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You Got My Attention.  You Won't Get My Business   "Hi Jon!", the email began. Ok, it's pretty easy to forget an 'h'.  A typo, perhaps. "I'm not sure you're still in the mortgage industry", she continued. "OH COME ON, IT'S ALL RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, ARE YOU THAT LAZY!?!?", I thought.       This w...
Another Cost of TRID - to the Consumer, of course       5 years ago, if you asked the public, "Would you like new rules, regulations, authorities, and processes that would mitigate your risk when getting a home loan?", the answer likely would have been a resounding "YES!".      If you asked the s...
Relocation Mortgage       When is a normal mortgage not a normal mortgage?  When the borrower(s) is/are relocating to a new area.  This is especially true when there is a job change for one or more borrowers.       Every mortgage loan is somewhat of a process, no matter how simple it appears on t...
The Power of the Rain       Referrals.  They're the lifeblood of many a business, and in the real estate industry, they play an important role in business growth.  They come from all over - sometimes they're self-generated through marketing, sometimes they come from a friend or family, and someti...
Monday Market Forecast 7/13/15      It's been quite some time since I've done a market forecast, mid-week update, or Friday Wrap, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, so what better time than now?       The name of the game over the past several weeks has been Greece.  The country...
Door Knocking - You're Doing it Wrong       Door Knocking.  Ugh.  When people are teaching marketing and they discuss "door knocking" they're talking about an approach to meet people in a neighborhood and form relationships.       As a real estate agent, have you ever been on a marketing seminar ...
Ask an Ambassador:  I'm new to ActiveRain.  Now what?       Just signed up for an ActiveRain membership?  Congratulations, you're ahead of the curve.      Many people I've noticed come to AR, set up a profile, then forget their login and never come back.  To that group, I say:  "You're doing it w...
Now Licensed in Florida       A short while ago I got email notification that Florida's department of banking has finally updated my NMLS records with an approval to do business in Florida.      I'm thankful for the opportunity to help people in the Sunshine State with their mortgage financing ne...
Are you taking a Vacation?       With the summer season in full swing, this is a question we all need to throw into our scripts when working with a new client.  Even when it's not summer, I advise people to always ask "will you be away for any extended period of time during the process?", because...
Do you run a tranactional business, or a relationship business? If you're truly successful, I'd say there's a 99% chance you run a relationship business.  A drip marketing campaign with a generic "happy birthday" each year is not building a relationship.  Taking interest in your clients and helpi...


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