have to the odd man out with the impending Zillow and Trulia merger.  Here's my wishlist countdown to make sure our beloved REALTOR(r) brand stays top of mind:

4. Improve SEO and include reviews and ratings that appear in search results.  
Notice in the image below that Zillow is above Trulia, which is above realtor.com if someone where to search my name … (4 comments)

zillow: What You Should Know About Zillow Zestimates - 08/12/14 05:45 AM
  Have you ever wondered:   Who needs a real estate agent to generate a Market Analysis (or Comp. Report) of a Neighborhood when Zillow Zestimates will give real estate sellers and home buyers estimates of neighborhood homes for sale, right?    
You may be intrigued and surprised by what Zillow has to say regarding the accuracy of its OWN Zestimates. Check out this video and learn if Zillow Zestimates are#accurate or a #fail for you when listing or locating your next home:               Have more questions about various … (3 comments)

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