loss mitigation: You gotta go with what's hot! - 09/11/08 01:32 AM
    I talked to a potential client yesterday and they asked me "Why are you doing loan modification leads? They are only going to last a couple of years just like everything else."
This intrigued me a lot for a few reasons... Namely because it shows the mentality of most people; they live things on a day to day basis and sometimes are scared to take risks for the fear of loss or the potential unknown in a situation. A lot of people who were in our general field in the past 2-3 years (real estate, mortgage loans, appraisers, notaries, … (4 comments)

loss mitigation: www.LeadJive.com is UP and RUNNING!! - 09/08/08 07:05 AM
We are at full force at www.LeadJive.com now providing the BEST loan modifcation leads out there.
We recently got our site up and have opened up to the public. Previously I was scouting all of my business on BrokerOutpost but I am happy to say I am generating enough leads to open business up to companies nationwide.
If anyone out there is doing loan mods or even thinking about making the move to expand your services, contact me. I have tons of experience DOING loan mods and when I started generating so many leads, I had to start selling them because … (12 comments)

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