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I do once in a while.  Part of me isn't quite used to this balanced market idea-I'm entirely too used to the buyers' market we've been experiencing for several years!I run comps like a fiend, do a lot of statistical analysis to know the overall market, and still wish I had a crystal ball!Now, I d...
Once again I find myself prepared for a listing appointment wherein the seller will have to bring a lot of $$$ to the closing table in order to sell the house.This happens more than you might think...say you buy a house for $145m.  Then decide to do some upgrades, so you want a home equity line f...
Price bands are not 'range pricing', as used so effectively by Broker Bryant.  Price bands are another way of gauging your inventory and absorption rates in different price breaks.Tonight I have been preparing a market analysis for a property in Huntersville NC (just north of Charlotte, on the so...
 In reading Leanne's post earlier, I got to thinking about the proverbial blind pig. In our industry, this correlates to new agents.  Green agents.  Rookie agents.  Lazy agents.  Part time agents.  Undedicated agents.You get the picture.Blind pig isn't necessarily a derogatory term-it's a phase w...
There was a surprising amount of real estate talk!Let me preface this by explaining that my mother is the youngest of 8 kids, there are 18 grands and all of our spouses and respective kids.  It's a large group and rather noisy at any function!So my dad and I are residential broker/owners, my cous...
On this, Christmas Eve Eve, when I'm home doing a few detail emails before my official holiday starts tomorrow (since I really and truly hope that people will go to church tomorrow morning as well as tomorrow night and not use Christmas Eve service as a chance to skip a sermon!), I wanted to expr...
I had long suspected that I had moved from the 'threatened' list to the 'endangered' list....and now I have it in writing!(not that I'm comparing myself to a Dodo bird!)Today's edition of The Charlotte Observer had an article talking about the surge of growth in North Carolina's population-we're ...
I got a panicky email from another real estate agent this week, very upset that she had spotted a HUD foreclosure in her neighborhood.She was mad.  Mainly because it is priced so far below market.  A little background...I sold her the house she lives in and she got into real estate after some caj...
Alas, another shady real estate agent making us look least he's getting busted!  This guy has been making a mint off of rent-to-own deals, but the payments he's been receiving from the buyers?  Been going into his pocket instead of to the banks-so these houses are now very deep in debt a...
I love that show, on Fine Living, it's pretty fascinating to see how different the inventory is from area to area in the same price break.  But even though this show seems to help somewhat in adjusting expectations for some people (at least I hope it does), there are a lot of misconceptions about...

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