customer service: Mason McDuffie Top 10 in Customer Satisfaction - 03/01/18 07:26 PM
Mason McDuffie Top 10 in Customer Satisfaction
     Social Survey, an aggregator of customer satisfaction in the mortgage industry, has released their 2017 Top Performers, and I'm extremely happy (and not surprised) to see Mason McDuffie has been chosen as a top 10 mortgage company in the mid-sized lender category (80-199 loan officers).  
     Social Survey uses a weighted combination of number of reviews, star rating (out of 5 stars), and completion percentage (how many customers are willing to do a review) to rank participants when determining their winners.  This system takes a look at how happy customers are on a level … (7 comments)

customer service: The Fine Line Between Follow Up & Being a Pain in the Ass - 12/29/17 11:20 AM
The Fine Line Between Follow Up & Being a Pain in the Ass
     Being a real estate agent (or a lender like myself, for that matter) is tough.  Not only do you have to do an exemplary job for your clients, be a problem solver, fire fighter, and customer service rep, but all of your work can be for nothing if someone else along the way isn't carrying their weight in the same way. 
     A bad lender can blow up the process regardless of how well you've done your job.  An inspector can put a major wrench in the … (42 comments)

customer service: You Are the Star - 05/16/16 03:21 AM
You Are the Star
     What do I mean?  Let's face it, a real estate transaction isn't sexy.  It's not glamorous, but it's a lucrative industry that can be extremely rewarding when everyone is on their "A" game.  As a real estate professional, we have a couple of ways of doing things.  One way is to simply get a transaction done.  Sell a piece of real estate.  Close a mortgage loan.  Complete & write up an inspection.  Done, and done.
     The other way of doing things is to try to blow every client away.  To show them your expertise (without … (12 comments)

customer service: Why Get Client Testimonials? (It's not why you think) - 01/20/16 05:27 AM
Why Get Client Testimonials? (It's not why you think)
     Whether or not testimonials and reviews are important isn't up for debate.  It's clear that they are super important, and as the internet becomes the go-to resource for consumers shopping for real estate and lending services, testimonials will become even more important.  If you're NOT getting testimonials published in a place consumers are actively using, you need to get started.  
     When looking around for a Realtor or lender, consumers go online and search for various things.  Yelp! is a resource they use, maybe searching for a "mortgage broker in … (71 comments)

customer service: It'll take 3 seconds. Thank you for your patience - 04/14/15 09:56 AM
It'll take 3 seconds.  Thank you for your patience.
      This is the world in which we live in.  Who THANKS someone for waiting for 3 seconds?
     That is the message I received today when making a payment online - there was a "make payment" click and a message letting me know that the process may take up to 3 seconds, and that I shouldn't close my browser during this time.  3 seconds.  Let that sink in for a minute.
     They then thank me for my patience.  What?  Dealing with the fact that transferring money from one place to another now takes … (25 comments)

customer service: Representation: You're Doing it Wrong - 02/02/15 06:55 AM
Representation : You're Doing it Wrong
     Being in the mortgage industry nearly a decade, my "firsts" are becoming fewer and fewer as I approach the point where I can say "I've seen it all".  Today marked an unfortunate first, though - the first time I've ever called a real estate broker about the behavior of an agent.  I always, always, always try to play nice with others.  I understand people get upset and can sometimes say things they don't mean.  They can make threats out of emotion (the "we'll just walk away from the deal" kind of threats) … (68 comments)

customer service: How to Win an Appraisal Dispute - 01/30/15 11:54 AM
How to Win an Appraisal Dispute
     It's one of the most uncertain and nerve-wracking parts of most real estate transactions.  Agents are often nervous about appraisal contingencies throwing a wrench into their contracts.  Home owners are often afraid that foreclosure down the street will prevent them from improving their rate or escaping a soon-adjusting ARM.  Mortagage loan officers are worried their deal, tight on LTV, will be ruined with a short appraisal.
     Since HVCC was implemented in 2010 and lenders & Realtors lost all control over appraisals and who would perform them for their transactions, … (69 comments)

customer service: That little fee? That's a BIG deal - 12/04/14 10:58 AM
That little fee?  That's a BIG deal
     Why do people do business with us?  More often than not, it comes down to 3 things.  They know us (we market ourselves), they like us (we market ourselves in a good way), and they trust us (we are referred, have given something of value, or they've researched us and feel comfortable).  Take one of these things away, and business is lost. 
     Recently, I've witnessed a fellow professional lose trust, and some likability (that's a word, trust me) all over a couple hundred bucks and steering a … (44 comments)

customer service: I'm the best lender. And the worst lender. - 08/20/14 04:37 AM
I'm the best lender.  And the worst lender.
     Over the years, I've received a lot of compliments on my mortgage business.  Thankfully, they've outnumbered the complaints by a lot.  Since entering the business in 2006, I've made it a point to constantly improve, evolve, adapt, and continue toward my big picture goals.  I've also made it a point to constantly improve the mortgage process for consumers.  Thankfully, I work with a company bearing the slogan "Making mortgages easy", and being aligned with an organization that has a mission matching my own makes things a lot easier.

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