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How to Win an Appraisal Dispute          It's one of the most uncertain and nerve-wracking parts of most real estate transactions.  Agents are often nervous about appraisal contingencies throwing a wrench into their contracts.  Home owners are often afraid that foreclosure down the street will pr...
Ringin & Singin with Mark Don McInnes          Having lived in many areas of the USA over the years, I've had the opportunity to create business and personal relationships with people from sea to shining sea.  In fact, I know at least one person in most states, and up until today, Idaho was an ex...
Ringin & Singin with Jill Murty          Debbie Reynold's January challenge gave us the opportunity to reach out and get to know ActiveRain members that we've never spoken to before, and this has quickly become one of my favorite contests.  My first 2 calls were to Nicole Doty & Gene Mundt.  Toda...
Mortgage Pros - Protect Your Pipeline             Referrals.  They're the key to building a business.  Repeat clients, referrals from past clients, and referrals from referral partners should be your foundation and primary focus in marketing if you plan to work in the mortgage business for any le...
Are your blogs up to date?          One of the most beautiful things in the world when it comes to creating web pages, blogs, and things to toss out into the interweb is that they, theoretically, go on forever.  This can also be one of the scariest things about internet marketing, depending on ho...
Is a shorter term mortgage a good idea?          With rates dropping steadily for the past decade, I've lost count of the times I've helped clients refinance to shave years off of their mortgage.  This is a great way to save a ton of money, reduce interest paid to the banks, and plan for retireme...
Great post by BLiz about using original content.  Duplicate (or worse, plagiarized) content hurts the entire platform, so it's important to report it.   The ActiveRain staff does a great job addressing this when it's brought to their attention.  This is a blog post everyone can benefit from, but ...
POOF!  There goes your interest rate!          "But do you think they'll go lower tomorrow?".  Every time rates drop substantially, this is a question every loan officer hears from prospective clients on the way down.  This past week, I heard the question Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as prosp...
Ringin & Singin with Gene Mundt          If you've spent any amount of time on ActiveRain, you've surely seen a featured post by one of the best bloggers here, Gene Mundt.  Gene is a sales manager & loan officer, lending throughout Chicagoland and beyond.  Gene is an Illinois native and offers le...
Ringin' and Singin' with Nicole Doty          Debbie Reynold's contest for the month invites us to pick up the phone & reach out to other ActiveRain members that we've never had the chance to speak with before.  I was lucky enough to catch up with a new member of ActiveRain that seems like she's ...

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