historic preservation: Seeking The Oldest Home For Sale in Raleigh NC Area? circa 1800 - 12/23/09 02:08 AM
I was doing some research this morning while preparing my next Historic Home tour and decided to see what the oldest home currently for sale was in my MLS are in North Carolina.  I was stunned with what I found!  Check out this amazing home!
"I was searching to see what the oldest homes were that are for sale in the Raleigh NC area and I was torn between two homes.  Please understand I am NOT saying this is the oldest home in the area but it is currently the oldest home available for sale.
The home I chose is 321 … (6 comments)

historic preservation: Hampton Hotels - Save A Landmark Program! NC Has Some Very Notable Entries.... - 11/30/08 07:56 AM
Wow - What a really cool program!  Hampton Hotels has pioneered a program by which they intend to "save" a landmark property in all 50 states!  Since April 2000, volunteers have refurbished 30 landmarks.  You can preview them here. 
Their goal is an honorable one!  They want to restore landmark properties throughout the US that honor the achievements of historical legends.  Thus fa,r a few of the notable are Dr. Martin Luther King, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Amelia Earhart and P.T. Barnum.  One of their last for the year will be Edgar Allan Poe.
Three properties in the Raleigh area are nominated … (5 comments)

historic preservation: A Demolition of Iconic Proportions - The Ambassador Hotel - 10/15/08 08:07 AM
I ran across an article today that actually had me shed a few tears.  While many of you know, historic preservation is very dear to my heart and a subject that I desperately try to educate others on.  Diane Keaton, a Trustee for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and yes, the Oscar-winning actress wrote an extremely poignant piece for the Los Angeles Times that I wanted to share. 
The article touched on many of the emotions connected with historic properties as well as the commonplace disregard that many have for our historical architecture.  I hope that you are able to … (17 comments)

historic preservation: Historic Homes After the Hurricane and Floodwaters.... - 08/30/08 05:36 AM
I had intended on posting this for reference in the event the information may be needed.  Unfortunately, it would appear that Gustav and Hannah have increased the need to have this information out there. 
While this post is intended for historic properties it does benefit the owners of ANY home whether historic or not when it comes to the clean up after a hurricane.
"Some tips and advice for drying out your home are:
Natural ventilation and a SLOW drying process is the ONLY way to go.  Irreparable damage can result by the use of heat forced air. Before beginning the … (2 comments)

historic preservation: Historic Properties - Be Sure To Check With The Building Inspector! - 08/10/08 12:51 PM
So, you've found the perfect historic building for commercial use.  Now what?
You have great ideas, tons of visions and tremendous enthusiam!  Hold up and reign in those horses!  There are a few authorities that you may want to check with before you take that huge leap.  For information on some of the first steps that you should take please check out What's YOUR Circa? - one blog post might save you years of headaches and paperwork!
Don't forget to check back for the interesting continuation of residential historic properties - loads more information coming your way soon!


historic preservation: Historic Properties Deserve Specialists! Seek Out Well-Versed Architects and Inspectors. - 08/05/08 12:50 AM
When purchasing a historic property, whether commercial or residential, it is important to seek out those that are well versed in the nuances of Historic Properties.
For instance, when the time comes to have your Historic Property inspected you will need to find an inspector that is familiar with the all the variations and uniqueness that is present.  A historic property present a set of issues that will need specialized attention.  Different materials were used when the property was built, different designs were present at the time, and building methods were different.  If would be confusing to have an inspector NOT … (5 comments)

historic preservation: Historic Home Rehabilitation - Do You Know Where To Start? Part IV of a Series. - 07/26/08 07:23 AM
Historic rehabilitation is a subject that I promised to touch on and I am excited to provide you with some avenues for research.  This is quite a complex area and I will do my best to highlight the important points and suggest additional resources as we go along.
I hope that you have enjoyed my previous posts regarding historic homes and that you continue to find this information relevant in your quest for a historic property.  If you missed any of my previous posts here they are:
Is A Historic Home Right For You? Part I an introduction of sorts for … (3 comments)

historic preservation: Is A Historic Home Right For You? Part III - 07/05/08 01:49 AM

Welcome to Part III in a series regarding Historic Homes!  In Is A Historic Home Right For You? Part I we defined what a historic home is and some of the resources available for finding a historic home.  With the basics out of the way we moved on to....
Is A Historic Home Right For You? Part II which highlighted some of the financial resources available as well as incentives for owning a historic home. 
In Part III we will look at the process entailed in having a property designated as a Historic Home.
It is important to note again that the … (8 comments)

historic preservation: Is A Historic Home Right For You? Part II - 06/14/08 03:53 AM
In Is A Historic Home Right For You? Part I we reviewed what the definition of a Historic Home is as well as some resources available in finding a historic home.  In Is A Historic Home Right For You?  Part II I thought it would be beneficial to understand the Financial Assistance that is available for purchasing a historic home in addition to exploring incentives that are available for restoring a historic home.
One huge incentive for purchasing a historic property comes in the form of a Tax Credit.  It is extremely important to note here that each state varies with … (5 comments)

historic preservation: Is A Historic Home Right For You? Part I - 06/08/08 12:30 PM
Purchasing a historic home is an exciting opportunity to preserve history, restore charm and character to an older home, extend a legacy and experience history all in one.  If you are anything like me you have a deep-rooted love for historic homes.  I am in awe of the artchitecture and the craftsmanship of these romantic, antiquated homes and the vibes that run through the veins of the homes when I place my hand on a railing or bannister are overwhelming.  For me, it is an experience that I seek out as often as possible. 
While the dreamy visions of restoring an old treasure … (18 comments)

historic preservation: New Coffee Shop - The Well! Wi-Fi, Superb Coffee and Awesome Food! - 03/25/08 10:02 AM
For months the "old pink house" on 1A in Wake Forest was undergoing "something".  No one quite knew what it was - we didn't know if was going to be torn down, renovated or what!
Much to our delight the old historic home was renovated and turned into a FABULOUS coffee shop!  THE WELL The old house still retains ALL of its character.  Each room has huge plasma screen tv's, plush deep couches, there is still a fireplace and upstairs offers a small conference room.  Wi-Fi available throughout - just be sure to ask for the code before booting up.  There are … (10 comments)

historic preservation: And the walls came tumbling down.....A day of progress, a day of mourning.... - 02/06/08 06:32 AM
It is interesting some days to just go where the day leads you.  I woke up this morning with no particular order of how or when things had to get done.  I just knew what I had to do and rolled with it.  I decided to not send my son to school this morning as I just wanted a little "us" time and to spend the day together.  I had to go a few towns over to take some pictures of homes and I made the promise that we would stop at one of our favorite little restaurants for breakfast.......That was … (6 comments)

historic preservation: History Prevails..... - 08/26/07 04:37 AM

For those of you not familiar with Wake Forest let me give you my view point. It is a wonderful "small" town that is quickly being consumed from the ever-expanding Raleigh. There is a wonderful historic downtown area and the birthplace of Wake Forest University is here. I can't tell you the number of times that I have run into people (out-of-towners) looking for directions to get to the University. The reply is always an abridged version of how Wake Forest University was originally Wake Forest college and was founded in 1834. In 1956 the college was relocated to Winston-Salem and … (0 comments)

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