rates: Tis' the Season (For Increased Loan Limits) - 11/22/19 04:08 PM
Tis' the Season (For Increased Loan Limits)
     Each year toward the end of the year, new year loan limits are announced for conventional and government loans.  While VA loans have had their caps removed (a huge benefit for VA borrowers!), FHA and conventional loans are capped each year based on what median home values are doing around the country.  Each county has it's own loan limit based on median home value, and limits can vary substantially between conventional and FHA loan limits.
     Last year, new limits were announced on 11/27, so if history is an indicator, we should receive … (3 comments)

rates: I Did Something I NEVER Do - 02/12/16 10:00 AM
I Did Something I NEVER Do
     The market took a wild ride this week, brought us the lowest rates we've seen in quite a while (which inspired this blog), made the phone ring a few more times than usual, and opened the door for a few previous clients to knock PMI right off their loans (Winning!).
     While this week's news on plummeting rates was exciting, I kept a few market "rules" in the back of my head as things started looking better and better.  For one, Friday is traditionally a bad day for mortgage rates.  Fridays following a week … (47 comments)

rates: (Regulatory) Inflation in the Mortgage Industry - 09/25/15 10:27 AM
(Regulatory) Inflation in the Mortgage Industry
Inflation is a term that gets thrown around a lot in economics.  The definition of inflation is a sustained increase in prices for goods and services.  Under normal conditions, inflation occurs because of market forces - supply and demand.  We see this in every aspect of our life.  Even without taxes and artificial increases in prices for the sake of profit, inflation is a constant.  When market conditions move in a different direction, we see deflation.  
In the mortgage market, when it comes to rates and fees, we've had deflationary forces.  A market that can't support high … (11 comments)

rates: Fed Rate Remains Unchanged - 09/17/15 04:33 AM
Fed Rate Remains Unchanged
     Wrapping up this months Fed meeting, the central bank has decided to maintain the Fed funds rate at it's current target level of 0-.25%.  Mortgage rates are benefitting from the news, stocks are nearly unchanged, and now we've got another window of time before uncertainty about the direction of rates comes into the news again.
     While improved mortgage rates would be a good thing, the Fed's actions today indicate that the economy is not as rosy as things may seem.  It also indicates that rates are no longer subject to our economic conditions - we … (31 comments)

rates: 5 Ways To Get a Lower Mortgage Interest Rate - 08/18/15 10:21 AM
5 Ways to Get a Lower Mortgage Interest Rate
     Everyone wants the lowest rate.  When shopping for a mortgage, there's no item higher on the list of "to asks" than "what's the rate?".  The problem is, no one knows what the lowest rate is - not your mama, nor your papa, not your mortgage banker, and not your Realtor.  The only time we know when a rate's hit it's low is when they've already moved a bit higher.  
     While you can't control whether you get the lowest rate offered historically, you have large control over getting the best … (9 comments)

rates: Greece...er...I mean, Monday Market Forecast 7/13/15 - 07/13/15 06:57 AM
Monday Market Forecast 7/13/15
     It's been quite some time since I've done a market forecast, mid-week update, or Friday Wrap, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, so what better time than now?
     The name of the game over the past several weeks has been Greece.  The country is in trouble (again) fiscally because of it's debt and seemingly incessant inability to repay that debt.  The European Union has proposed a bailout with some pretty strict austerity measures, and Greece is in a "damned if we do, damned if we don't" position.  On one hand, they could … (8 comments)

rates: Market on the Hump - 3/18/15 - 03/18/15 06:44 AM
Market on the Hump - 3/18/15
     I've been slacking - sorry folks.  Haven't done a Monday forecast or Friday wrap up in a while, and I'll try to be better! 
     Here's something new - adding to the mix of what's been a pretty volatile market over the past year, I figured a mid-week update would be a good idea to keep you in the loop as we go.  So here we go with my first "market on the hump" post (I considered calling it your weekly humpdate - get it...update...on hump day..see what … (11 comments)

rates: POOF! There goes your interest rate! - 01/18/15 08:04 AM
POOF!  There goes your interest rate!
     "But do you think they'll go lower tomorrow?".  Every time rates drop substantially, this is a question every loan officer hears from prospective clients on the way down.  This past week, I heard the question Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as prospective clients considered locking into a new, low interest rate mortgage.  Rates fell pretty quickly over the past week.  Many clients were considering refinancing rates from the mid or high 4's into the mid 3's, or reducing their term and getting rates down in the 2's on shorter term products (10 or … (12 comments)

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