firsttime home buyer: How Come Some Sellers Just Don't Get It? - 09/20/10 12:52 PM
So how do you handle this situation?  Your seller wants to sell his home real bad so he can move/build/retire, etc.  He really loves his house but he has to sell.  He knows all the "bells and whistles" that make his home unique and the best house in the neighborhood.  So he wants to show the potential buyer everything he knows about his home.  You know, however, that some buyers want to be left alone while looking at a home so they can get a feel for whether this home really feels like home.  They don't care that all the kitchen … (3 comments)

firsttime home buyer: Buying versus Renting - 04/20/10 10:23 AM
Now that the tax credit is almost over, many who are still sitting on the fence about homeownership are asking about the benefits of owning a home over renting.  While paying mortgage payments and property taxes may seem like an expensive and stressful proposition over the near worry-free lifestyle of renting, these expenses actually provide great financial benefit for homeowners, even without the tax credit incentive.
When you rent, every dollar you pay is retained by the landlord.                                          
However, when you purchase a home, a portion of each monthly mortgage payment is used to pay down the principal amount of … (3 comments)

firsttime home buyer: A Great Time to Buy a Home! - 03/03/10 11:09 PM
What a great time for home buyers.  With the tax incentive, low interest rates and the abundance of homes on the market why would anyone qualified to buy a home sit on the fence.
I know there are always going to be those who want to wait for the "right" time and those that always think there is a "better deal" just around the bend.  I was showing homes to a client recently and every day he would ask, "Is there anything new on the market that I might be interested in?"  He had already viewed 30 homes under $100k!  Come … (3 comments)

firsttime home buyer: How Important to Ask the Right Questions - 12/15/09 08:08 AM
When dealing with sellers and buyers in todays market it can not be over emphasized enough to ask the right questions.  Sellers are anxious to sell their homes and sometimes will hold back information that would prevent or delay this process.  If we fail to ask if the mortgage is up to date, are taxes up to date, are their any liens on the home, and one of the most important questions to ask before closing, "Is there anyone else who has a say in the decision to sell your home?"  This question is sometimes forgotten by agents.  Then right before … (3 comments)

firsttime home buyer: First Time Home Buyers - 10/27/09 11:42 AM
As I write this, Congress is trying to decide whether to extend the first-time home buyers tax credit.  As I understand it, NAR is supporting extending the credit through April, 2010, keeping the credit at $8,000 and allowing everyone, not just first-time home buyers, to utilize the tax credit, with certain restrictions.  From what I have noticed and read, the first-time home buyers tax credit has stimulated the market quite well.  It only goes to follow that if they extend this credit it will help the housing industry and the market all over the country.  I know that some critics of this … (2 comments)

firsttime home buyer: If We Could Only Do This with Buyers - 08/25/09 11:53 AM

When working with buyers my patience is sometimes tested to the limit.  Some are so picky!  They want a three bedroom, two bath, 2000 square foot home with a two-car garage, large back yard, new appliances and all for less than $150,000!  Oh yeah, don't forget the nice neighborhood, close to schools, shopping and the hospital, not to mention that they also want the seller to pay their closing cost!  Wouldn't it be great if we could act like this guy!  Check out the video and watch a real pro in action.
I know ethically we can't intimidate people or … (4 comments)

firsttime home buyer: Never Too Much Education - 08/20/09 04:53 AM

I just completed by ABR training and am an Accredited Buyers Representative now.  The training was good.  I can now add three more letters to my title along with my GRI.  I have enrolled in the e-pro course and am currently taking those courses on line every morning for an hour or so before I start work. I love the fact that there is so much information and eduction available.  I have taken a few CRS elective classes also and am amazed at how much a person can learn from the experiences of others.  I don't believe you can have … (0 comments)

firsttime home buyer: How to Survive in This Weather - 07/20/09 10:08 AM
Well, it is summer time in southern New Mexico. There are four things you have to have in order to survive here:  1) Sunscreen, 2) Sunglasses, 3) Water, and lots of it, 4) and a good attitude.  With temperatures in the 100's ( it will hit 103 today at 5pm) and the humidity low (9 percent) hot weather is something you have to love in order live and work in New Mexico.  The hot, dry weather can sometimes work on your mood, thus the good attitude is important.  When working with clients going in and out of homes that usually do not … (0 comments)

firsttime home buyer: Working with First-Time Home Buyers - 07/15/09 10:49 AM

I am finding more and more first-time home buyers with the misunderstanding that they can get buy a new home with no money!  I'm not talking about no money down loans. I am talking about buyers with no money for closing or inspections or anything.  We are getting more buyers asking the sellers to pay all the closing cost and then wanting to low-ball the list price.  Somewhere they are getting the idea that sellers are so desperate to sell that they will do anything to get rid of their homes.  That is just not the case in our market.  On … (0 comments)

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