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Taste of Orange 2015   The Annual Taste of Orange 2015   When: Saturday May 2, 2015              3-7pm Where: Assistance League Chapter House             124 S Orange St              Old Towne Orange, CA   Orange's premier food tasting event (and beer too!)   Cost: $40 ($25 if purchased by 3/31)....
Champions Don't Expect Things to Come Easy          Each and every year, I enjoy the heck out of spring time sports.  I enjoy the Super Bowl, but my favorite sporting events each year are the NCAA tournament and the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.          Usually, I'm cheering for UConn to win the NCA...
Market on the Hump - 3/25/15          Up, up, DOWN.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again until it's no longer true.  Rates go up faster than they go down.  We saw it again as rates improved over the past 2 weeks, to the point where we're once again near historic lows.  The week started off...
Here a Rush, There a Rush, Everywhere a Rush, Rush          Volume is up.  That means turntimes are up.  Along with stress levels.  Deadlines are approaching everywhere.  The only thing that typically doesn't go up when volume goes up is levels of customer service.  And I don't care if the BBB an...
Bob points out the attributes of a good sales person.  Price has very little to do with sales.  As long as people aren't being ripped off, they aren't afraid of spending money on quality and the service of a good sales person to point out things they themselves can't see.     Earning the Commissi...
Friday Market Wrap 3/20/15          Following my hump day udpate a few days back, rates responded in a way that didn't surprise anyone too much - despite economic data that should/could have reduced rates further, traders pulled back and sold MBS Thursday, showing the sentiment for Wednesday, alt...
Love this post from Mike.  I don't ever strive to be perfect.  I strive each day to be just better than the day before.  Removing inefficiencies, wastes of time, and adding new techniques while continuing with what works has been a good strategy.    Take his technique for reducing his course time...
Market on the Hump - 3/18/15          I've been slacking - sorry folks.  Haven't done a Monday forecast or Friday wrap up in a while, and I'll try to be better!    BUT        Here's something new - adding to the mix of what's been a pretty volatile market over the past year, I figured a mid-week ...
Discrimination in 2015 An entry into Grant Schneider's "What Have You Stopped Doing" contest          I'm a lender.  It's 2015.  I've decided that now is a good time to begin discriminating.  In the past, I went above and beyond the call of an "equal opportunity lender".  I would try to help anyo...
Forget About "Millenial" Marketing          I'm sick of it.  The "M" word has consumed everything, it seems, and I'm just.plain.sick.  I haven't heard of a term to define a generation that has instilled more fear in businesses, more action plans in marketing, more cries of "entitlement".  I am a ...


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