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Gratitude & How It Shapes my Business          Here I am at 1120pm with 40 minutes to complete this contest from Sally.  I wanted to write this on Thanksgiving, but to be honest, the entire holiday & weekend that followed got lost -in a very good way.  Lost in family, good company, great times, a...
Your Format is More Important than your Message          Like many of you probably relate to all too well, the first thing I need to do when I check email each day is sort through the important emails and weed out the crap marketing and spam that my filter didn't catch.  More and more these days,...
Monday Market Forecast - November 17-21, 2014           For months, volatility was the name of the game.  Then November rolled around, and all went quiet.  The market has been steadily treading water for the past several weeks, seeing the elections come and go, and stock market volatility remain...
30 Year Fixed Rate Pricing Incentive          Do you have a client using a conventional loan for their purchase?  If they meet the following parameters, it would be a smart move to have them shop us for a rate.  We're running an incentive on all loans locked after 11/10 that meet the following:  ...
Buying (Financing) a Home Without an Appraisal          Would you?  If you were purchasing a new home, would you buy it without having an appraisal completed?  I had this conversation with one of my product managers today as I received a PIW (appraisal waiver) on one of my client's purchase appli...
Monday Market Forecast - November 10-14, 2014           The elections are over, finally.  Sanity has finally been restored to Washington DC.  Just kidding.  But the financial markets may actually be more free from political influence in the coming weeks so that's a good thing.  Last week we saw ...
Flexing the ARMs      In the mortgage industry, there are some dirty words.  Aside from the more obvious ones like "denied" and "dead deal" are some that are more industry jargon than well understood concepts.  When speaking with a consumer, many lenders fear the mention of these dirty words migh...
Another "Agency Direct" Bonus          One of the loan products I love being able to offer is our agency-direct product.  We sell these loans directly to Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac, and because of this, there are NO investor overlays.  There are many, many benefits to a lender having this abil...
The Greatest First Impression Ever (An Entry in Novembers "I Cannot believe I just did that!" contest)          When I saw the rules for this contest, it took me all of 2 seconds to know what my "I can't believe I just did that" moment would be.  I thankfully haven't had too many slip ups in fron...
When Should a Borrower Pay Points?          "Points".  One of the most oft-spoken terms when speaking with borrowers about their mortgage application.  Also one of the most misunderstood concepts that borrowers have with the mortgage industry.  I blame the media for this.  I also blame lenders & ...


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