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This may well be my all-time dumbest post.  Now this is not my field of specialty being an agent, but one thing I do know is NUMBERS and MONEY.  I was also blessed by my Mother with some common sense.Well, I just came in from a hard nights work and peeled off the suit and turned on the one thing ...
When I was growing up my Mother taught me many things, among them being that "Nothing happens without a reason" and " Look at things as a LESSON or a BLESSING".  These comments usually came after a disappointment or all out tragedy.  She would then tell me a story about her life and how she manag...
As I try to understand this addiction that I have developed to blogging I found something very interesting.  It is called the Blog Addiction Test.   OK It is located on a dating site but I had to do a little research and I needed a way to measure the level of my addiction and take an objective lo...
Blogging has been found to stimulate brain activity.Professors at well known institutes of higher learning have stated that reading Shakespeare stimulates brain activity and I can attest to the fact that many of the blogs here although not written in the Olde English can give old Shake a run for ...
Matt Woolsey of wrote an article on the Ten Least Affordable Real Estate Markets.The criteria for determining the list was by figuring how many years of gross income it would take to buy a home at the median sales price using the NAHB/Wells-Fargo index with the rating of home price to ...
Being a Native New Yorker and spending most of my life in Manhattan, when I run into people and they ask where I live now, I have to admit "I used to say "the boondocks".  Now I tell them South Ozone Park and I say it with pride. Now I've lived and owned in the country so when I refer to a part o...
OK I know I am on the right path with this blogging thing because according to a recent survey, only a small percentage of us are doing it and I am admiring my new shoes while typing this. Anytime you are doing what others won't or don't (and it is legal and ethical) you know you are on the right...
I just reread a featured article in New York State Realtor magazine called "Tips from the Top".  It had top producers sharing their secrets and market outlook.  In reviewing the answers to the questions posed the most common word that came up was the "Internet".NYSR - What is your best marketing ...
The greatest moments I've had in the past year outside of my family, friends and helping other families fulfill their dreams of home ownership has been in the small things I do in my community.Real Estate has given me the flexibility to spend more time with my family and I have earmarked some tim...
OK I am getting straight to the point with this question?Is it a no-no to make multiple blog entries on the same subject?  I don't mean 4-parters, I mean entries and answers to comments from other threads in seperate blogs.  If I were following a thread, how would I find the answer in another thr...

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