career: Succeeding in down times - 01/30/09 02:56 AM
The topic of "succeeding in down times" is tough to write about because it may come across cocky and self serving.  Let me set the stage.  First of all not every industry is having a tough time because of the economy.  I would think that would be understood.  Granted there are industries that are suffering but certain industries thrive in economic down turns.
The economy has no doubt affected many people but the reality is that the more people who buy into the hype, the more fear spreads across the land.  Fear is an element that stops marketers of good products … (3 comments)

career: Look Around, Who Do You See? - 12/08/08 08:49 PM
In a sea of professionals in the same industry many of them know each other.  The ones in the same niche especially know who each other are.  It's time to look around and see who's still in the game.  Look around, who do you see?  Are the same people who started in this race with you still with you?  Are yesterday's superstars still in the game?
In business it is the ones who have applied what they learned in lean times and great times who stick around.  There are tons of want to be professionals who can "talk a good game."  … (6 comments)

career: "Change, Yes We Can" - Sound Familiar? - 12/07/08 03:12 AM
It often intrigues me how campaigns local and national latch hold of a slogan and drill it into the minds of people over and over again.  Even in our recent Presidential election both campaigns began to talk about change.  Of course the guy who started off with change as his campaign platform won.  Why do you think so?  I'll tell you why I think so.
Now it isn't my intention to give a Bible study here but the Bible does say that "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God."  I think the same is true of anything … (9 comments)

career: Is It Time To Stop, Slow Down or Speed Up? - 12/06/08 09:05 AM
OK, so we're doing things a little bit different than we anticipated.  Business has taken a turn in a great direction for some and for some a turn in a negative direction.  We have to ask ourselves, "if it's my business who is responsible for the ultimate direction it goes?"  Do we leave it up to circumstances or chance?
What gets me about many who go into business in boom times is that they don't really know if it's the boom time that has their business thriving or smard (smart & hard combined).  The business owners who understand there are ups … (2 comments)

career: Being Better Doesn't Mean Being Cut Throat - 12/03/08 09:26 AM
Simply put, being better in this economy is making sure you are prepared to serve the client the first time correctly.  There is no time to make mistakes.  Contrary to some beliefs of people, just because some sales people get more business than others doesn't mean they are "cut throat."  They are simply providing more solutions to problems their clients have.  
Being better means taking the time to dig out the details of true desires the client has.  It takes a professional to ask the tough questions in a pleasant way.  Beating around the bush with a "pansy Annie attitude" … (4 comments)

career: But You Are Not My Client - 12/02/08 02:48 AM
It's always good to get that first call of the day when it's a client who is calling to say "yes. we are ready to do business."  But what about that dreaded call when a client that's not even your client calls screaming and hollering "I'm through with you people. I've had enough and I want to cancel right now."
By now you guessed it.  This morning my first call from a gentleman who asked for my by name and began to describe his situation.  He had mailed in a cancellation form and his membership hasn't been canceled.  All the while … (4 comments)

career: 10 Reasons You Really Are A Rarity - 12/01/08 10:07 AM
You are a rarity because you have dared to explore the world that was in your mind. 
You are a rarity because you decided to take a chance on a person that you had faith in and that person turned out to be the real you. 
You are a rarity because you woke up the sleeping giant inside and decided to make your life the way you wanted it to be.
You are a rarity because you keep getting up every time you get knocked down.
You are a rarity because you keep learning from your mistakes.
You are a rarity … (24 comments)

career: New careers are being sought by many - 11/27/08 05:42 AM
There is more to be considered about the economy than our egos. Sales is an industry where our egos can be stroked so we feel so great about ourselves that we would never dream of making a change for fear of being labeled a failure. Failure is doing the wrong thing long past the time you were warned that it's over. For many people in the sales arena, it's over. What I mean is that it's time to move on to something else. It might very well be that they will still be in sales but selling something different. Sometimes it's … (8 comments)

career: Being In the Right Place @ The Right Time - 11/24/08 02:03 AM
How many times have you heard somebody say I was just in the "right place at the right time?"  If you are like me you have probably heard it more than a few times in your life.  It's all about "preparation meeting opportunity."  It might seem like you might be spinning your wheels and things are not going anywhere.  The key is to be sure you are learning something everyday so that when the right opportunity comes along you will be able to recognize it. This is being at the right place at the right time.
Preparation is the cornerstone of … (6 comments)

career: A Different Kind of Referral - Help a Friend in Crisis - 11/24/08 12:58 AM
My mind can't help but wonder what all the people who are unemployed will do with the job market being so tight.  Then I began to think of the people close to me who have lost jobs.  They are looking feverishly for gainful employment and many of them are having a tough time.
The thought came to me that the more eyes that are looking the better their chances are.  I have a young friend who is 27 years old. He got his first job while he was in college at an engineering firm.  He was an up and coming star … (5 comments)

career: ..This Really Hurts a Lot of People - 11/23/08 08:17 AM
36 Retail Stores Closing Doors I came across an online piece that might be of interest to you.  There are retail stores all over America that are closing outlets or closing completely.  Below is a partial list.  If you would like to see the entire list visit AOL money and finance Linens 'n Things Stores Closing: All Stores
Disney Stores Stores Closing: 98
Wilson's Leather Stores Closing: 160
Zales Stores Closing: 105
Pier 1 Imports Stores Closing: 25
Dell Stores Closing: 140
Sharper Image Stores Closing: All Stores
Sprint Nextel Corp. Stores Closing: 125
Wickes Furniture Stores Closing: 38
There people … (9 comments)

career: Sooner For Some Than Others - 11/22/08 09:19 AM
Everybody puts in their time (well, some do). Everybody works hard (most of the time).  Everybody believes that they will be successful (at least some do).   Why is it that some reach levels of success they plan for and others seem to putter along just getting by?
This is not an easy question to answer.  What I can say is that if we all were at the same level of success it wouldn't be success.  The norm would just be at a higher level.  There is this word called "breakthrough" that allows those who get to higher levels of personal success.  … (7 comments)

career: Be Thankful For Those We Work With - 11/21/08 01:45 AM
As we approach Thanksgiving I have been thinking about what I'm really thankful for.  Of course I'm thankful for my family, my health, my well being and most definitely my relationship with the Lord.  As I pondered all that I am thankful for I thought about those I work with.  Without them business would be so much more challenging. 
I am thankful for:
*the people who work in the various offices who serve our business because they make my transactions go smoothly
*my fellow sales personnel because they keep me motivated to do my best
*the vendors we work with because … (6 comments)

career: Whining Only Works With Babies - 11/20/08 07:40 AM

If you have children, you know that when they whine we sometimes try and tune them out.  But eventually if you're a softy like my wife and I were, they eventually get our attention. We are long past the stage of small children.  In fact our son is 22 years old (not a whiner, thank God).
In the sales profession I have come across people who profess to be professionals but they are really whiners.  Don't you just love a whining adult.  It doesn't matter how much an adult whines in the professional world, most often they don't get what … (6 comments)

career: The Danger of Your Sense of Urgency - 11/19/08 02:47 AM
For years sales trainers have been telling us "you gotta have a sense of urgency or your prospects won't buy."  And what did most of us do?  We mustered up the greatest sense of urgency we could.  Believe me I was in the front of the line.
Let me tell you what I discovered about having a sense of urgency in sales.  I found that the more my prospects felt my urgency the less I would sell.  For months I would express the urgency for my prospects to get on board before it was too late.  I would tell them that … (57 comments)

career: I am Marketing Like Crazy but I Don't Seem to Get Results - 11/17/08 06:00 AM
How many times have to starting talking to yourself saying, "I am marketing like crazy but I don't seem to get results"? The question might sound like a legitimate one but is it really? 
Marketing is a series of tactics we utilize in our overall strategy to a targeted market in order to:
1. Create awareness about who we are and what we represent
2. Create a sense of familiarity so that a segment of the market is receptive to our message
3. Create an educational environment to build credibility about us, our product and/or service
4. Create a degree of … (8 comments)

career: The Importance of Your Marketing Message - 11/15/08 08:12 AM
We have all thought at one point, "what's the use...nobody sees my marketing content or my ads anyway."  Have you ever thought these thoughts or something similar?  If you have this article might be for you.  Those who are serious about sales of any product or service know that sales just don't come by mere luck.  It's about preparation and hard work.  It's about being in front of the right people with our message.  The moment we stop putting our message in front of the people who need and/or want our products and/or services we have just hung ourselves.
Marketing is … (1 comments)

career: Podcasting in Plain English - 11/14/08 04:14 AM
More business owners are starting their own podcasts to get more exposure. This is one of the easiest ways to let your target market know what you are about. People can choose to subscribe to your podcast or just pop in from time to time. If you don't have a podcast you might want to consider viewing this quick little video that explains podcasting in plain English.
Ced Reynolds
Career Recruiter

career: Social Networking in Plain English (Video) - 11/14/08 03:47 AM
Just came across this neat little video presentation regarding social networking in plain English. As many times as I have heard people explain it, this one breaks social networking down to the most practical terms I have heard so far. If you are just looking for a little refresher course in social networking or you are just getting started in social networking, this is a good piece to help you gain a greater understanding of the what, why, who and how of social networking.
Ced Reynolds
Career Recruiter

career: Recruit, Recruit, Recruit Means Financial Leverage in Your Business - 11/13/08 08:27 AM
Why do brokers and small business owners recruit, recruit, recruit? 
Have you ever thought about why some brokers and small business owners recruit so much and others don't?
There is something to recruiting that you need to know. Here's the word, "leverage."  Most brokers and small business owners recruit to expand their business without having to do all the work themselves.  I am sure you would agree that having more people working for you is smart provided you can train them to be the best they can be.  There is one challenge though.  Once some salespeople become good, they get … (6 comments)

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