loan process: When Getting a Mortgage, Do What You're Told - 02/18/21 02:18 PM
When applying for and having a mortgage loan processed, one of the most important pieces of advice I can offer, is very simple:  "Do what you're told".  Exactly what you're told.  Do not deviate, and do not do what "you thought" would work.  Unless of course, you want the process to be prolonged, you have an affinity for migraines, or you're a masochist and making things painful for yourself is just kind of your thing.
The mortgage industry doesn't make sense (to anyone not in the mortgage industry, and even to many who are).  But with 15 years of experience helping countless borrowers … (25 comments)

loan process: How Day 1 Certainty can improve your client's experience - 06/29/18 02:45 PM
How D1C can improve your client's experience
     What's most important to a real estate agent when referring a buyer to a lender?  Communication?  Cost?  Cobranded marketing offers?  NOPE!
     The #1 thing (get ready for the 'duh' moment) a real estate agent wants when referring a buyer is for that buyer to buy a home and get to the closing table, preferably with a smile on their face.
     Day 1 Certainty (D1C) and direct-to-source data is allowing us to offer a happier loan process to buyers than they've seen since 2008 when they could do a "no-doc, you have … (2 comments)

loan process: Underwriting Isn't Easy - 06/16/16 08:37 AM
Underwriting Isn't Easy
"The underwriter is asking for...".  "Underwriting declined your file...".  "The underwriter doesn't understand this...".
     The types of comments above happen WAY more often than "the underwriter was awesome!" and for a good reason - the underwriter is, whether they want to be or not, the barrier between a borrower's application for a home loan and the money needed to buy a home.  Whew, that's a lot of power.  As we all know from the Spiderman movies, "with great power, comes great responsibility".  
     Most people think an underwriter is a stickler out there trying to either a)prevent people … (44 comments)

loan process: TRID - Dream for Some, Nightmare for Others - 10/30/15 08:54 AM
TRID - Dream for Some, Nightmare for Others
     I'm about to close my first TRID loan.  It was one of the cleanest, easiest loan processes in recent memory.  If you follow my blog, you probably noticed me beating the TRID drum for a few months before the new rule's implementation on 10/3.  This was because I realized very early how important it would be to be prepared and have a process in place long before 10/3.  Many other professionals decided to wait.  Surely it wouldn't be implemented.  Surely it wouldn't affect the industry much.  Those same "professionals" are scrambling now. … (29 comments)

loan process: Can I Switch Mortgage Lenders if an Appraisal is already done? - 05/20/15 09:03 AM
Can I Switch Mortgage Lenders if an Appraisal is already done?
     In a word, YES.  You can.  In an explanation, like so many things in the mortgage world, it's a gray area.  Some lenders won't accept them at all.  Others will require a borrower use a certain loan product if they want to use another lender's appraisal. 
     For what sounds like a very simple process (using an appraisal that's already done), there can be a lot that goes into it, and what is needed varies from lender to lender.
     When dealing with lending staff that knows what they're talking about, … (38 comments)

loan process: Here a Rush, There a Rush, Everywhere a Rush, Rush - 03/25/15 06:46 AM
Here a Rush, There a Rush, Everywhere a Rush, Rush
     Volume is up.  That means turntimes are up.  Along with stress levels.  Deadlines are approaching everywhere.  The only thing that typically doesn't go up when volume goes up is levels of customer service.  And I don't care if the BBB and JD Power had a baby together and it was a lender named "Service", when volume spikes, service slips - it's simple economics, really - supply and demand.  There is a huge demand for loans, and a limited supply of employees trained to handle loan files.  A lender … (78 comments)

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