activerain: From Then to Now - 10 Years of Change - 07/01/19 05:31 PM
10 Years of Change
This month Jeff Dowler, CRS asked us to take a trip down memory lane and think about what's changed - 10 years ago feels like a lifetime, and so much has changed I could probably write a book (and maybe I will!), but professionally, 10 years has moved the needle a lot.  Personally, the needle has moved quite a bit, too.  Let's dive in:
- 10 years ago I was living in Northern Delaware in a suburb of Philadelphia (about a half hour from the city).  I'd bought my first home that year at the age of 23.  Fast forward to … (21 comments)

activerain: Hoping 900 Comes Faster - 06/25/18 04:08 PM
Hoping 900 Comes Faster
      800,000 points.  5 years ago, that seemed like a lifetime away when I entered the world of ActiveRain and slowly learned my way around.  100,000 came as a struggle.  200,000 came faster.  Then I hit some momentum.  Lots of featured posts, the phone was ringing with people that found my blog, and I was making money while building relationships.  I learned SO much.  And SO quickly.  I learned about real estate in different areas of the country.  I learned how I could help real estate agents build their business.  I was able to provide some … (37 comments)

activerain: I Still Say Start With Active Rain - 07/26/17 01:56 PM
I Still Say Start With ActiveRain

     Today I had a meeting with a local, young, and successful agent in my office.  In an hour's time we talked about a lot.  Website creation, SEO, blogging, social media, video marketing, referral business, long-tail keyword use, and network growth - all in an hour.

     Like a lot of agents (and business owners in general), the question that came up first was "where do I start?".  My answer, as it has been for the past few years, was simple.  ActiveRain.

     There's been a lot of flack that ActiveRain has "fallen off".  It … (56 comments)

activerain: Bring On Your Photos!!! - 05/25/17 04:43 PM
Bring On Your Photos!!!
     Activerain has exorcised the demons!  The photo upload issues that have caused so much stress for so many for such a long issue has been taken care of.  If you haven't been able to post photos recently, either in the form of uploading new photos to your editor OR trying to use the 'featured photo' feature, if you clear your browser cache and try again today, you should be relieved.
     My recent blog about my trip to Channel Islands was screaming for some photo love, and I just did a test to see if the … (19 comments)

activerain: Community Guidelines: What's the Point? - 01/31/17 04:27 PM
Community Guidelines: What's the Point?
     I recently wrote a blog about ActiveRain's guiding principles and the responsibility we have as users of the site & members of the community to maintain the platform, improve the platform, and ensure the platform maintains value for consumers and our fellow members.  When reviewing the Activerain community guidelines, it is clear the principles and guidelines are tied in with each other.  One of those guidelines is often a hot topic at Active Rain.  Points.

     One of the ActiveRain community guidelines states "The point system is intended to encourage and reward genuine effort.  Points … (8 comments)

activerain: Weltanschauung Principle #1 - 01/26/17 12:34 PM
Weltenschauung Principle #1
     If you've been hanging around ActiveRain this past month, chances are you've seen this crazy 'W' word floating around.  Usually once a year, we're invited to review, reflect, and write about the Weltenschauung of ActiveRain, or the guiding principles that make the AR community such a unique and beneficial place to us all. 
     For me, the heart and soul of ActiveRain lies within the community, and the foundation of that community is our business.  For that reason, it's principle #1 that resonates most strongly with me.
1. We understand that the value of the ActiveRain community rests … (24 comments)

activerain: How to Jump Back In to Active Rain - 08/29/16 10:38 AM
How to Jump Back In to Active Rain
     Monday Motivation, the Weekly Forecast, "Wednesday on the Hump", Friday Market Wraps - for a while, I was on fire here in the rain.  Hell bent on hitting the 500k point mark - and doing so before Nicole Doty - Gilbert Real Estate Expert ; ) - I was spitting out blog posts several times a week, commenting, and participating with the best of them.  The next 100k has come a LOT slower.  Work's been busy, along with a crazy social life and a packed schedule, blogging fell a bit by the wayside.  Activerain … (52 comments)

activerain: Orange County, CA Meetup another Success - 04/29/16 09:29 AM
Orange County, CA Meetup another Success
     Local ActiveRain Real Estate Network members met yesterday, 4/28 at Saddle Ranch saloon in Costa Mesa, CA for great weather, good drinks, food, and some great company.  It was a small gathering, but as usual, a fun one!  
     In attendance were Christine Donovan , Sharon Paxson , Jill Murty, Realtor - Orange County, CA , Jay Valento, myself, and Christine's special guest.  There were beers, apps, and s'mores by the fire, and some good discussion about (you'd never guess this part) real estate, ActiveRain, dogs, souless real estate agents (the ones that don't like puppies), and more. 

activerain: Ringin' & Singin' with Beth Atalay - 01/28/16 10:02 AM
Ringin' & Singin' with Beth Atalay
     When thinking of who to call for this month's challenge, I tried to come up with people I've never spoken with in person before.  I was actually pretty shocked to realize I'd never had a person to person, voice to voice conversation with Beth - we've communicated back & forth for a couple years now in the rain, and are facebook friends as well.  After talking with Beth for a bit, I was glad we had the chat!
     Beth lives & works in the suburban Orlando, FL market, primarily in Clermont, FL, and … (13 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Milestone - 500,000 - 12/10/15 08:07 AM
ActiveRain Milestone - 500,000
     I've come a long way since writing my first post back in 2010.  I've moved across the country, changed employers (only recently...I'm not a nomad by trade), and have seen a wild ride in the real estate market.  I also learned to blog (kind of), have met a ton of great people (and some not so great ones) through the interwebs, and sometime in September 2013 decided consistency in writing would probably be a good thing.  At that point, 500,000 seemed like a major goal that was really far out of reach, but I made it … (89 comments)

activerain: My Wallpaper - 11/06/15 05:43 AM
My Wallpaper
This month's contest held by Dick Greenberg invites us to show the world our wallpaper.  On the surface, it's a pretty simple request, but in thinking about it and reading other submissions, I realized someone's wallpaper is the thing they want to see multiple times each & every day.  For most, it's personal, and as Karen Fiddler pointed out, a glimpse into someone's soul.  Pretty cool contest!
I have 3 devices that I use most often, and 3 different wallpapers.  
My Cell Phone
     Marley was my first dog.  My parents brought this guy home when I was 11 years old, … (15 comments)

activerain: The Power of the Rain - 07/14/15 03:27 AM
The Power of the Rain
     Referrals.  They're the lifeblood of many a business, and in the real estate industry, they play an important role in business growth.  They come from all over - sometimes they're self-generated through marketing, sometimes they come from a friend or family, and sometimes they come from online ActiveRain friends.
     I caught up today with an agent I've known and have worked with for years in Pennsylvania.  We discussed some upcoming changes to my business (that announcement will be coming in a couple weeks), some new benefits being offered to our real estate partners, and of course, … (22 comments)

activerain: Ask an Ambassador: I'm new to ActiveRain, Now What? - 07/09/15 02:40 AM
Ask an Ambassador:  I'm new to ActiveRain.  Now what?
     Just signed up for an ActiveRain membership?  Congratulations, you're ahead of the curve.
     Many people I've noticed come to AR, set up a profile, then forget their login and never come back.  To that group, I say:  "You're doing it wrong".
      In reality, that's the first step I'd suggest people do, though - create (and complete) your profile, add your service areas, and let people know a little bit about yourself.  What do you do?  Where are you from?  What makes you different?  Let us know!
     The next step depends on what … (25 comments)

activerain: June's ActiveRain Contests Are Here! - 06/02/15 03:56 AM
June's ActiveRain Contests Are Here!
     Last month I was largely MIA in the rain & missed out on some great contests, including a cloudburst that I was sure I'd get done!  Thankfully, June brings us another cloudburst amongst some other really cool contests.
June's Cloudburst
     Think you can write 20 blogs, leave 125 comments, make a few phone calls, and teach us a few things about your area and technology all by June 30?  I think you can, and if I'm right, the AR point patrol will reward you with 3000 big ones to be used at the ActiveRain points store, whenever … (22 comments)

activerain: 400K and on my way! - 05/14/15 06:32 AM
400k and on my way!
Here's a peak inside my ActiveRain diary over the years:
March 2010 - "Sure I'll sign up for this site, I don't know what I'm doing, but let's blog (what's a blog?)!
2010 - September 2013 - "ActiveRain?  Oh, I forgot about that, I think I wrote a blog or 2 this year..."
September 2013 - present - "Why didn't I do this sooner!?!?"
     I'm on a mission to hit 500,000 ActiveRain points.  Do I expect the 'point store' to be up and running when I get there?  Nope!  But they do serve as motivation.  Sure, there's the $10/month reduction … (17 comments)

activerain: Orange County, CA Spring Meetup - 04/28/15 09:01 AM
Orange County, CA Spring Meetup
When: Monday, May 11th, 4pm
Where: Yard House Restaurant, 1875 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa CA 92627 (In the Triangle...easy parking, yay!)
What: Your local Spring meetup
     Christine Donovan  and I will be hosting an ActiveRain Spring meetup on May 11th, and we'd love it if you were able to join us.  Located minutes from all the major freeways, the PCH, and literally right off the 55, the 4pm start time will help avoid most of the post-work traffic and make your Monday something to look forward to!
     I've come to love our Orange County meetups, and if recent … (22 comments)

activerain: Ask an Ambassador: How to Come up with Blog Content - 04/18/15 04:45 PM
Ask an Ambassador:  How to Come up with Blog Content
     While trying to complete this month's cloudburst challenge, I had to do some digging for content.  Sometimes I'm flush with ideas, and sometimes I'm bust - there are days when I can sit down and create a decent blog post in a few minutes, and other days where I can stare blankly at a computer screen for hours, and nothing comes to me.  While everyone has their own ways to come up with content, I thought I'd share some ways I make sure I always have some content to put out … (11 comments)

activerain: Is Your Cloud Bursting? - 04/17/15 06:13 AM
Is Your Cloud Bursting?
     For those that have been around Active Rain for a while, cloudburst contests are known as a great way to participate, learn the best ways to use the site, interact with others, and (for some, the best part) get a bunch of points!  For those that may be new, check out the 'contests' group page, and you'll frequently see cloudburst challenges several times throughout the year.
     The March-April Cloudburst challenge ends tomorrow, and I'm behind.  I've done everything except for the blogs, so today & tomorrow expect to see quite a few posts coming out of me … (14 comments)

activerain: Ringin' & Singin' with Jill Murty - 01/30/15 07:03 AM
Ringin & Singin with Jill Murty
     Debbie Reynold's January challenge gave us the opportunity to reach out and get to know ActiveRain members that we've never spoken to before, and this has quickly become one of my favorite contests.  My first 2 calls were to Nicole Doty & Gene Mundt.  Today, I had the opportunity to reach out to a newer ActiveRain member & Realtor local to my area, Jill Murty.
     I've been following Jill here on AR for just a short while, but in just a short amount of time she's quickly become a … (10 comments)

activerain: Are your blogs up to date? - 01/28/15 11:03 AM
Are your blogs up to date?
     One of the most beautiful things in the world when it comes to creating web pages, blogs, and things to toss out into the interweb is that they, theoretically, go on forever.  This can also be one of the scariest things about internet marketing, depending on how you look at it.  When someone finds you online, you want them to know you're the market expert of today, not the market expert of 3 years ago.  What am I getting at here?
     I just went to update some town-specific … (24 comments)

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