blog: Audio Blog on Inspiration in Business - 03/02/09 11:23 AM
Another must listen Listen in as Entrepreneurial Pastor Ced shares on Inspiration by God in Business Perhaps it's time to examine your internal inspiration. This audio blog is designed to help you see your life and business from a different perspective. There is noting better than seeing a Godly inspired idea working for you. This audio blog will certainly be one you'll want to listen to over and over again.Are you ready to experience inspiration in a different way?
Stay blessed, Entrepreneurial Pastor Ced … (1 comments)

blog: A Different Kind of Referral - Help a Friend in Crisis - 11/24/08 12:58 AM
My mind can't help but wonder what all the people who are unemployed will do with the job market being so tight.  Then I began to think of the people close to me who have lost jobs.  They are looking feverishly for gainful employment and many of them are having a tough time.
The thought came to me that the more eyes that are looking the better their chances are.  I have a young friend who is 27 years old. He got his first job while he was in college at an engineering firm.  He was an up and coming star … (5 comments)

blog: Increased activity means what? - 05/12/08 08:46 AM
In many businesses sales managers say, "just increase your activity and you will see better results." Is that really true?
Of course that might work if you are doing the right activity. Just being merely active does not necessarily mean we will see good results. In fact the wrong activity done over and over again will lead to greater frustration.
If for example you are looking to create more contacts, just talking with everybody you see may not do you any good. I don't know what you feel about systems but they are important.
The system I work is really simple.

blog: Honest with everybody but me... - 03/18/08 06:05 AM
Being honest is a way of life in business. It's expected behavior from our clients, and everybody we do business with. Inherently we know that, "honesty is the best policy."  I like to say it this way, "honesty is the only policy."  Can you hear the "but" coming on?  
Here it is...
But what about being honest with ourselves?  Are we really honest with ourselves?  I can recall the times I've complained about business being bad or a situation just not being fair.  As I've recollected the facts, I've found that business wasn't so bad and every situation wasn't the problem.  The … (21 comments)

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