services: Alternative Business Options - 04/26/10 11:50 AM
It's absolutely amazing how many people are looking for alternative businesses.  The term alternative businesses wasn't nearly as popular 5 years ago as it is today.  Workers and business owners alike are looking for alternative ways to maintain and increase their income.No longer are people relying on one income to get by.  There used to be a day when only one person in the household was the bread winner.  But when the cost of living began to increase, it took more than one income.  Husbands and wives began to both work outside the home.Today with even husbands and wives working outside … (0 comments)

services: Audio Marketing Secrets - 03/05/10 03:29 AM
Using audio in your marketing campaign can mean the difference between night and day. Working on the internet is a wonderful tool but it has limited emotional connection unless you're a wonderful writer. The best of writers can do well without audio but us who just write OK can use all the help we can get.
I know many people talk about video being better than audio. In my opinion video is a little bit more complicated because you have to prepare to be seen and heard vs. just preparing to be heard on audio. I've done both and actually do … (1 comments)

services: FSBO's could lead to your best referrals - 03/12/09 05:53 PM
It is no surprise that there are tons of people who feel as though they can sell their home on their own and they don't need a professional Realtor. Sure there are some people who have been able to do it. My question is, if when using a Realtor there are things that pop up, how much more will things pop up that a FSBO won't have a clue how to handle?
Years ago when I was in the moving business I would stop by FSBO's and talk with them about the pros and cons of moving their own furniture. Most of … (9 comments)

services: Educate yourself before you buy anything - 10/30/08 07:59 AM
Often when we try to sell a product or service people get turned off. The reason is nobody really wants to be sold. On the other hand, people do like to buy. So how do we get past this challenge? The answer is simple. Educate rather than sell. It's even more than consultative selling. The question and answer approach is nice but most savvy consumers recognize even these polished sales pitches. To educate is to present information without pressing a person to decide rather they like what your offer is or not. In my business, education is key. To twist somebody's … (0 comments)

services: When it's time to make a change - 09/22/08 07:08 AM
Have you thought about making a change lately?  What would you do?  It's a pretty hard thing to go back to a 9 to 5 after being involved in business for yourself.  But if the numbers don't add up to pay the bills, something has to change.
I know so many people who believe strongly in their industry and in themselves and just haven't seen the turn around.  It seems no matter how hard they work, things don't seem to change.  They have positive mental attitudes, they attend church, they believe in God, they've even dabbled with the law of attraction … (1 comments)

services: It happens to nearly 30,000 every day - 04/28/08 07:17 PM
So you made it through another weekend without needing any legal help. Congratulations! Do keep in mind that some people didn't. If you saw the news you realize that close to 30,000 people a day (and these are old stats) have their identity breached. It's identity theft that's frightening Americans in a big way.
Can you imagine not having any control of your credit identity, your medical identity, your drivers license, your character identity or your social security identity. You're right when you say, "I thought identity theft only involved my credit cards." Most people say that. But it's true that … (2 comments)

services: From an entreprneurial pastor's perspective - 02/15/08 07:00 AM
There are many things a pastor considers about his leadership and the workers in a congregation. Of the things that are probably considered the least is the liability each individual adds. What I mean is when children come in for instance to a classroom, any incorrect actions by a teacher could make a church liable. This really is as big deal, especially for congregations that have smaller incomes. Of course insurance covers the pastor for malpractice but what about the other leaders and workers? It's something to consider.
There is actually a way that I have considered to limit our church's liability. … (3 comments)