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How to Approach a FSBO (For Sale by Owner)       "Work expired listings & FSBO's!".  This is the advice nearly every new real estate agent receives as a way to strum up business quickly and get started on building an empire of listings.  At least that's how it seems.  The problem becomes when eve...
Gene knocks it out of the park with this one ---- a good LO does so much more than take an application --- the best LO's have a network of title agents, attorneys, insurance people, Realtors, financial advisors, and so many more members that make an all around financial team, and when that team w...
Mortgage Loans in Pennsylvania       Lending in multiple states is a fun & unique challenge - unlike "registered" LOs at Federally chartered depository banks, holding an individual license in the NMLS system requires that I go through state-specific education everywhere I hold a license.  In addi...
TRID's First Large Casualty       As more information is leaked comes out it appears that the closing of WJ Bradley is a result of TRID, the new set of bureaucratic regulations placed on our industry late last year.  Speculation is that WJ Bradley lost access to their funding lines as they were s...
Top 10 Reasons to Work with Me & MMCD       As anyone that follows my blog knows, I made a big change this past summer - I started working at Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation (MMCD), and the change has been incredibly good.  I'd never say things are "perfect" because in the mortgage (or for th...
Is Your Lender Safe?       At the bottom of this post is the full verbiage from WJ Bradley Mortgage Company's release, as they promptly and unexpectedly shut down business operations basically overnight.  Ceasing all new business, telling all employees not to show up for work, and cancelling loan...
The Right Loan for You is Wrong for Them       The negatively-amortizing Option ARM loan is the BEST loan product on the market.  Do you believe that statement?  Wasn't that the loan product that became the face of the mortgage meltdown?  The one that sold seniors on 1% interset rates and ate int...
Since comments were disabled on the original post, I thought I'd reblog what I'd have otherwise commented. I know AR needs $$ to operate.  Bringing on board sponsors is great.  What's not great, though (my opinion) is click bait to drive us to products that require we give out our info so that we...
I've seen a lot of people, especially those new to ActiveRain, ask "what are the benefits of ActiveRain, other than SEO?".  Well, I could write a list, or I could just share the blog below... (I'm an abject blogging failure. At the start of the year, I planned to post something once a week..........


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