jm loans: Recently Closed - Relocation Purchase in Hendersonville, TN - 03/01/19 10:08 PM
Recently Closed - Relocation Home Purchase in Hendersonville, TN
     One of the JM Loans team's favorite scenarios to help clients is when someone is involved in a relocation.  When people are moving state to state or cross country to an area they're not familiar with, it adds another set of stresses to what can already be a stressful experience. With our team not only being licensed in 15 states, but experienced in 15 states, we know how to make the transition easy, and we have the resources to set proper expectations and make the process of moving far less stressful than it … (2 comments)

jm loans: The JM Loans Team is Now Licensed in Montana - 01/11/19 07:00 PM
The JM Loans Team is Now Licensed in Montana
     One thing I pride myself on is being licensed (and actually knowing how to do business in) in so many states WITHOUT the benefit of a federal charter.  I've actually had to take the initial education, testing, and continuing education in each state I do business, and today, we added another state to the list - we are now licensed to do Montana, and I can personally work with clients in the state, whereas before they were referred to someone else on my team.
     This is a GREAT addition of … (7 comments)

jm loans: Kudos to the best of 2018 - 01/04/19 03:08 PM
Kudos to the Best of 2018
     It's more than just a loan number on a spreadsheet.  That's the message that I try to instill in my team.  We want to make sure that we always remember the people behind the loan number.  The clients, the business partners, and the 3rd parties along the way that bring everything together and who together each play a vital role in the total customer service experience.
     To help with that mindset and to ensure people know how much they're appreciated, my team gets together at the end of each year to review ALL of our … (10 comments)

jm loans: Recently Closed - Cash-Out Refinance in Downingtown, PA - 10/09/18 08:48 PM
Recently Closed - Cash Out Refinance in Downingtown, PA
     Have you heard the latest news on consumer debt?  Well, the gist is that it's high.  Really high.  Like, higher than it's been since before the 'Great Recession'.  While mortgage debt and student loan debt are leading the way due primarily to the large loan balances usually associated with these types of debt, another class of debt has achieved all time highs, too.  'Revolving' debt, or it's more common name, credit card debt.
     Recently, a past client and friend reached out with some bad news - due to some medical … (1 comments)

jm loans: How to Better Your Business - A FREE Webinar - 09/20/18 02:33 PM
How to Better Your Business - A FREE Webinar
Activer-rainers (and anyone else who's stumbled upon this page), you're invited to a free webinar that will take place next Wednesday, 9/26, at 11am Pacific time (2pm EST).
This webinar will run about a half hour and cover valuable material that will help you in your real estate business dealings with buyers and sellers.
During the webinar, you'll hear information on the following topics (and more):
The top questions Listing Agents should be asking to ensure offers are backed by quality pre-approvals 
How Buyer’s Agents can work with their lenders to present more competitive offers in a … (2 comments)

jm loans: Mortgage Jargon, Explained - 09/17/18 11:09 PM
Mortgage Jargon, Explained
     Ever wonder what some of those fancy, complicated, OWIA (Often Written In Acronym) statements mean?  Well, I'm glad you're here on this page, because here we're going to debunk 5 common mortgage phrases that you may see if you're working with a loan officer or company that's not the JM Loans team at Mason Mac, and what those phrases really mean to the people who aren't in the mortgage trenches each and every day.
Jargony phrase #1 - "we have no closing costs!"
What it really means - "we have high interest rates!"
Huh?  Yep.  There is no free lunch in … (5 comments)

jm loans: Relocating? Well do I have a niche for you. - 07/02/18 06:07 PM
Relocating?  Well do I have a niche for you
    There's been an accident.  How it happened I don't know, and why the only result from this terrible accident is that I've lost my leads, database, and past sales, I'm not sure.  But that's what Thomas Nelson imagined us to envision in this month's ActiveRain contest.  So how am I to start over!?! What niche will build my business faster?  Establish a database?  A network?  An expertise resulting in 5 star reviews and client referrals?  How will I stand apart from the competition?
     Relocations.  Clients moving from one area to … (8 comments)

jm loans: Rebranding my Brand - 04/10/18 01:13 PM
Rebranding my Brand
     The JM Loans team is in a state of change (good change, the very best kind).  While my team previously consisted of myself and a few individuals that made the magic happen (specifically my processor and assistant), we're in a state of growth.  We're not just licensed, but operating in, the majority of the 12 states I'm licensed (c'mon New Jersey and Colorado business, you're all that's missing!).  I work in a corporate environment with not only a team to help me internally with loans in process, but the power of a marketing team behind me as … (12 comments)

jm loans: My Products, Programs, and Processes - 10/19/17 11:21 AM
Products, Programs, and Processes

Last updated: 2/22/19 (additions: the JM Loans team is now licensed to do mortgage loans in Nevada, Social Media Training, Single Property Websites, VA Renovation loans, "Forest Friendly" hybrid closing for conventional loans)
At least a couple times each week I'm asked to send over a list of products that we offer that may be different - Realtors, financial advisors, and other business partners are wanting to know what's available to meet the needs of more and more clients.  The problem is, every time we make a flyer, it's outdated the following week as programs and products come and go.  
So, … (10 comments)

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