real estate: It's Time To Move Your Contract Period to 45 Days - 08/14/19 12:22 PM
It's Time To Move Your Contract Period to 45 Days
PSA for real estate agents across the country - 45 days is officially your new 30 days.  Think it's a benefit to go 30 days?  Well, with the yield curve on treasuries officially inverting today, we're officially in a refinance boom.  What does that mean?  Longer turn times for lenders - literally every lender in the country is experiencing an influx of refinance volume - at levels I've NEVER seen before.  

The last time rates were this low, consumers had nowhere near the levels of home equity they currently do.  Last time they … (43 comments)

real estate: Real Estate is No Longer Local - 05/06/19 01:33 PM
Real Estate is No Longer Local
Real Estate is local!  It's a term that's been thrown around for decades, and in fact, there's been a lot of truth to it for a long time, because the reality is that different locales have HUGE differences in not only how things are done, but what things are done, and by whom.
Want some examples?  In some areas everything is public water.  In others, cisterns and individual wells (And the potential issues and liabilities they present) are the norm.  In some areas of the country, transfer taxes are low and paid by a seller.  In others, … (46 comments)

real estate: The Impending Recession - What You Can do to Plan - 09/19/18 04:43 PM
The Impending Recession - What You Can do to Plan
     Let me start off by saying this isn't a FUD post.  Fear, uncertainty, and doubt being used by sales people is a slimy approach to get people to make decisions they otherwise wouldn't.  This is a post based on economic indicators, historical data, and common sense.
     In 2008, I watched many of the people nearset and dearest to me lose their homes, their savings, and go through layoffs, changes in ownership, bankruptcies, and foreclosures.  I was just a naive little mortgage broker back then with little knowledge of history … (12 comments)

real estate: Top 10 Apps for Real Estate Agents - 07/20/18 04:05 PM
Top 10 Apps for Real Estate Agents
Next Wednesday, July 25 at 11am EST, I'll be hosting a short 30 minute webinar in which I'll be going over the top phone apps that real estate agents can use to help their business and marketing efforts.  These apps are focused on a variety of tasks that agents work on each and every day, and as with most technology, the purpose is to learn about these tools that will help you do things more efficiently!
This is a part of our Agent XPerience platform that Mason McDuffie has created to provide assistance to our real … (7 comments)

real estate: Recently Closed - Perfectly Smooth Delaware Home Purchase - 10/12/17 12:56 PM
Recently Closed - Perfectly Smooth Delaware Home Purchase
     When I first spoke to my client, we went over what she was looking for in a loan - monthly payment range, timeline, rate, costs, and how the process would go.
     This was a fun one - perfect credit, down payment in a single savings account, salaried and on her current job for more than 2 years, renting the same current residence for more than 2 years as well.
     "The good news, Ms Buyer, is that you're going to have a much easier loan process than you probably expect", I … (3 comments)

real estate: 10 Tips for First Time Buyer Success - 08/10/17 12:37 PM
10 Tips for First Time Buyer Success

     Buying your first home is a big deal!  There’s  a whirlwind of feelings involved from the excitement of getting your house keys to the stress of trying to figure out what exactly is it going to cost.  First time home buyers (FTHB) have a lot of questions along the way, and your home buying team should be able to answer each and every one, but reading this list of 10 tips/FAQ answers will put you on the road to home ownership, feeling comfortable and confident.
Get Pre-Approved (or better, pre-underwritten)

     The worst feeling in the … (24 comments)

real estate: Mr/s Real Estate Agent - You are Right. And You are Wrong - 06/19/17 01:24 PM
Mr/s Real Estate Agent - You are Right.  And You are Wrong
     In today's world we're all connected.  Through professional groups, lobbies, networking associations, and yes, of course, online.  Many sites create forums for professionals to converse, get help, and meet others in the industry.  Facebook is a place online that has many, many 'groups' which are great places to learn and meet others (kind of like another platform that's been around for a while....hmmm...ActiveRain!?).

     Over and over again, there's discourse about rules, regulations, ethics, morals, "how to" do certain things, and more.  And one thing remains consistent.  A … (9 comments)

real estate: How Sandy will affect your closing - 10/31/12 08:47 AM
Wondering how Sandy will affect your real estate transaction?
In the midst of a disaster it's difficult to take the time to step away from the sheer devastation and worry about anything else other than the loss of life, property, and peace of mind. 

However in reality, things move on, and in the case of Real Estate transactions Sandy presents some very real delays and issues.

I'll cover the vast majority of loans (those under the umbrella of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) as it appears from what I've seen many portfolio and private lenders seem to mirror these … (4 comments)

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