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I am a Realtor in Searcy, Arkansas and I sell new homes, existing homes, commercial property, farms and land as well as manage and own rental properties. If you are looking for real estate for an investment or a home, I will be glad to assist you! You can call my personal cell number at 501-278-7659 or e-mail me at
I just listed this house in Jacksonville, Arkansas.  When I went outside to take pictures, I saw this helicopter hovering around a couple blocks away.  It was pretty low and thought it was the police looking or chasing a criminal.  I then saw a cable attached to the bottom of the helicopter.  The...
Sorry, this property is no longer available!  Go to to search for home in central Arkansas! My name is Larry DeGroat and I am a Realtor at Realty Professionals, Inc. in Searcy, Arkansas 72143 and I sell new homes, existing homes, commercial property, farms and land as well ...
Starting this Saturday, August 1, 2009 it will be against the law to be texting and driving at the same time in the state of Arkansas.  You will need to pull over if you wish to respond to someones text message, and we should.  There have been test done that state texting and driving is as bad as...
WOW! Cash For Clunkers Program Government helping Auto Industry.  Get up to a $4,500 voucher from Uncle Sam to purchase a new vehicle.   There are different amounts you can receive and it will be based on the improvement you get in gas mileage from your existing vehicle and the new vehicle. For m...
Today, I was checking to see some of the AR members that I commented on and wanted to go back and check to see further discussions after my comments.  One of the lines said Well, this is the first time I received a contact like this and I clicked on it to see what it was about. ( I was hoping it ...
First of all, I am located in Searcy, Arkansas and we have been experiencing a great deal of interest in the Fayetteville Shale, drilling for natural gas.  Our county is one of the primary areas of exploration and that has created a great deal of interest in the owners that are selling their prop...
While on Twitter this morning, I ran across a Tweet about the Senate submitting another request to almost double the tax credit and make it available to ALL home buyers.  Here is an article from Do you think this will ...
I am kind of wondering what needs to be done in this market.  I have read many blogs and understand that you need to keep doing it all, newspaper, real estate guides/booklets, radio, billboards and yes, cannot forget the internet.  I basically use the internet for the majority of my marketing.  I...
Saturday, May 30, 2009 I had to show some property early and then presented an offer and was done by 11 am.  My wife and I decided to drive up to Mountain View, Arkansas for the afternoon.  Mountain View has a lot of interesting things going on.  They have the old court house square and in the ya...
It seems that I will hit my brake when I see a police car even if I am not doing anything wrong, it seems like a normal thing to do.  Well, this morning I was driving to a listing of mine in Heber Springs on Greer Ferry Lake in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  ( I was entering...

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