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Wordless Wednesday - Coast to coast flight       Flying back to PA for Thanksgiving, was lucky enough for most of the country to offer clear views from 30,000ft.  Leaving the California beaches & sunshine, flying through the snow topped mountains, through the midwest which resembled pumpkin pies ...
  Monday Motivation - A new blog post each week intended to inspire and motivate.  Hope your week's off to a great start!       "After the verb 'to love', 'to help' is the most beautiful verb in the world." -Bertha von Suttner                With Thanksgiving in just a few days and the holiday se...
  Wordless Wednesday - California Sky on Fire     One of my goals for this month was to get each day started before the sun came up.  Consequently I've been able to take in many more sunrises.  This one was especially rewarding, it looked as if the sky was on fire.  Nature never ceases to amaze m...
  Do bi-weekly payments make sense?               If you have or have had a mortgage loan you've probably heard about bi-weekly payments, and maybe wondered "do bi-weekly payments make sense?".  The simple answer to this question is YES...and NO.  Glad I could clear that up.             The fact ...
  Monday Motivation - A new blog post each week intended to inspire or motivate.  Hope your week's off to a great start!         "Some people have all the luck.  And they're the ones who never depend on it."   - Bob Ingham             There are a million quotes floating around that address hard w...
Speechless Sunday - Top of the World          Getting stuck in the mountains yesterday may have ended my 30 in 30 challenge, but being fortunate enough to enjoy views like this, I think I may be ok with the trade off.  Above 8000ft the sky resembled fields of snow, extending for miles.  Atop the ...
Friday Fit Tips - 5 easy "Tricks" to lose weight          Outside of the mortgage business, health & fitness are huge passions of mine.  Good health and fitness lead to more happiness & productivity, so each Friday I'll share some of my knowledge to help others learn easy ways to lead a healthier...
  Top 4 Secrets of the Mortgage Industry   Here's my dish for the November AR Challenge.  4 secrets about the mortgage industry, from an insders perspective.       1)  Advertised rates mean nothing.  Lenders advertise rates for one reason - to make the phone ring.  To make the phone ring, lenders...
  Have you Winterized your Life?        For some, winter is already here, for the rest of us it's approaching quickly.  Days are shorter, temperatures are cooler, and for many it won't be long until snow storms are in the forecast.  I highly recommend everyone winterize their home, but along the ...
Wordless Wednesday - Patience with Pups        For anyone out there that's an animal lover, you've seen this situation before.  Next time you come home to remnants of shoes, chewed furniture, or broken anything, just think of this picture & you'll find it impossible to remain angry.  It happens t...

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