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Be a Buddha, not a Bull  "They're a bull in a china shop, and that's me trying to put it nicely"       That's how a 3rd party in a transaction described the buyer's agent on a recent purchase transaction.  In this specific deal, there were numerous delays, all caused by a buyer.  First he was bus...
What the Brexit Means for Mortgage Rates       A short while ago someone posed the question "what happens to our markets if the UK leaves the EU?".  Well, in a major surprise, we're seeing that unfold today.       The DOW is (as of this writing) down more than 500, Japan's markets were crushed ov...
Underwriting Isn't Easy  "The underwriter is asking for...".  "Underwriting declined your file...".  "The underwriter doesn't understand this...".       The types of comments above happen WAY more often than "the underwriter was awesome!" and for a good reason - the underwriter is, whether they w...
Attention to Detail - A Lesson Learned       At the start of my career, the mortgage business was a different world.  Loan application accuracy was basically a suggestion, and if you could confirm the borrower had a pulse, chances are you could get them financing.  When things first started "tigh...

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