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I have been asked to detail how to take twilight shots of listings.  Someone said they were glamour shots for real estate; probably very accurate. What you need:  a camera with some manual control and a tripod.  Arrive about 30 minutes before sunset.Take some test shots to determine the right an...
Larry from Photography for Real Estate has chosen 36 of the best real estate photos from the PFRE flickr group.  These “best of” photos were chosen from 1,258 photos submitted this year.Between the photos and discussion on this flickr group, a wealth of photography knowledge can be gained. I wish...
As popular as the Kodak V705 has been, at least on this site, I'm suprised that it has been discontinued.  So which camera do you now recommend for real estate?I have seen really great performance out of Panasonic.  The DMC-FX55 has a 3" LCD and the FX33 has a smaller LCD and a smaller price.  Th...
Earlier I posted about the Evolution of My PAP System, and found a couple more articles that others have posted which you might want to read.They are Inexpensive Pole Aerial Photography (PAP) and Malcolm Waring's Comments on PAP.  Both are found on Photography for Real Estate, a great resource.Ea...
Wide angle lenses are imperative for great interior photography.  The problem is that lesser quality lenses, like a multiplier lens stuck on a point & shoot like I use causes barrel distortion.  It's similar to what you see when looking through the peep hole out your front door. Not only barrel d...
For those who haven't read the other post, PAP is pole aerial photography.  Stick your camera to the end of a pole, hold it up on the air and take pictures of listings.  It just gives you a different look from the typical front photo of a house. I started off by attaching my little Sony DSC-P71 t...

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