contests: From Then to Now - 10 Years of Change - 07/01/19 05:31 PM
10 Years of Change
This month Jeff Dowler, CRS asked us to take a trip down memory lane and think about what's changed - 10 years ago feels like a lifetime, and so much has changed I could probably write a book (and maybe I will!), but professionally, 10 years has moved the needle a lot.  Personally, the needle has moved quite a bit, too.  Let's dive in:
- 10 years ago I was living in Northern Delaware in a suburb of Philadelphia (about a half hour from the city).  I'd bought my first home that year at the age of 23.  Fast forward to … (21 comments)

contests: Kudos to the best of 2018 - 01/04/19 03:08 PM
Kudos to the Best of 2018
     It's more than just a loan number on a spreadsheet.  That's the message that I try to instill in my team.  We want to make sure that we always remember the people behind the loan number.  The clients, the business partners, and the 3rd parties along the way that bring everything together and who together each play a vital role in the total customer service experience.
     To help with that mindset and to ensure people know how much they're appreciated, my team gets together at the end of each year to review ALL of our … (10 comments)

contests: Community Guidelines: What's the Point? - 01/31/17 04:27 PM
Community Guidelines: What's the Point?
     I recently wrote a blog about ActiveRain's guiding principles and the responsibility we have as users of the site & members of the community to maintain the platform, improve the platform, and ensure the platform maintains value for consumers and our fellow members.  When reviewing the Activerain community guidelines, it is clear the principles and guidelines are tied in with each other.  One of those guidelines is often a hot topic at Active Rain.  Points.

     One of the ActiveRain community guidelines states "The point system is intended to encourage and reward genuine effort.  Points … (8 comments)

contests: Weltanschauung Principle #1 - 01/26/17 12:34 PM
Weltenschauung Principle #1
     If you've been hanging around ActiveRain this past month, chances are you've seen this crazy 'W' word floating around.  Usually once a year, we're invited to review, reflect, and write about the Weltenschauung of ActiveRain, or the guiding principles that make the AR community such a unique and beneficial place to us all. 
     For me, the heart and soul of ActiveRain lies within the community, and the foundation of that community is our business.  For that reason, it's principle #1 that resonates most strongly with me.
1. We understand that the value of the ActiveRain community rests … (24 comments)

contests: Ringin' & Singin' with Sharon Paxson - 01/23/17 03:14 PM
Ringin' & Singin' with Sharon Paxson
     Thanks to this months Ringing & Singing contest, I was able to catch up with a friend I hadn't spoken with in far too long - Sharon Paxson .  Sharon has been a long time mainstay here in the rain, currently atop the Newport Beach, CA leaderboard by a wide margin, and she's also a soon to be ActiveRain millionaire! (ahem...stop by her blog and leave some love to get her to the 1M mark a little faster!)

     Sharon is a Southern California native that is an expert sunrise-photo-taker - seriously, if you like great … (9 comments)

contests: My Wallpaper - 11/06/15 05:43 AM
My Wallpaper
This month's contest held by Dick Greenberg invites us to show the world our wallpaper.  On the surface, it's a pretty simple request, but in thinking about it and reading other submissions, I realized someone's wallpaper is the thing they want to see multiple times each & every day.  For most, it's personal, and as Karen Fiddler pointed out, a glimpse into someone's soul.  Pretty cool contest!
I have 3 devices that I use most often, and 3 different wallpapers.  
My Cell Phone
     Marley was my first dog.  My parents brought this guy home when I was 11 years old, … (15 comments)

contests: June's ActiveRain Contests Are Here! - 06/02/15 03:56 AM
June's ActiveRain Contests Are Here!
     Last month I was largely MIA in the rain & missed out on some great contests, including a cloudburst that I was sure I'd get done!  Thankfully, June brings us another cloudburst amongst some other really cool contests.
June's Cloudburst
     Think you can write 20 blogs, leave 125 comments, make a few phone calls, and teach us a few things about your area and technology all by June 30?  I think you can, and if I'm right, the AR point patrol will reward you with 3000 big ones to be used at the ActiveRain points store, whenever … (22 comments)

contests: Is Your Cloud Bursting? - 04/17/15 06:13 AM
Is Your Cloud Bursting?
     For those that have been around Active Rain for a while, cloudburst contests are known as a great way to participate, learn the best ways to use the site, interact with others, and (for some, the best part) get a bunch of points!  For those that may be new, check out the 'contests' group page, and you'll frequently see cloudburst challenges several times throughout the year.
     The March-April Cloudburst challenge ends tomorrow, and I'm behind.  I've done everything except for the blogs, so today & tomorrow expect to see quite a few posts coming out of me … (14 comments)

contests: Discrimination in 2015 - 03/17/15 05:15 AM
Discrimination in 2015
An entry into Grant Schneider's "What Have You Stopped Doing" contest
     I'm a lender.  It's 2015.  I've decided that now is a good time to begin discriminating.  In the past, I went above and beyond the call of an "equal opportunity lender".  I would try to help anyone, and everyone.  With almost a decade of experience in this industry, my "help everyone" mission has served me well.  It introduced me to new people, taught me an awful lot about difficult loans and how to navigate and close them, and forced me to learn patience. 

contests: Gratitude & How It Shapes my Business - 11/30/14 03:21 PM
Gratitude & How It Shapes my Business
     Here I am at 1120pm with 40 minutes to complete this contest from Sally.  I wanted to write this on Thanksgiving, but to be honest, the entire holiday & weekend that followed got lost -in a very good way.  Lost in family, good company, great times, and for the first time in a long time, a long period of relaxation.  I guess "lost" isn't a good word.  I have gratitude for the drive a few days of down time have left me feeling.
     To me, gratitude is a … (18 comments)

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