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Rates Are Getting Worse (warning, this is a rant, albeit an informational one, I hope)      Back in April Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, the nation's 2 mortgage giants, announced that changes would be forthcoming to LLPA (loan level pricing adjustment) charges, better known as "risk based pricing", an...
Did Google Just Kill Dropbox?       Dropbox has been a pretty popular avenue for storage in recent history, but as with many other ventures, Google decided "hey, we can do that too!", and recently Google released Google Photos for public use.      Unlimited storage, organization, image recognitio...
TRID Delayed       The day we've all been dreading has been pushed back a couple of months.  The CFPB announced that implementation of the new discosures will not take effect until October 1, giving us all a few more months to worry about how many delays it'll cause for our business- yay!      Th...
Belmont Shore (Long Beach, CA) Home Loans       Belmont Shore is a neighborhood within Long Beach, CA known for it's commerce, lifestyle, and business district, with the popular 2nd street and Livingston Drive at it's heart.  When looking to buy a home in Belmont Shore, buyers have many mortgage ...
The Cost of Doing Business?       The $20 for that credit report?  The $15 to run automated underwriting?  $400 for an appraisal here & there?  The gas burnt driving buyers around?  At one time or another I've heard each and every one of these things referred to brushed off as "the cost of doing ...
Buying a home in Long Beach, CA?  Call this guy!       In my nearly 10 years doing mortgage financing, I've worked with a  lot of real estate agents.  Fortunately, many of them do a fine job for their clients.  Some along the way have done a pretty terrible job, and others have done a job that go...
Burnout & Recharging the Batteries       Those of us with more than a brief time in the real estate industry know all about burnout.  When you care enough about your business & your clients, it's inevitable that at some point you'll experience burnout - that physical and emotional state where you...
June's ActiveRain Contests Are Here!       Last month I was largely MIA in the rain & missed out on some great contests, including a cloudburst that I was sure I'd get done!  Thankfully, June brings us another cloudburst amongst some other really cool contests. June's Cloudburst      Think you ca...


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