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  You're under contract, now what?          You've found a home, worked up an offer, and came to an agreement with a seller.  Once the contract is executed, it's such a relief, and you're almost there when it comes to owning your new home.  In the next few weeks, there are several steps to take (...
Happy Memorial Day          I hope anyone that's reading this is having a fantastic weekend.  Along with the many "remember what the day is really about" commentaries, I wanted to add a quick blog about what's on my mind today.        For one, I don't think there's anything wrong with people that...
Can I get a mortgage with a job offer and no paystubs? Yes.  Yes.  YES.      I just received a call from a Realtor regarding a buyer I've pre-approved that submitted an offer on one of her listings.  First off, there was a bit of pleasant shock on the other end of the phone that I'm answering the...
One Week Until Mount Whitney          Since moving to California nearly a year ago (WOW time flies), I've been fortunate enough to see some truly amazing places.  Since I was a kid I've been fascinated by the mountains, and where I lived in Delaware, well...we didn't have any of those.  Pennsylva...
I'm not a US Citizen.  Can I still get a mortgage?  Yes.  YES.  YES.  You can.      Last week, I received a referral for a buyer that didn't think she could get a loan.  She has great credit, good income, not a lot of debt, savings, and a good job history, and over the past several years has been...
Saratoga, CA Home Loans      Saratoga, CA is a city in Santa Clara county located just west of San Jose on the western edge of the Silicon Valley.  Ranked highly amongst the most well-educated and highest-earning towns in the country, residents of Saratoga enjoy many recreational activities, the ...
Why I don't, and won't, join NAMB   "Send us a check, please" - Every NAMB email, ever.        Last week I received an email from NAMB.  Without reading the emails or even the subject lines, I always know that the gist of any correspondence is going to be the same; "could you send us a check, ple...
Almaden Valley, CA Home Loans       Almaden Valley (Almaden) is an area in Southeast San Jose in Santa Clara county.  When looking to buy a home in Almaden, buyers have many loan options available to them.  Almaden Valley is not eligible for USDA financing since it lies in an urban/suburban area,...
Lenn makes a ton of great points in this blog post.  My favorites are the importance of a Realtor & mortgage professional working together to offer the most benefit to mutual clients, and the importance of being more than an 'order taker' who simply panders to clients - we are professionals, and ...
Can I pay off debts to qualify for a mortgage?      This question comes up a lot, and like many other questions regarding mortgage financing it has a very simple answer - yes, no, and maybe.     Fact is, you can pay off some debts to help qualify for a mortgage loan, but some debts will not be al...

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