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FHA Mortgage Guide Updates - Deferment & Interest     With FHA loans seeing a resurgence in the marketplace thanks to the recently reduced mortgage insurance premiums, it's once again important to keep up to date on the program changes, which happen pretty often as the program changes with the ma...
Misinforming the Masses          We all know about the recent merger right?  We know about the tens of millions of "unique visitors".  We know how many people start their home searches by stroking the "Z" on their computer keyboard, tablet, or phone.  Is it safe to say, then, that the masses are ...
Playing in the Snow - Big Bear, CA          It's official.  I am a mountain man.  Since moving to California, I've spent a ton of time in the mountains hiking, running, and even playing in the snow during the winter months.  Until a couple weekends ago though, I've never put on a set of skis or a...
Are Local Lenders Better?          This is a tough topic for me to address, because for a lot of people, I'm the local lender.  For them, the local lender is definitely the best choice (I may be biased).  For many of my other referral partners, I'm nearly 3000 miles away.  For them, local lenders...
Your Lender Can't Save You From Yourself          Great news!  With that debt-consolidation loan you're saving $800/month by wrapping a bunch of high interest rate, non-deductible debt into a low fixed rate mortgage.  You still have plenty of equity in your home, and now you have money to build y...
Surprise!  Congress Doesn't Get It!          About 5 months ago I wrote a blog about why FHA loans should become more affordable.  It had nothing to do with my personal loan volume, my income, or enticing more borrowers in the market for mortgage products.  I made the argument that since HUD has ...
Representation : You're Doing it Wrong          Being in the mortgage industry nearly a decade, my "firsts" are becoming fewer and fewer as I approach the point where I can say "I've seen it all".  Today marked an unfortunate first, though - the first time I've ever called a real estate broker ab...
Gene gives us 10 mortgage commandments that will certainly make the loan process easier for everyone.  Follow these rules and the path to settlement should be smooth sailing! In the Mortgage Process? Follow These 10 Commandments          There's an abundance of info available for Home Buyers look...


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