financial planning: How Big Data Can Help Your Tiny Real Estate Business - 07/29/19 08:59 PM
How Big Data Can Help Your Tiny Real Estate Business
     I'm just going to get the pitch out of the way.  The data I have available (and perhaps even more importantly, the data I know how to translate and effectively communicate to clients) can help you close more real estate transactions.  It can save you time, cut back on the amount of homes you show, and motivate your buyers like nothing else I've seen over the years (Ok...MAYBE the "you don't need any documentation and you can get however much money you want!" loans of the early 2000s were more … (5 comments)

financial planning: Recently Closed - Cash-Out Refinance in Downingtown, PA - 10/09/18 08:48 PM
Recently Closed - Cash Out Refinance in Downingtown, PA
     Have you heard the latest news on consumer debt?  Well, the gist is that it's high.  Really high.  Like, higher than it's been since before the 'Great Recession'.  While mortgage debt and student loan debt are leading the way due primarily to the large loan balances usually associated with these types of debt, another class of debt has achieved all time highs, too.  'Revolving' debt, or it's more common name, credit card debt.
     Recently, a past client and friend reached out with some bad news - due to some medical … (1 comments)

financial planning: Recently Closed - Term Reduction Refinance in Drexel Hill, PA - 10/30/17 12:17 PM
Loan Term Reduction Refinance in Drexel Hill, PA
When it comes to effective retirement planning, one of the best moves most people can make it ensuring that they are not burdened with debt at a time in life when income decreases.  For many home owners, thismeans trying to get rid of their mortgage payment by the time they hit retirement age so they can stop working and still enjoy a level of cash flow that allows a safe, happy, andcomfortable lifestyle.

With that reason in mind, many home owners opt to refinance their mortgage into a 15 year loan rather than the standard … (0 comments)

financial planning: Recently Closed - FHA conversion refinance in Modesto, CA - 10/25/17 11:02 AM
Recently Closed - FHA conversion refinance in Modesto, CA
     For many buyers, FHA is the best loan option available at the time of a home purchase.  Many who lost their home to foreclosure or short sale during the real estate crash haven't met the time requirements to obtain conventional financing, and other times credit scores make FHA financing far more attractive than what conventional can offer, especially with a low down payment.

     The downside to FHA, though, is the PMI, which stays in place for the life of most 30 year loans.  That's where the FHA conversion refinance comes … (4 comments)

financial planning: How Home Ownership Saves Money - 05/16/17 01:57 PM
How Home Ownership Saves Money
***This post contains information pertaining to tax law and the US Tax code.  We are not CPAs and this is not tax advice, but merely information deemed accurate to the best of our knowledge based on tax codes as of the date of original publication - May 16, 2017 --- for tax info, always consult a tax professional***
     Many a millionaire will offer advice on becoming a millionaire, and many a millionaire's advice will start with "buy real estate".  At face value, that's a pretty basic phrase.  Anyone who "bought real estate" in 2005-2006 might disagree … (5 comments)

financial planning: Delayed Financing FAQ - 09/04/14 02:31 PM
Delayed Financing FAQ
     In my original blog post about Delayed financing, I discussed the basics of this under-utilized and extremely beneficial mortgage exception that can be used extensively by cash buyers & investors to help with cash flow and to have the best of both worlds when it comes to the advantage of a cash offer, with the benefit of a low interest rate conventional mortgage.
     The response has been tremendous, and made me realize that not many people know about this program, and even fewer are using it - comments like "my lender didn't … (10 comments)

financial planning: Orange County, CA Homeowners Insurance - 07/22/14 05:48 AM
Orange County, CA Homeowners Insurance
Service Spotlight
     I'll be sporadically posting reviews and recommendations for service providers and businesses that I personally use and love (and who knows, maybe I'll start posting about the ones I don't love, too!), and terming the posts "service spotlights".  This is my very first "Service Spotlight".
Phillip Ngo with State Farm Insurance

Phillip Ngo, State Farm Insurance
18382 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
     When I was new to California, I needed an Orange County, CA Insurance Agent to switch everything … (3 comments)

financial planning: Can I pay off debts to qualify for a mortgage? - 05/07/14 10:44 AM
Can I pay off debts to qualify for a mortgage?
     This question comes up a lot, and like many other questions regarding mortgage financing it has a very simple answer - yes, no, and maybe.
     Fact is, you can pay off some debts to help qualify for a mortgage loan, but some debts will not be allowed to be paid off to qualify.  This is one area where the term "creative financing" comes into play, and another reason it's so important to work with an experienced & knowledgeable professional when obtaining financing for a home purchase.
Installment Debt
     Installment loans are loans … (47 comments)

financial planning: What is 'Delayed Financing'? How is it used? - 05/06/14 04:37 PM
What is Delayed Financing?  How is it used?
What is delayed financing?
     'Delayed financing' is an exception to traditional cash-out refinance guidelines for conventional loans.  It is a cash-out transaction involving a property that was purchased in the past 6 months.  For those that qualify for the delayed financing exception, cash may be taken out from equity of a recently purchased property to recoup a portion or all of the funds used to make the purchase.  This is a tremendous program for buyers with the ability to buy a home without using a purchase mortgage.
     Delayed financing allows a cash buyer to … (27 comments)

financial planning: Do bi-weekly payments make sense? - 11/19/13 02:23 AM
Do bi-weekly payments make sense?

     If you have or have had a mortgage loan you've probably heard about bi-weekly payments, and maybe wondered "do bi-weekly payments make sense?".  The simple answer to this question is YES...and NO.  Glad I could clear that up.
     The fact is bi-weekly payments can save you money.  When you make bi-weekly payments you end up making 13 mortgage payments per year (52 weeks, bi-weekly = 26 payments, or 13 months worth), and doing this from day 1 of your mortgage loan will shave nearly 3 years off … (58 comments)

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