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FHA Misconceptions - Listing Agents, Read This       FICO score?  Doesn't matter.  Debt to income ratio?  Nope, doesn't matter, either.  Have documents been analyzed?  Has a thorough pre-approval complete with analysis of income, assets, and automated underwriting been completed?  NOW we're on to...
Love this post by Melissa.  Not only does it bring up a good point about signage, but it also focuses on something we all need to be more aware of - attention to detail. Every detail of our brand and what we project to our audience needs to be fine tuned and on point.  So Does Your Signage Stink?...
(Regulatory) Inflation in the Mortgage Industry  Inflation is a term that gets thrown around a lot in economics.  The definition of inflation is a sustained increase in prices for goods and services.  Under normal conditions, inflation occurs because of market forces - supply and demand.  We see ...
TRID FAQ      With the TILA-Respa Integrated Disclosure (TRID, that famous acronym for an acronym) right around the corner, I'm anxious to get started with the new way of doing business.  I'm looking forward to the implementation of TRID because for one, it's a "finally, we're getting this over w...
Fed Rate Remains Unchanged       Wrapping up this months Fed meeting, the central bank has decided to maintain the Fed funds rate at it's current target level of 0-.25%.  Mortgage rates are benefitting from the news, stocks are nearly unchanged, and now we've got another window of time before unc...
Are You in Your Own Way??       Mason-McDuffie is looking for quality loan officers to join our team at branches around the country.  If you've seen my recent posts about my move to MMCD, you already know I think it's a good opportunity.  There ends my pitch, and onto the point of my post.      I...
Listing Agents - Are you Vetting Buyers with YOUR Lender?       The practice has been around for quite a while.  Some agents swear by it, others are indifferent, and some are offended.  Vetting prospective buyers - even those that come with a handy, dandy preapproval letter in hand.  Many agents ...
Hollywood Comes to Chester County       Living within an hours drive of Hollywood, and growing up in Chester County, PA, I know the 2 places could not be any more different.  Every once in a while, though, Hollywood visits Chesco - I remember being in school when M Nigh Shyamalan's "Signs" was fi...
What a Difference a Month Makes       It's been a little over a month since I made a move to Mason-McDuffie Mortgage.  In that month, I have 1 major regret, and that's that I didn't make this move a year ago.  I've worked with 4 companies now since entering the industry "straight outta college", ...
Creative Financing Can Save the Day       Creative financing is a term that's meant many things over the years.  In the subprime mortgage days, everything seemed to be "creative financing", however it wasn't really all that creative - it was more a matter of hiding pertinent information, or subje...


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