business: Alternative Business Options - 04/26/10 11:50 AM
It's absolutely amazing how many people are looking for alternative businesses.  The term alternative businesses wasn't nearly as popular 5 years ago as it is today.  Workers and business owners alike are looking for alternative ways to maintain and increase their income.No longer are people relying on one income to get by.  There used to be a day when only one person in the household was the bread winner.  But when the cost of living began to increase, it took more than one income.  Husbands and wives began to both work outside the home.Today with even husbands and wives working outside … (0 comments)

business: A Course on Entrepreneurial Ministry - 04/01/10 10:56 AM
Audio Invitation

Ministry and and entrepreneurialism is coming to the forefront in churches across the country. Where do you fit in?
It's been a joy to be an Entrepreneurial Pastor for the last 15 years right here in Chino, CA. It's sad that I never gave it a thought that there were other entrepreneurs who also had a passion for ministry.
In the last several months a group of nearly 300 people have gathered together in a group called the Entrepreneurial Ministers Network on Facebook. This was all the proof I needed to know that there were others who were … (0 comments)

business: The Elephant in the Church - 03/14/10 02:53 PM
You've probably heard the quote,"the elephant in the room." Well there is an elephant in our churches and it's called "Network Marketing." The question is how should we address it? It seems like every year I get somebody calling me regarding some new fabulous Network Marketing company. They talk about all the benefits it will have for our church. They talk about how it will raise funds for the church and they talk about how I can be the biggest beneficiary. Now don't get me wrong, I actually think Network Marketing is a viable profession and I think there is some … (12 comments)

business: Re: Blogging, don't believe what you don't see - 03/12/10 02:55 AM
Blogging is kind of interesting.  Have you ever thought of the number of people who actually look at your blog and don't make comments?  Believe me they do exist.  They do see it and many of them do read your blog.  Just because you are not getting as many comments as you would like, know that you've got readers.
You would be amazed how the same blog in different networks get totally different responses.  I've blogged here in this network and gotten "no" responses and I've used the same blog in different networks and got overwhelming responses. (Notice I didn't name … (7 comments)

business: Marketing Secrets - 03/04/10 03:59 AM
When it comes to marketing secrets, it seems like everybody has a few. But are there really any marketing secrets? I think not. It's a matter of doing small things over and over again until a "magic number" appears. That magic number is our ratio. You see we all develop ratios over time. One of the keys is to keep doing the right things over and over so that a genuine ratio develops. Otherwise we have to start over again and again.
It really does pay to stay in the game. Take a listen to my secrets of marketing....LOL

business: How Kidz made a difference in my business - 05/30/09 05:13 AM
Last summer I found an army of motivated referral agents. They were just sitting around before I met them. Then all of a sudden they mobilized into my personal referral agent army. I call it my "PRAA."
You won't believe this. Last summer I had kids literally hounding their parents, relatives and their friends parents to refer their friends and business associates to me. If you've read any of my other blogs before you know I'm the founder of the Kidz-n-Biz Project. The project has some pretty hefty cash prizes for kids who do well. Because of my commitment to … (8 comments)

business: Kidz-n-Biz getting ready for summer 2009 - 05/29/09 07:40 PM
The 2009 Kidz-n-Biz Project starts Wednesday July 8, 2009
Who would have ever thought that kids would have their own mall. Well it's sort of a mall. This summer kids from 3rd - 9th grade are being trained on how to do business. There is an outdoor classroom setting for 8 weeks and the application of what the kids learn in class will be put into practice in the court yard of Papa Chinos Grill and Greens located at 14501 Ramona Avenue Chino, CA, hence the Kidz-n-Biz Mall.
Some of last years businesses represented offered homemade doggy treats, handmade jewelery, … (6 comments)

business: Imagine this..."you, the only Realtor in town" - 04/18/09 02:22 PM
Imagine if you were the only Realtor in town. Do you think you would be at an advantage. Of course you would. There would be nobody else to turn to for professional Real Estate services. Well, the fact of the matter is that you will most likely never be the only Realtor in town or even the only Realtor in the office you work in now.
Somebody reading this is saying, why would I bring such a ludicrous image up in the first place. Well first of all I just wanted to get your attention and secondly I wanted you to … (2 comments)

business: Building My Agency With B.U.I.L.D. - 04/08/09 02:08 AM
Businesses United In Lead Development is a group that I just recently joined that has been awesome in helping to build my agency.
* One on One meetings with other fellow business owners has been the key to getting the members of B.U.I.L.D. to become great referral agents.
* Exclusivity of being the only agent offering business legal plans and identity theft coverage has been a great way standing out in the minds of the B.U.I.L.D. members.
* Consistently being thought of as the B.U.I.L.D. "legal plan guy" is worth it.
The greatest thing about B.U.I.L.D. is there … (2 comments)

business: May 1, 2009 enforcement of FTC 'Red Flags' Rule - 03/27/09 12:35 PM
November 1, 2008 was the enforcement date for businesses who deal with the non-public information of clients.  Thankfully for a lot of businesses that were unaware, the six month extension (until May 1, 2009) has been a big help for them to learn what they needed to do to comply with the FTC 'Red Flags' Rule.  What the FTC is requiring from businesses in certain categories is to develop and implement a written identity theft prevention program.
The Rule applies to creditors and financial institutions. Federal law defines a creditor to be: any entity that regularly extends, renews, or continues credit; … (4 comments)

business: Audio Blog on Inspiration in Business - 03/02/09 11:23 AM
Another must listen Listen in as Entrepreneurial Pastor Ced shares on Inspiration by God in Business Perhaps it's time to examine your internal inspiration. This audio blog is designed to help you see your life and business from a different perspective. There is noting better than seeing a Godly inspired idea working for you. This audio blog will certainly be one you'll want to listen to over and over again.Are you ready to experience inspiration in a different way?
Stay blessed, Entrepreneurial Pastor Ced … (1 comments)

business: Interview with Investor Doniel Tiggs - 02/23/09 12:50 AM
Today I had a great opportunity to interview a great Real Estate investor and business owner, Doniel Tiggs.  Listen in an pick up some pointers on how he compares some of his businesses with each other.  Doniel is a member of the Small Biz Prayer Network and enjoys training.  One of the training venues he uses is video.  He uses real life experiences to demonstrate how business functions.  You can find out more about Doniel @ Doniel Tiggs Profile.

Make is a blessed day,
Ced Reynolds

business: So compelling that they will ask you the big question - 02/12/09 08:06 AM
Have you ever been speaking with someone and you just couldn't wait to ask them the big question? You know, the big question that makes you want to interrupt the conversation. It's the question that you just have to have answered or you will burst at the seams.
Isn't it awesome how people who are so excited about something have a way of telling such a compelling story that you just want to stop them in mid stream and ask them the big question. You're saying, OK, Ced, what's the big question? Gotcha, you just asked it.
You have … (2 comments)

business: Monday Morning with Pastor Ced - 02/09/09 12:36 AM
Small Biz Prayer Network Monday Morning with Pastor Cedric 2/9/09 Listen in as Pastor Ced talks about leadership in our era and how we should be flexible. Find out how you have been leading. If you need prayer, we want to pray with you for God's best in these uncertain times.
Have a great day,

business: Marriage and Business - 12/20/08 02:02 PM
Many of us here are married and have a great passion for business. The question is how do we balance the two. We certainly love our spouse and we part of the reason some of us work so hard is to provide a better way of living for our spouse and family. Here are a few pointers to keep your spouse happy and make them your biggest fan. 1. Keep your word regarding the commitments you've made to your spouse regarding your personal lives. 2. Keep your word regarding the time you say you're going to commit to your business 3. … (15 comments)

business: It's Risky Being in Business Today - 12/17/08 12:31 AM
Is your Real Estate business at risk? How many of your clients are at risk?The right question to ask is, how much is your Real Estate business at risk? Before you risk a red cent, assess your own business with our free Real Estate business risk assessment tool.This Real Estate Business Risk Assessment tool will generate a Risk Assessment Report based on your response to our basic prompts and questions. These questions do not address every situation or risk. Is is likely that some risks will not be identified and that other risks will not be described in detail sufficient to … (4 comments)

business: Is It Time To Stop, Slow Down or Speed Up? - 12/06/08 09:05 AM
OK, so we're doing things a little bit different than we anticipated.  Business has taken a turn in a great direction for some and for some a turn in a negative direction.  We have to ask ourselves, "if it's my business who is responsible for the ultimate direction it goes?"  Do we leave it up to circumstances or chance?
What gets me about many who go into business in boom times is that they don't really know if it's the boom time that has their business thriving or smard (smart & hard combined).  The business owners who understand there are ups … (2 comments)

business: The Importance of Your Marketing Message - 11/15/08 08:12 AM
We have all thought at one point, "what's the use...nobody sees my marketing content or my ads anyway."  Have you ever thought these thoughts or something similar?  If you have this article might be for you.  Those who are serious about sales of any product or service know that sales just don't come by mere luck.  It's about preparation and hard work.  It's about being in front of the right people with our message.  The moment we stop putting our message in front of the people who need and/or want our products and/or services we have just hung ourselves.
Marketing is … (1 comments)

business: Social Networking is like Social Equity - 11/12/08 12:35 AM
Being sold yourself is of great importance when we utilize social networking in business. There is an acronym that says, "iasm stands for I am sold myself" In fact I think this is true about anything we hope to share with others.
If you can ever get excited about something, getting excited about helping people attain their goals should be high on the list. Our enthusiasm just spills onto people and is very contagious. Can you imagine an unenthusiastic person trying to offer help to somebody? The person with enthusiasm has a tremendous advantage.
One thing I must tell you … (0 comments)

business: It ain't bragging when Forbes says it... - 11/07/08 08:54 AM
How would you like it if your company was among the top 200 in all of the United States.  Hopefully you would be as excited as I am.  This isn't our first time being among the top 200 in the country. Take a look at what has to say about Prepaid Legal Services. The 200 Best Small Companies #130 Pre-Paid Legal Services 10.08.08, 6:00 PM ET
We are always looking for associates to help us help consumers get equal access to the justice system.  Contact Ced Reynolds @ (909) 597-3502 or visit