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What's in My Dream Home?     This is a fun contest for me.  There are some features in houses that I'd want, but there are a few that I NEED to really enjoy the place I call home.  Home for me is a place to relax and feel comfortable.  In my dream home, the things that are most important to me wo...
FHA HAWK program - what you need to know          HUD has proposed a new pilot program that is currently in the public discussion and comment phase, being referred to as the HAWK program (Homeowners Armed With Knowledge).  If and when this program launches, it could be a huge help to first time h...
In Business, Roadblocks are Welcome          We all love the easy deal.  The cash buyer that falls in love with the first house they see and works out a 14 day settlement.  The seller who does everything you ask without raising a question and get their home sold fast.  The borrower with 800 credi...
  What is a mortgage loan recast?          A mortgage loan recast is a relatively unknown feature of many different types of mortgage loans, in which a borrower with a lump sum of money can apply funds to their principal balance and effectively reduce their monthly payment for the remainder of th...
Cupertino, CA Home Loans          Cupertino, CA is a small, affluent city just west of San Jose.  When buying a home in Cupertino, buyers have many options for mortgage financing, so it's important to work with a professional in making the right choice on a loan product.  Conventional loans, Jum...
Cambrian Park, CA Home Loans          Cambrian Park, CA is a neighborhood in Santa Clara county, partially lying within San Jose, and partially unincorporated and maintained by the county.  When buying a home in Cambrian Park, buyers have many options when it comes to mortgage products.  Conventi...
Persuasion Shouldn't be a Dirty Word          For better or worse, we are all in sales.  Beyond product knowledge, hard work, and organizational skills, perhaps the most important thing we can focus on is our communication skills.        Typically, "communication" to many of us means simply retur...


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