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Great Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season       "Giving back" is a really important part of my life.  Along the way, I've volunteered at places where I've seen so very little be turned into so very much, and I've learned that even though I'm not incredibly wealthy, I can make an impact.  I beli...
This post touches on one of my favorite ways to give back -- if you do a lot of online shopping, the donations can really pile up.  My preferred charity via AmazonSmile is Chive Charities, but there are a ton of good ones to choose from. In the future, never visit  Always make it smil...
#OptOutside       I hate black Friday.  I'm not a big fan of retail, nor consumerism, nor people behaving like pent up cattle stampeding over each other to get a few bucks off a TV.  Some people love the craziness.  I'm not one of them.  The last time I went to black Friday, I came close to being...
How Accessible Are You?       Before I dive in, a note on the inspiration for this post.  A while ago, I wrote a blog about the importance of vetting buyers as a listing agent.  I hold that this practice is incredibly important for listing agents, as it weeds out unqualified buyers and prevents p...
Will there be another crash?       Dodd-Frank was implemented to protect consumers from another 2008.  TRID has come along to make things 'clearer' for borrowers, helping them to make more informed decisions about the loans they take on.  Does any of that matter?     In commercial markets, charts...
5 Years of Thankfulness      In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, Dan Stewart invites us to write about 5 things we're thankful for that impact our business each day. In coming up with my 5, I expected to think of technologies, software, marketing systems, the CFPB (Just kidding), and the many ...
Avoid Industry Jargon with Clients       "Mr Borrower, we'll get the wet sig docs out prior to the LE and everything should be straightforward until the CD arrives.  Due to TRID you'll have to wait 3 days to close unlike back in the GFE/HuD-1 days.".  "In the meantime I'll read through the 1040's...
My Wallpaper This month's contest held by Dick Greenberg invites us to show the world our wallpaper.  On the surface, it's a pretty simple request, but in thinking about it and reading other submissions, I realized someone's wallpaper is the thing they want to see multiple times each & every day....
Thanksgiving Fundraiser & Food Drive       When I'm not doing mortgages, I'm almost always involved with planning or participating in & for my meetup group.  For those that don't know, is a site where you can find people with similar interests, and attend events of almost any type. A l...


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