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The Darker Side of Debt Relief          Debt relief is a topic I have mixed feelings on.  Recently, I wrote about the passage of HR 5771 and its implications (debt relief) for those who experienced a foreclosure or short sale in 2014.  The vast majority of comments mentioned a desire for either a...

No.          With the holidays coming to a close for 2014 I've heard many people discussing what their big resolutions for 2015 will be.  I thought I'd make a suggestion of adding this word to your regular rotation of things you say often.  In fact, if there was a study done on the easiest, most ...
HR 5771 - Good News for Home Owners          HR 5771 just passed through the Senate and was already approved by the House.  With a penstroke by the President it will be official.  At this point that's a formality.  While there are quite a few things included in HR 5771, there are 2 areas of inter...
Fannie Mae Guideline Change - Student Loans          This one isn't a huge deal or a game changer, but something those of us in the lending world should still know about.  Effective today, Fannie Mae is changing their acceptable calculation for student loans when a payment cannot be verified.    ...
No Fence Around the Pool?  Problem?          I was recently asked by a Realtor I do a decent amount of work with if it would be a problem for a buyer to purchase a home with a pool that has no enclosure of any kind.  A cement hole in the ground, if you will.  While I think she was looking for a '...
This is a question I'm always asked, but for some reason or another I've never included it on an FAQ.  Since Joan did such a great job with her answer, now I don't have to.  Enjoy, and stop by Joan's blog to leave a comment on her informative post. Q & A - Can I Write a Personal Check at Closing?...
3rd time's a charm (An ActiveRain Milestone)          My ActiveRain journey began back in 2010.  Really though, I didn't "get it" until September of 2013, when I put the "Active" in ActiveRain.  I've managed to be pretty consistent since then after 3 years of inconsistency.  My first 100,000 poin...
3% down Conventional - It's official!          Fannie Mae has announced it is now accepting applications and funding the long-awaited 3% down conventional loan.  As with any announcement, they let you know what the program is, but it's up to us to dig in for the details - that's what I'm here for...
That little fee?  That's a BIG deal          Why do people do business with us?  More often than not, it comes down to 3 things.  They know us (we market ourselves), they like us (we market ourselves in a good way), and they trust us (we are referred, have given something of value, or they've res...
Chris Ann brings up something I've had on the radar for a little while, and though it's whether or not congress re-enacts the debt relief act that I think will ultimately determine if we see a slew of short sales and REO's, you can rest assured that there are many, many sellers out there coming u...


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