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DIY Your Own Expert Smartphone Photography



HOW’S THE RAPID CITY REAL ESTATE MARKET?   Every day some one asks me “How’s the Rapid City real estate market?”  Sometimes the unspoken subtext is “Give me the gory bloody details!”  But there aren’t any.   As this chart shows, no surprise, the national bubble burst in May 2007.  Californians w...
  THE THREE TOP PROBLEMS GETTING AN APPRAISAL FOR GREEN BUILDING Green-building pays off when annual utility cost savings offset the somewhat higher initial cost.  However, getting an appraiser to help you secure a home loan for Rapid City real estate that includes green-building features, may be...
THINKING SHORT SALE? … THE LONG TERM CONSEQUENCES Think a “short sale” is a pain now?  That’s just the beginning.  It gets worse.  If you or someone you know is considering a short sale, it probably is best to pursue every possible creative alternative, such as family help, bartaring your time t...
TECHNOLOGY WITHOUT TECHNIQUE IS TIME WASTED Many agents you have to select from are themselves rushing like lemmings toward “technology in real estate marketing” of any kind, with their mistaken overconfidence that any tech is better than less tech.  How wrong.  “It’s not what tech you have, but...
10 Problems to Avoid When Buying a Foreclosure Rapid City and the Black Hills are blessed with a relatively very small proportion of foreclosure properties.  But when you find one, it is important to know what you are buying and the risks of problems developing.  This video by RIS Media explains...
WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH:  WHITE HOUSE COUNCIL ON WOMEN AND GIRLS TO HOST WOMEN IN FINANCES SYMPOSIUM This is a great idea.  Given the mess in our nation’s mortgage markets, we could sure use some more high caliber leadership in financial policy.  From my own experiences, women have provided some o...

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DIY Your Own Expert Smartphone Photography
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