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Weekly Wrap - Your Mortgage Market Update     August 25-29, 2014          Farewell summertime!  While this weekend's Labor Day holiday marks the unofficial end of summer, it seems traders in the marketplace took an early vacation, if this week's market movements have been any indication.  It was...
I Guess I'm Coming to Florida          Being a mortage banker with a company that's licensed in many states across the country doesn't mean much to an individual loan officer.  If I want to do business in a specific state, my company needs to be licensed there, but I also need to do all of the in...
Listing Agents - You Need a Preferred Lender, Too          For real estate agents that work with buyers, it makes sense to have one or more preferred lenders to refer buyers to; lenders they know can get a deal closed (on time), know aren't going to rip their clients off, and lenders they know ar...
Jerrys Wood-fired Dogs          Happy National Dog Day!  Ok, ok, I know it's not a holiday for this kind of dog, but as this local eatery has become one of my favorite spots to stop in and grab a bite to eat, I decided Jerrys needed it's own blog post.  What better day to write a blog about a loc...
Monday Market Forecast - August 25-29, 2014                Hard to believe this will be my last forecast of August - does anyone know where summer went?  Last week's forecast was somewhat predictable based on the previous week, and we saw the market return some of the previous week's gains to lan...
ActiveRain just got a functioning auto-save feature!  One of my biggest complaints (I don't feel bad, because I know I'm not alone) is now hopefully history.  As always, it seems Bob & the AR team are continually tweaking, and in my opinion, improving, this platform.  More interaction, the same g...
Bryan shares some advice that anyone working in a referral based business can learn from.  Lead generation and follow up are vital parts of our business, and with these tips, you can maximize the efficiency of both. Lists can be powerful when used properly. They imply organization, impart control...
Luxury Buyers Need a Luxury Mortgage          For the first time since I've been in the mortgage industry, we're seeing  investors offer products to luxury home buyers at more competitive interest rates than buyers using conventional loan products.  While "luxury" is subjective term (a shack by t...
Mortgage Loan Denied?  Get a 2nd Opinion!          When you work in the mortgage business for a period of years, no matter who you are, you run into scenarios where borrowers come to you - perfectly fine borrowers,  more than deserving of a loan - that have been denied at some other lender for so...
I'm the best lender.  And the worst lender.          Over the years, I've received a lot of compliments on my mortgage business.  Thankfully, they've outnumbered the complaints by a lot.  Since entering the business in 2006, I've made it a point to constantly improve, evolve, adapt, and continue ...

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