south ozone park real estate blog: Was I Dreaming? A Positive Report on the Real Estate Market! - 10/07/07 02:17 AM
Ask and you shall receive.I have been asking God to please put words of positivity into mouths and minds of the media.
It is no surprise that this report came from an actual Real Estate expert, not a journalist or economist.
National news coverage is not giving a totally accurate depiction of the Real Estate Market and is not creating an environment that is conducive to any remedy of current issues.
They are missing the fact is this is the time to buy a home.  Lots of inventory, great interest rates and price reductions.  Banks and lending institutions are still in business aren't they?  This is not the … (29 comments)

south ozone park real estate blog: About South Ozone Park, New York - 10/04/07 08:47 AM
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South Ozone Park, New York is located in the southern part of Queens. It's boundaries are as follows; from the east, the Van Wyck Expressway, the west boundary is the Aqueduct Race Track, the North is Liberty Avenue and the south is The Conduit.  However many parts of the surrounding area have either attached itself or detached itself from the area for various reasons.
South Ozone Park History
South Ozone Park's first inhabitants were Native Americans of the Jameco (where Jamaica got it's name) and Reckowacky (where we derived the name Rockaway) tribes.
South Ozone Park was once farmland … (7 comments)

south ozone park real estate blog: Race a Factor in Your Interest Rates and the Elevation of Foreclosures? - 09/13/07 12:03 PM

 I read an article today that made my face literally hit the floor. 
Mortgage data links higher-priced loans with delinquenciesRacial disparities persist in analysis of loan denials and ratesThursday, September 13, 2007By Matt CarterInman News
 It stated the obvious that " A new Federal Reserve Board analysis of millions of home loans made in 2006 shows a correlation between higher-priced loans that carry heftier interest rates and the rate of serious delinquencies." NO KIDDING!
I didn't want to disclose this but I had a family member that was approved for a mortgage refi In 2006 whose payment was 60% of her gross income.  She was counting on a … (7 comments)

south ozone park real estate blog: OK, How About a Positive Look at the Real Estate Market - 08/22/07 08:07 AM
When I was growing up my Mother taught me many things, among them being that "Nothing happens without a reason" and " Look at things as a LESSON or a BLESSING".  These comments usually came after a disappointment or all out tragedy.  She would then tell me a story about her life and how she managed to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat.  I Miss My Mom.
Looking at the state of today's Real Estate Market and the doom and gloom surrounding the lending industry and economy I decided to take stock of the situation, focus on the positives and … (36 comments)

south ozone park real estate blog: Are You Operating in One of the Ten Least Affordable Real Estate Markets - 08/16/07 01:50 AM
Matt Woolsey of wrote an article on the Ten Least Affordable Real Estate Markets.
The criteria for determining the list was by figuring how many years of gross income it would take to buy a home at the median sales price using the NAHB/Wells-Fargo index with the rating of home price to earnings.  Affordability was determined by the lower number.
Although ten years ago San Francisco was the only city ranked above 4.5 they are now ranking 13 cities above that benchmark.
With the high inventory of homes on the market and the tightening of the lending industry, they determined that there are more homes and less … (4 comments)

south ozone park real estate blog: South Ozone Park- Queens Best Kept Real Estate Secret Part II - 08/07/07 12:07 PM
Being a Native New Yorker and spending most of my life in Manhattan, when I run into people and they ask where I live now, I have to admit "I used to say "the boondocks".  Now I tell them South Ozone Park and I say it with pride.
Now I've lived and owned in the country so when I refer to a part of New York City as being the boondocks that is compared to Manhattan, not small town USA.
The fact of the matter is I love South Ozone Park, New York and it is becoming less boon-dockier (snicker) while still maintaining it's … (0 comments)

south ozone park real estate blog: Are You Ready to Help a "GREEN" Customer? - 08/03/07 08:34 AM
No I'm not talking about "Martian" home buyers.  a "Green" customer is one who insists on a home that is environmentally friendly."Going Green" is no longer relegated to a small portion of the public.  More and more people want to do their part in preserving the environment and the best place to start is their homes. 
Smart water toilets, aerated faucets, energy saving appliances, special insulation and fluorescent light bulbs are not enough for some consumers.  The new GREEN consumer wants homes that are sustainable in their construction and will pay the price for it, so it's important that we stay informed on the new trends … (5 comments)

south ozone park real estate blog: South Ozone Park- Queens Best Kept Real Estate Secret - 08/02/07 02:12 PM
OK, I am a Native New Yorker and when ever I heard of South Ozone Park all I could think of was Frank Sinatra in some old movie that I stayed up late to watch when I was supposed to be asleep and then later I thought of John Gotti and his co-horts. Well those were really referencing Ozone Park and not South Ozone Park.
Once always looked on as the lesser cousin, South Ozone Park has surged to become the PLACE TO LIVE!Rockaway Boulevard in South Ozone Park was once just a thoroughfare, it is now becoming a center for commerce … (0 comments)


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