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Mortgage and Lending - Mason-McDuffie Mortgage, Conventional Loans, Jumbo Loans, FHA, 203(k), USDA, VA, - NMLS #138061 MMCD #1141
Conventional Loan Blessing, or Much Ado About Nothing?      Recently, there's been a lot of talk about Fannie Mae's increasing debt-to-income threshold, along with changes to credit reporting that should reduce the number of folks effected by judgments and liens when it comes to a mortgage applic...
Changes      If it seems like I've been MIA from ActiveRain recently, it's because I have.  I've stopped by to answer a few Q&A questions, and have responded to those I've been tagged in (thank you to those who do that!), but my blogging routine has been just about least here.  ...
What is a "Rate Lock"      When a mortgage applicant is pre-approved for their home loan and the file is officially submitted, one of the early steps is discussing the rate lock.  A rate lock is exactly what it sounds like.  The rate of the mortgage loan is locked in for a certain period of time,...
Come See Mason Mac at OCAR Palooza Mason McDuffie Mortgage Corp supports the real estate community every way it can.  Educational offerings, marketing and open house assistance, and of course, when the opportunity arises, sponsorship for local REALTOR events.  This Friday is one such opportunity....
Mr/s Real Estate Agent - You are Right.  And You are Wrong      In today's world we're all connected.  Through professional groups, lobbies, networking associations, and yes, of course, online.  Many sites create forums for professionals to converse, get help, and meet others in the industry.  Fa...
Recently Closed - MultiGenerational Living in Meadowbrook, PA      A little while back I got a call from a Realtor that I've worked with for years in Montgomery County, PA.  We first met back in 2007 and have worked on many transactions with each other over the years.  For years, she and her pare...
Great info on syndication, and how to expand your audience - both the human and bot kind : )   To Syndicate: repeat or make available on other mediums or sources. Syndicated Content: Share or repeat summaries or full renditions of previously published articles or post. I'm not talking about the s...
Bring On Your Photos!!!      Activerain has exorcised the demons!  The photo upload issues that have caused so much stress for so many for such a long issue has been taken care of.  If you haven't been able to post photos recently, either in the form of uploading new photos to your editor OR tryi...
Debbie does a great job of putting together videos that provide value to her audience.  Smart, fun, short, and good, useful information that can help anyone looking to solve a common problem.   Use a Fake Snake and Get Results Spring is here and birds are nesting. Birds like high places up and ou...
A Good Way to Spend 36 Hours       A recent ActiveRain contest asked us to spell out our strengths and weaknesses - I mentioned working myself to the point of recharging, and recently, I was hitting that wall.  I always know when I'm lacking inspiration and a "charge" in my batteries because it s...

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