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We're not trying to be religious but there is a "Cash Flow Revival" happening right here in the good old California. When things are stagnant in our lives we hope for good change to come and come quickly. In a nut shell we are hoping for a revival of some sort. We could be dying spiritually and i...
Most of us know what it is to be broke. Either we have experienced it personally or we know somebody who has been or is broke. Being broke is just a temporary stage in life when a person doesn't have the money they need for a need, want or desire. Poverty is an entirely different animal. From Wik...
Starting a blog off with the word "Wow" is generally used to grab the attention of the reader really quick. In the case of this blog, I won't start it off with "Wow" but I do want to get your attention. Here we go. "Cash Flow is King" is a phrase many of us have heard of. The truth of the matter ...

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