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The Kind of Guy That Would Wait Around "The friend that would pick you up from the airport, wait around for a couple of hours because you told him the wrong flight time, and still be there when the plane landed to greet you with a smile and comforting words"       Those are the words written by a...
Experian Boost - Don't  Do It!        EDIT: 10/14/2020: in our everchanging industry, things change regularly.  This article cites one example - we can now process a mortgage application with Experian BOOST updates on credit - - HOWEVER, keep in mind, lenders use the MIDDLE FICO score, so if only...
Real Estate is No Longer Local Real Estate is local!  It's a term that's been thrown around for decades, and in fact, there's been a lot of truth to it for a long time, because the reality is that different locales have HUGE differences in not only how things are done, but what things are done, a...
2nd Home Purchase in Tennessee      Recently, our team was fortunate enough to get a call from one of our favorite clients - think kind, generous, and SO fast at getting any and everything needed for a transaction to move seamlessly.  That's these folks.  Over the years, we've worked together a f...


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